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review 2014-05-19 18:27
Review: Steal the Light
Steal the Light - Lexi Blake

I received a digital copy of this book from the editor in exchange for a fair review.

Zoey and Daniel have been together since they were thirteen years old. When Daniel is killed by a drunk driver, Zoey thinks her life is over.


When he returns to her as a vampire, she lets herself believe everything will be as it once was. Only she loses him again when the vampire Council takes him away to be trained/controlled.


Skip ahead five years and Daniel is back, though not like he was before. He keeps Zoey away, gives her half-truths and basically breaks her heart. He only stays around to protect her and in her line of work, she needs it.


Zoey is a low-level thief. Not as great as her father, but getting there. Daniel is part of her crew, along with Neil the gay werewolf and Sarah the witch.


A strange man named Halfer hires her to steal a supernatural object called the Light of Alhorra, she realizes too late that she made a deal with a demon and her soul is at stake.


In the middle of this her troll friends (yes, troll. Not like Harry Potter “there’s a troll in the dungeon!” troll but nice humanish trolls that live under a bridge) convince her to forget Daniel already and get some hot new action! They fix her up with Devinshea Quinn, a sexy half-fae that has been interested in Zoey for a while.


While she is trying to fix her love life, she is also trying to save herself and her crew from an eternity in hell.


There is lots of action and sex and backstabbing and supernatural creatures (vampires and werewolves and faeries, oh my!). It has a bit of a Southern Vampire Mysteries feel to it, which I enjoyed. I love books where these supernatural creatures are living among us in their own underground society, and few humans know about them.


It starts out a bit slow during the setup of the story but quickly picks up the pace, with lots of actions scenes, and a few sexy times scenes. It’s hard to get bored during this book, once it got into its groove, I couldn’t put it down.


Zoey tries to be strong and independent but I feel like she gets in over her head a lot. She’s been pining for years after Daniel. Now she is stuck between two men while a demon is trying to steal her soul.


Daniel gives Zoey a bunch of the “I’m a vamp now, so I’m not good for you” crap which annoyed me at first but then you learn what it really means in the vamp society to have a human mate and you give Daniel a bit of a break.


Neil was a stereotypical campy gay character that likes to shop and go clubbing but he was also a pretty badass wolf and he is super loyal to Zoey.


I really liked Dev; he stood out the most for me. He didn’t seem to have any kind of motive other than making Zoey happy. He is very forgiving and understanding, especially when it comes to Daniel and Zoey’s relationship.


What happened with the Light of Alhorra was…weird. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


The book has its cheesy moments but that doesn’t mean it was bad. Cheese can be so

much fun. There are some detailed sex scenes, which is not really a thing I get into (hence the abundance of YA books on this blog). But hey, if that’s your thing.


I feel like if you enjoyed the Sookie books, you might also enjoy this one.


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review 2014-05-16 03:07
Review: You Are Mine
You Are Mine (Mine Series, Book 1) - Janeal Falor

My Rating –  3 1/2 of 5 stars


I received a digital copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for a fair review.


On Serena’s seventeenth birthday, she is waiting to be tested for the magic in her blood. This is her duty as a daughter, to be married off and produce sons.

Well more like sold off.


If she has strong magic in her blood, she will be quite literally sold off to the highest bidder. The women in Serena’s country are little better than slaves. They are owned by their fathers and husbands. They are forced to call them Master and submit to their every whim. They have no rights, there only job is to be a subservient wife and produce as many sons as possible. They are often beaten or hexed by their fathers and husbands (and Serena is beaten and hexed by her Father pretty regularly. He’s a douche-nugget). They are barely educated and the only book they are allowed is the Women’s Canon, which teaches them how to act.


And if they happen to severely misbehave, they are tarnished. Which means they basically become slaves and are forced to undergo a spell that makes them bald and barren and subject to be sacrifices.


It is discovered that Serena has quite powerful magical blood and she quickly obtains a suitor, Thomas. A rich and powerful Chancellor and very cruel (another douche-nugget). By a strange twist of a fate, her ownership is transferred to an Envadi named Zade. A man from another country that her people see as barbarians.


