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review 2017-07-17 16:30
The Necromancer's House by Christopher Buehlman, narrated by Todd Haberkorn
The Necromancer's House - Christopher Buehlman,Todd Haberkorn


This book is totally INSANE!!


I thought Between Two Fires was crazy, but The Necromancer's House has that one beat. By a mile!


Magic is inherent but also can be taught. There are all kinds of spells that may be weaved. There are all kinds of creatures of myth and folklore. There's a meteor! There's a crazy-ass dog... creation. There is the dead founder of AA having conversations through the television. There's a house, filled with many booby traps and spells, and what dark fiction reader doesn't love that? There's also much, much more.


I can't even begin to explain this book, nor would I want to try. But what I can say is that I love and respect an imagination that can come up with something this maniacal and satisfying! It was entertaining, but also had parts where the pain was visceral. The characters were well drawn even if many of them were just downright nasty. I have to admit that a few of the characters that I disliked at first became my favorites by the end. I love when that happens.


I started with Those Across the River , then read Between Two Fires, and now this one. I'm not sure which of Christopher Buehlman's books I'll read next, but I am definitely going to be reading all of them!


I highly recommend this one to lovers of dark fiction, with some magic and myths woven into the narrative fabric. I guarantee you haven't read anything like it! 

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review 2016-11-04 02:51
My Review of A Whisper of Death (The Necromancer Saga)
A Whisper of Death (The Necromancer Saga) - Paul Barrett

A Whisper of Death by Paul Barrett is the first book in The Necromancer Saga. It is about Erick Darvaul, a Necromancer, who is on a quest to find the original sorcerers to help destroy the dark ones. I liked this story a lot. It was engaging, exciting, and has me wanting more of Erick's story. I won this book in a giveaway from a blog I follow. All opinions are my own.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-08-01 03:05
Is There Such a Thing as a World-Wide Pity Party? Because These Guys Need One.
The Necromancer - Michael Scott

"Bold, bad man. Does everyone hate you?"

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review 2016-05-04 00:00
The Death of the Necromancer
The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells 4.5 stars. The first Ile-Rien book was fine, an entertaining fantasy story, but this one is on another level of sophistication. Compelling characters, the right amount of tension, lavish descriptions, complex relationships, clever world-building, mature romance just hinted at, top-notch storytelling and a hard-to-crack mystery.

Absolutely recommended. This story shares the Ile-Rien setting but it stands perfectly alone; there are a few spoilers about the previous book, so if you plan to read the [b:The Element of Fire|367334|The Element of Fire (Ile-Rien, #1)|Martha Wells|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348390178s/367334.jpg|357332], pick that up first, but do read this one afterward because it’s not to be missed!!!

I want this sorcerer because I want him, there’s no altruism about it. He has challenged me, he has interfered with me, and I’ll see him in Hell if I have to escort him there personally.
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review 2016-01-15 13:20
The Necromancer - Jonathan L. Howard

In a bid to win back his soul, necromancer and scientist Johannes Cabal runs a demonic carnival in order to win the souls of a hundred people to exchange for his own. With the help of his vampire brother, can he find one hundred people willing to sell their souls?

This is one of those books that I'm having a hard time verbalizing my opinion on. I'll give it a shot, though.

The Necromancer is a funny tale about a man trying to win back his soul. I found the dark British humor right up my alley. Johannes Cabal is a delightful asshole and his relationship with his brother Horst was one of my favorite parts of the book. I like the idea of a demonic carnival. Who knows where carnies go after they leave your town? I'm surprised Stephen King hasn't written something about that with his recent carnie obsession.

The dialogue is great and, as I said before, I loved the humor and the brothers Cabal. The story itself was a little too linear for me. The carnival travels for a year and Johannes collects souls. That's pretty much it. There weren't really any twists until the last 20% of the book and those were a little telegraphed in my opinion.

So I guess this book is firmly in 3 territory. I liked the characters quite a bit but I was never compelled to take a day off work to read the book in one sitting and I'm not sure I'll read the rest of the series.

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