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text 2018-03-06 10:41
Amazon Fba Calculator - Seller Prime

Fulfillment By Amazon - FBA Calculator


Calculate your Amazon profit potential using the Amazon FBA calculator

Every Amazon Seller calculates his profits before and after launching his product on Amazon. For a profitable Amazon business, you’ll have to do a bit of research and calculations on your initial investments, cost price, marketing and other variable things like estimated sales, etc to understand your profits and profit margins.



SellerPrime - Data Analytics Platform for your Amazon success with features like Product Research, Competitor Lookup, Keyword Research and Tracking, PPC optimization and more! Get started with a FREE 7 day trial.





Source: www.sellerprime.com
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review 2018-02-17 02:33
A quick read about a Ride Share Driver
Uber Diva: Hot Tips for Drivers and Passengers of Uber and Lyft - Charles St. Anthony,Marcella Hammer

This is a combination of memoir of a Lyft/Uber driver, and a guide to starting/surviving/thriving as one in a tough market. A memoir/guide written by a humorist, it should be stressed, so there's plenty of humor infused throughout. That right there sounds like a winning book -- and <b>Uber Diva</b> almost was one.


Sadly, it came across as a pretty good first draft or a series of short blog posts. Every chapter -- almost every paragraph -- could've used just a little more. A little more detail, a little more context. A few chapters read like a thorough outline rather than actual prose -- just a series of bullet points along a theme. A little more expansion, a little more time spent with each idea and this would've been a whole lot of fun. As it is, <b>Uber Diva</b> is frequently worth a chuckle or wry smile to oneself, but it's never enough to satisfy.


I'm not crazy about St. Anthony's organization, either -- I'm not sure it ever made that much sense. Particularly, the jump from his opening to the rest just didn't work for me, it was a jarring tonal shift. The first chapter would've fit better as a closing or penultimate chapter, if you ask me.


There's a lot to like here, but it feels undercooked. It's enjoyable enough -- especially, I bet, for Lyft/Uber drivers -- but it could've been so much better. A little more revision, a little expansion and I bet I'd be talking about a good read, rather than one that's just good enough.


<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.</i>

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/02/16/uber-diva-by-charles-st-anthony
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text 2018-01-25 00:18
Irwin Consulting Services Review: Tips to a safe driving this winter season


During this month full of joy and surprises because of the holiday season, many people are excited and enthusiastic. But the cold weather might hinder some people’s pure happiness this merry season especially on the roads. It is inevitable to do some last minute shopping nowadays for some families as preparation for their wonderful celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eve due to their busy schedules. Other than that, going to work and school using your car during this winter season can be different because you need to be very careful to steer clear of accidents. Provided below are some basic yet helpful tips prepared by Irwin Consulting Services to guide you in having a safe driving during this icy weather.


Replace ordinary tires with winter tires


Experts suggest putting this kind of tire to ensure utmost safety for your family. In the United States, many places even mandate every car owner to have snow tires during the winter season. You can be certain with better traction with such tires once the temperature hits 7 degrees Celsius and below. Look forward to greater control and shorter stopping distances on road surfaces during this cold and icy season. You should also suggest this kind of tire to other people around you as well who own a car to guarantee their safe driving. Know that winter tires could be more expensive than others but it is something that is really worth having and you can use them for quite some time. 


Look out for drifts


You might be driving to a clear road smoothly so you put in more speed, but Irwin Consulting Services wanted you to watch out for snow drifts too while you’re driving. Never let yourself be involved with dangerous accidents and put your car into a mess. Car spins could happen and it can bring menace to you so you must focus on the road and other elements around it while driving. Be careful even on clear roads because strong winds can push the drifts into the road.


Protect tire valves


You can avoid moisture from freezing by simply covering the tire valves. Never again have a flat tire just because air escaped the tire because of an uncovered cap. 


Put ample air


This winter season, you and your car need to adjust to the drastic change in temperature. Regularly check your tire pressure as part of your tire maintenance to maintain its good condition when facing the snowy roads under low temperatures and high air pressure.