Zade is nothing like Thomas. He’s quiet and treats Serena with an amount of respect that is unheard of in her country. The only problem is people are not happy with this arrangement. They don’t want an outsider on their council. There is a bounty on his head and Serena constantly pushes the limits of her new found freedom. Which causes even more trouble for Zade and may end up costing both of them their lives (dun dun duuuunnn).


Okay so, I read this book in a day! I actually really enjoyed it. Serena is pretty stubborn and headstrong for a girl that gets constantly beaten and hexed by her Father. She sometimes doesn’t think before she acts, which gets a little annoying (come on girl, do you have NO sense of self-preservation?!) But then again she is only seventeen and what seventeen year old girl actually thinks about their actions? However she is also super protective of her sisters and friends, taking the blame for things they have done wrong. And she also wants change and is willing to fight for it. She hates how the woman in her country are treated and is so used to abuse, she is very shocked when Zade doesn’t punish her but also tells her that the women of his country are not treated that way.


Her world is terrifying to me, how woman are so easily abused and disregarded. Several times I wanted to reach through the book and strangle her Father.


Cynthia is Serena’s sister and very loyal to her. She has seen what Serena went through with Thomas and has taken her own abuse from her Father, yet she has a fanciful idea of marriage. Which I thought was rather silly, though again, teenage girl.

Zade was kinda of mysterious, and kind but he does have his GGGRRRR moments. We really don’t see much of him to be honest. I wish there had been more.


The book was good though Serena does have the clichéd moments of “does he like me?” “Oh well he must like this other girl. I’ll just step aside…” Chick, you are headstrong enough to go out without a chaperone but you can’t ask what his relationship is with a certain girl!?


I wish there had been a bit more romance between Zade and Serena and a little more action at the end. I feel like the book was resolved a tad too easily. I would have like to see the magic in the blood thing explored a little more, maybe in the next book? (It’s in Cynthia’s POV)


Anyways, I enjoyed and will more than likely be checking out the next book!

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review 2013-12-30 16:13
Review: City of Lost Dreams
City of Lost Dreams - Magnus Flyte

This is the second in a series and contains minor spoilers.


Well, I liked this book a bit better than the last one, City of Dark Magic. It wasn’t as all over the place with 50 different things going on at once.


Sarah has traveled back to Prague to help Pollina. Pols, the 13 year old blind musical prodigy is dying. She has a rare infection that only one person can possibly cure, a Czech doctor named Bettina.


She is immediately plunged into mystery involving alchemy (again) and history and drugs and music and science. It starts with a brief meeting with the doctor at a ball in Vienna followed by mysterious text message from Bettina asking Sarah to do something that almost gets her arrested. Followed by another mysterious text message that ends up with Sarah handling a stolen artifact from the British Museum and a drug that makes her orgasm spontaneously (go ahead, laugh. I did)


Meanwhile, since him and Sarah broke up, Max has been sleeping with a somewhat famous British historian that, clearly, has bad intentions. Pollina doesn’t like her, which should be a sign not to date a person since Pollina is the smartest, most sensible character in the book.


Nico is also searching for a cure but also searching for a cure for his immortality. Someone is beating him to the ingredients (he refers to this person as his Moriarty. As much as I love Nico, he is no Sherlock).


During all this, Sarah stills finds the time to bang some guy in a horse stable, because ya know, priorities and all.


There are weird breaks into different points of view, which is a bit annoying at times but I guess it gives better insight.


You have to suspend your belief a lot with this book. The historical part of it is amazing. That’s really what drew me into the second book. Someday I shall visit Vienna and Prague! But other than that? Meh. I don’t really like Sarah. Some of her choices make no sense to me. She tends to be obnoxious and pretentious yet really stupid at times.


Max not really in this one much and when he is it’s usually a sex scene but he’s still kinda lackluster. He doesn’t really have a personality, which is a terrible waste of a character.


Pollina, the thirteen year old, is by far the most mature of the bunch. Though I really don’t understand her parents. She’s blind and dying and they don’t live with her? Like…wth? They just leave her in Prague with a nanny and a man they barely know (Max)? That just doesn’t make sense!


Alessandro is a doctor, graduated from an American school but can barely speak proper English? I don’t think so.


Anyways, the book has some beautiful descriptions and some great imagination. It moves along pretty fast, some decent action. The ending was…really weird.


This was an okay book. Not great but decent enough I suppose. If there is another book I’ll probably read it because I’m already two books in.



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