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review 2020-02-12 14:49
ARC REVIEW The Kissing Game by Marie Harte

The Kissing GameDespite what it may say I really don't think this book is a stand alone. It is part of Marie Harte's McCauley Universe which basically includes The Donnigan's, The Body Shop Bad Boys, and Veteran Movers. In my opinion if you've read at least one of the Body Shop Bad Boys series, The Only Thing, and What to Do With a Bad Boy (which is Del's book and I love it) I think you can read it without getting lost in the secondary characters. Rena and Axel have been on the sidelines for a while now, a year in there time several books our time, and they have been interested in each other but for reasons of his own Axel hasn't made a move.

It's been six months since Axel's mother died and the New Year just happened and with Valentines  along with her uncles wedding around the corner Rena has decided Axel is never going to make his move and she, a hopeless romantic, is ready to find her forever person. When Axel hears that Rena is going to start actively searching for a boyfriend and a commitment he finally gets shaken out of his low self esteem long enough to ask her out, well she says no. And so the bet.

Two dates is all Axel has to convince her to take him seriously and after two dates she agrees to give him until Valentines and then she'll make up her mind. Axel planned it all from a gift everyday, no matter how weird the gift might be, and nights out and nights in. Axel is adorkable when it comes to dating. Unfortunately Rena who has finally achieved her dream of owning her own salon is faced with a bunch of racist dummkopfs but she has all her friends to help out including, what I hope is hero baiting, a bunch of hunky firemen. (please tell me they are going to get there own series) Axel is also dealing with a bunch of stuff, his father and his brother are going to be visiting and all of Axel's insecurities of why he took so long to ask Rena out are exposed and it just might be the downfall of their relationship.

Overall, it was a good read. My only real issue was the cover, it's a cute cover just not for this book. I don't think the cover matches the book at all. When I see illustrated covers like this I think Rom-Com, chick-lit type stuff and this book just isn't that. Yes there is humor in this romance but Marie Harte always deals with more the angst of internal struggle and people overcoming whatever is holding them back from embracing their HEA, the humor just lightens it up a bit.       


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review 2020-02-03 13:21
The Kissing Game by: Marie Harte
The Kissing Game - Marie Harte




Harte entertains readers by flirting with their hearts. The Kissing Game makes a little bit naughty feel so very nice with a tempting sense of humor and a couple of saucy main characters. Rena is a firecracker. She knows her mind and speaks her heart refusing to hold anything back. Axel is an alpha that has a short fuse and a soft heart. The Kissing Game packs a slow burn with long lasting results.


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review 2013-12-10 00:47
Easy and amusing friends to lovers romance
The Kissing Game - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening line:"Helllo?" Simon? Please tell me that Leila's there!"

The Kissing Game is a quick, easy and amusing friends to lovers romance that I enjoyed way more then I expected to. Written in 96, its one of Brockmann’s earlier category romances and the 2nd from her Sunset Key Trilogy. Although it could easily be read as a stand alone too.

For the most part this is your straight up contemporary romance, there isn’t any suspense and it’s not a totally original story either. However Brockmann gives us relatable and amusing characters along with a tropical setting and enough of her own unique ideas and quirks that you can’t help but enjoy the ride. She also doesn’t fall too far into the usual clichés required from a serial romance which gives this a somewhat original feeling. With a couple of steamy love scenes (I don’t think they ever actually made it into a bed) and an unforgettable, sigh worthy ending this gave me everything I could possibly want in a romance.

We first met Simon and Frankie in Kiss and Tell as the womanizing brother and private investigator best friend of Leila Hunt. Despite Simon’s introduction as a complete man-whore I liked his character and could tell that as soon as he stopped playing games there would be more to him then initially believed. Frankie also piqued my interest as the bumbling wannabe P.I, speaking her mind, having adventures and refusing to take crap from anyone. These two have been friends since childhood, essentially growing up together and although in recent years they’d started to “notice” each other it hadn’t ever crossed their minds to act on this growing attraction.

When Frankie gets hired for her first real case -looking for the missing heir to a Sunset Key estate, she quickly gets in over her head and through some hilarious circumstances asks Simon to act as her assistant. Initially Simon, an antiques dealer is only after his own interests wanting to sell the furniture from the property. However when the missing heir turns out to be Frankie’s long lost first love a new emotion reveals itself to Simon, that of jealousy. Suddenly he’s seeing Frankie in a whole new light. When she unexpectedly returns what was up until then an innocent game of flirting, everything changes, leaving Simon feeling another emotion for the first time, love. Frankie is of course aware of Simon’s reputation so she tries to keep her heart out of the deal while he tries to prove that he’s changed.

The case leads the couple to Boston with some movie worthy scenes involving the hotel concierge and Simon finding and telling Frankie how he feels before she falls for the missing heir. The ending here was fantastic, just when you think its all neatly wrapped up theres a couple of great twists. I especially liked the moving diary entries.
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review 2011-07-23 00:00
Kissing Game - Aidan Chambers in a sentence or so: a series of short stories about teenage relationships.sixteen short stories share the many sides of relationships. from the rush of meeting someone new to the comfort in having a trusted boyfriend stand up for you, each story brings a unique voice, both male and female, and brings a unique element to this collection of varied memories.the title certainly made me think these would be romantic stories. perhaps even first kiss stories or first love stories or something else quaint - what with the red font and the swirlies and all.as it turns out, the stories i read were not romantic in the sense i was expecting. in fact, they were more along the lines of the random stories that coworkers tell you. or a story that might fit in if given the right prompt. like if you're talking about going to the zoo and you say "oh man, did i ever tell you about the time i worked for the zoo and had to wear this kangaroo costume?"unfortunately, i didn't read all of the short stories in this book. after discovering that the stories weren't what i expected at all, i tried to jump around a bit to see if any struck my fancy. it's not that any of them were bad, they just feel flat for me and didn't pack that punch i was hoping for. if i had different expectations going into this book, i think i would have enjoyed it a lot more.for those of you who love short stories and a lot of variety, you might dig this. in fact, if you're interested in giving it a try, let me know and i'll send my copy along to you! i'd love for this to find a happy home. (this will be removed once the book is claimed)fave quote: The Scientific Approach was my favorite of the stories i read. the ending threw me for a loop and i still don't know what to make of it, but the perspective was just this side of pathetic and it totally worked for the narrator.fix er up: short stories are tricky - you have a lot to accomplish in a short time frame. unfortunately, i felt like the short stories in this compilation, while unique, don't form a comprehensive collection or have enough personality individually to recommend this easily.
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review 2011-05-16 00:00
Kissing Game - Aidan Chambers Mixed, mostly in a way that didn't do much for me, I'm afraid. Worth a look for the brief memoir about his grandfather's death written when Chambers was fifteen, if nothing else.
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