Organize all necessary items beforehand


You must be prepared to make sure of your safety while on the icy roads. Put on hats, mitts and a shovel inside your car’s trunk and bring them all the time especially during this season. Don’t forget to be prepared with a kitty litter too because this can give traction to your car during the cold weather. Equip yourself with an extra jug of winter windshield washer fluid as well to always have a clear vision of the road to protect your long journey.


Teach teenagers 


You needed to be the guardian of new drivers on the road in your family or close friends. Pass on your knowledge to those young souls and make them understand that they need to double their attention on the road especially during these times of white and cold weather. And if you’re a teen reading this, remember to always listen to people older than you and have many years of experience driving. 


Your current tires are not destined to stay with your car for many, many years. They have their own limitations and with this, you must be aware when to replace them with new ones. You can change snow tires every two to three seasons. Your old tires can be remade into something useful by a tire collector, so consider contacting one and give your previous tires a new purpose.


Irwin Consulting Services has been a good organization in providing a helping hand to ensure public safety, and this article was made as part of their goal in guaranteeing that every family is safe this holiday season. For further related tips, visit their blog sites and official site for more information.




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text 2017-12-23 07:45
Improve Your Diction With These Punctuation Tips

Punctuation marks are an integral feature of English language essay writing. But many students struggle to understand how they are supposed to incorporate them within their work. This problem is even more prevalent among the international students’ community because punctuation marks are a concept primarily found within European languages. Students coming from Asia and Africa are typically unfamiliar with their use and are hence unable to incorporate them effectively.

If you are looking for strategies to enhance your writing prowess, then nothing will be more useful than using punctuation marks effectively. This blog will effectively guide you on how to do precisely this. Alternatively, you can always solicit academic aid from the best essay help UK.

best, essay, help, uk



The comma is probably the most widely used punctuation mark; but it is also the trickiest to understand where and when to use. There is virtually an endless number of situation in which a comma can be applied; so much so that it warrants its own blog. Below are the two most delicate of circumstances surrounding the use of the comma:-

  • One of the most controversial aspects of its usage among scholars is before the word ‘and’. Technically speaking, it’s not against grammar rules to do so. However it’s better that you don’t since many people tend to frown upon this.

  • Another potential grammar landmine in relation to comma is the word ‘which’. Typically when it is being used to carry forward towards an idea or explanation; there is a comma preceding it. Not using a comma here is one of the most pervasive punctuation errors that students make. You can avoid taking such a risk altogether and substitute ‘which’ with ‘that’ instead.

Apostrophes Vs. Quotation Marks

These are two punctuation marks whose usage is perplexing for many students who often confuse one for the other. The difference between these two is actually very simple. Internalise this information:-

  • Apostrophes are used in circumstances when you want to want to quote something as being said by somebody, or something, else. It is supposed to convey that the statement in question is doubtful and is likely to not be true. For example; “she gossiped with a ‘ghost’”.
  • Quotation marks are used in order to quote in your project. This makes it especially important for the situations where you need to include a direct quote from a researcher. An example would be; the professor said that “there will be absolutely no tolerance for this kind of behaviour”.

Speech Marks

Another great punctuation mark tip that all students should know is that it is always best if you close quotation marks with a punctuation at the end. Case in point; “Hey, don’t go!” This rule is applicable irrespective of all and any circumstances; if you are quoting somebody’s speech then it has to end on a punctuation mark. Of course, this last suggestion isn’t suitable for all kinds of essays; only for narrative essays where you have to essentially tell a story. But it’s good to know it just in case so that you are ready for all and any type of writing challenge.

Although, to be able to conquer all writing challenges; you have to always have a plan B. Have a reliable help company’s writer standing over your shoulder, so that he or she can swoop into your assistance the moment you need their aid.

Author Bio

Harriet Sebastian has taught the English Language at universities around the world. She has been retired since 2006 but has not given up on providing students with the Best Essay Help UK. She continues to distribute her skills for all to learn via the power of the internet.

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