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review 2019-10-10 03:38
Monsters Come Out Tonight
Monsters Come Out Tonight - Frederick Glasser
I really like flap books. Call me a kid-at-heart but I like lifting a tab and seeing what is underneath it. I have an Elmo book that the tabs are pretty well used up but it’s a keeper as my 6-year-old granddaughter still loves to look at it. This Halloween flap book is one that I am going to have to purchase as I am loving it!
There are monsters that are ready to go out Trick-or-Treating on Halloween and they’ll be coming out of their own special places in this book. Skeletons will be coming out their coffins, witches will be coming out of houses, and ghosts will be coming out from behind bookcases but this is just a few of the monsters in this board book.
This is a rhyming board book that each monster has their own 2-page spread. As a young mummy gets ready for the night, he has to place the key in the sarcophagus and as I pull the tab, I find more mummies ready to head out with him for the night.
There’s so much to love about this book. The illustrations are bright, colorful and there’s plenty to look at on each page. The tabs are easy to pull and find. The monsters are not scary but they’re identical to the ones on cover of the book. The book’s text makes sense and the rhymes work. There are a lot of pages in the book so it’s worth the money and who says that this book is only for Halloween. This is one book I am purchasing.


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review 2019-10-08 17:23
Silence in the Woods by J P Choquette @jpchoquett
Silence in the Woods - J.P. Choquette

J P Choquette asked me if I would like to read Silence in the Woods and I gave her a quick yes. I love anything to do with the woods and a good scare, maybe meeting Bigfoot, gotta go for it. How about you? Would you go looking for Bigfoot?


Cover: Bespoke Book Covers


Silence in the Woods (Monsters in the Green Mountains Book 1)

Amazon / Goodreads




Four went into the woods…only one came out…with a harrowing story that got him locked up in an asylum.


The group of friends had went into the woods to photograph the elusive creature that was reputed to be the cause of missing people.


The book alternates between when they went into the woods and Paul’s story after he came out…alone.


Paul is determined to return. He feels that his wife, Jane, is still alive and hopes their friends are too. BUT…there is more than Bigfoot on the loose and he will, again, have to fight for his life.


We have plenty of mystery, action and horror. Also a bit of Indian mythology going on. So all I can say is…be careful of those hieroglyphs and hikes in the woods. I love stories about the woods and I would and do enter…willingly. Would you?


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Silence in the Woods by J P Choquette.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 Stars




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Source: www.fundinmental.com/silence-in-the-woods-j-p-choquette
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text 2019-10-04 17:00
DNF - Here There Are Monsters by Amelinda Berube
Here There Are Monsters - Amelinda Bérubé

I am going to DNF this one after reading the first section (roughly 100 or so pages). The cover is lovely. Breathtakingly creepy. But it's the contents that count. Unfortunately, I was attempting to read this novel at the same time I was reading Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Goodreads Group and the two have too much in common but one was more engaging. And it wasn't this one.

The stories are both focused on sisters, creepy woods and missing girl(s) and they started to meld together in my brain which was a little troublesome and it slowed me way down when I picked up either book. Here There Are Monsters didn't grab me hard enough to keep me and I did not like either of the two sisters, Skye was an angry and resentful and selfish teen and her sister came across as much younger than she was supposed to be and she was strange in a not-so-great way. The parents were also jerks blaming one sister for not doing their jobs for them when one of them goes missing. So, yeah, the people here aren't people I really want to share too much headspace with. It was also missing the creep factor for me. I may pick this back up again after I take a breather. Or I may not. So no stars from me. 

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review 2019-09-29 06:38
Ao Oni: Vengeance by Kenji Kuroda, illustrated by Karin Suzuragi, translated by Alexander Keller-Nelson
Ao Oni: Vengeance - Kenji Kuroda,Karin Suzuragi,Alexander Keller-Nelson

This review assumes you've read the first book, Ao Oni. If you haven't, be aware that I include major spoilers for that book.

Ao Oni: Vengeance takes place only a week after the events of the first book. Shun is the only one who remembers what happened. He has completely stopped going to school, instead choosing to focus on the next version of his game while keeping an eye out for any signs that someone else has been snared by the Jailhouse. He asks Hiroshi to make sure no one else enters the house, but it's already too late: two of their classmates have gone inside and met horrible fates. Takuro, with Takeshi and Mika in tow, goes as well. Hiroshi finds the building's European architecture too interesting to resist (yes, really) and ends up trapped inside the building with all the others.

As in the various versions of the game, the overall setup feels familiar, but there are enough differences to keep it from feeling like a rehash of the first book. Shun and Anna are safe at Shun's home, desperately trying to help the group trapped in the Jailhouse using the knowledge Shun gained from his time there. Meanwhile, the situation in the Jailhouse initially plays out similar to the way it did in the first book, but quickly goes a different route.

Parts of this book were almost more gory than I could take. The very beginning was particularly awful, and I wasn't sure my stomach was going to be up to the task if the whole book turned out to be like that. It seemed like the Oni was more inclined to savor its kills this time around, although thankfully the gory bits weren't all as lovingly detailed as the book's first scene.

It may sound like I hated this, but I actually thought it was better than the first book, even if I wasn't fond of the increase in the level of gore. I had worried that this book would basically be the first book with slightly different deaths. Up to a certain point, I suppose it was: Takeshi was still a scared kid hiding in a closet, Mika was still too desperate to be loved and needed to see Takuro for who he really was, and Takuro still sucked. The overall level of tension was better than in the first book, however, and the parts of the house and story that no longer matched up with the first book's Jailhouse had me on the edge of my seat, wondering whether any of the characters would manage to make it out this time around.

I found that I liked Hiroshi a little more this time around. The bits from his POV helped, as did the fact that, this time around, he didn't spend a good chunk of the story staring at a fellow classmate's severed head like it was no big deal. I wasn't as thrilled about Kuroda's attempts to humanize Takuro, however. I don't care what Takuro's father was like, or what Takuro told himself about how he needed to approach life, or how he felt after he realized he'd betrayed maybe the only person in the world who actually cared about him. The fact of the matter was that he bullied a classmate to the point where the kid committed suicide and then, instead of feeling any sort of guilt or horror, proceeded to bully another classmate the same way. Takuro's sudden change of heart and ability to empathize with his victims was unconvincing.


"time travel + reality manipulation + ghostly vengeance"

(spoiler show)

explanation for the series' events was weird and messy, and I still don't understand why Shun, who knew his game was connected to the horrors at the Jailhouse and possibly even causing it all, created an updated version of his game. Hiroshi would have had a much easier time if Shun hadn't gone and changed things around. Even so, I enjoyed this entry in the series and plan on reading the next book. From the sounds of things, Takeshi might be its focus. Here's hoping at least one of the remaining books features Mika successfully cutting herself free from the emotional hold that Takuro has over her.


An afterword written by the author, a character guide, textless color illustrations, one scene from the book included at the very beginning in manga form, and several illustrations throughout.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2019-09-21 10:29
Elements of Horror: Earth
Earth - Anthology

various authors


This was a particularly good collection of Horror stories by a variety of authors, two of whom I've read before and the others new to me. The theme is Earth, so not surprisingly many of the stories have monsters of some sort, often from underground places, or something else to do with Earth.


One of the stand-out best stories of the collection was written by the editor, Quake by P.J. Blakely-Novis. This bodes well for the standard of the future volumes. Two other exceptional stories, Beneath the City and Mamaw's Beast, put this collection way above par for anthologies I've read.


The other stories were also of high standard. There was only one that left me wondering what actually happened there, the same one that could have used a closer edit. The others were pretty much pristine and there was no godforsaken present tense!


This volume is the first of a four volume series of Horror story collections based on the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. All are slated for release by the end of 2019 and I plan to collect hard copies of all of them, based on my experience of the first. Air is out on Kindle now and presumably the paperback will follow soon.


Read for Read by Candlelight but also suitable for:


New Release

Genre: Horror

Possibly Truly Terrifying

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