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review 2019-06-24 13:38
The Summer Book by Tove Jansson
The Summer Book - Esther Freud,Thomas Teal,Tove Jansson

I liked this, but didn't love it. Sorry, B.T. Because I write in a completely different style to the one used here I sometimes find books that indulge in a heavy-handed approach to description a little slow. I loved the relationship between the grandmother and Sophia, those were my favourite bits. I only wish there'd been more of them. Sophia was such a precocious child with a hilarious temperament I longed for more from her. Perhaps if the book had been longer I may have got my wish. It was a mere 120 pages. While the descriptive prose were lovely, I felt there were too many of them and the relationship between Sophia and her grandmother was neglected a tad. The descriptive passages did, however, mean that the book was full of excellent imagery. I felt like I could see the island and breath the air. I would definitely recommend it.

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text 2019-06-19 20:36
Booklikesopoly Roll 5
The Summer Book - Esther Freud,Thomas Teal,Tove Jansson

I've been reading a few other things for the past few days (and still am), but decided to roll again anyway because I absolutely love it! I rolled 7 which took me to this space:



I've been meaning to read The Summer Book by Tove Jansson ever since BT gave it a glowing recommendation.


This is how my board looks now:


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review 2018-12-02 17:11
Il libro dell'estate - Tove Jansson,Carmen Giorgetti Cima
“… una pianta la si sposta dove può stare meglio, per una settimana ce la fa a sopravvivere sulla veranda. Se si sta via più a lungo, la si affida a qualcuno che la bagni, e può essere un po’ complicato.
Perfino le piante diventano una responsabilità, come tutto quello di cui si ha cura e che non è in grado di decidere da sé.”

Una vita germoglia, un’altra appassisce. Nel mezzo tutte le tempeste e i bisogni e le assenze tessuti in un’organza di mestizia, ricamata con vaporosa levità e rarefatta ironia.
Non c’è trama nella pagina quotidiana dell’esistenza, ma va a comporre il romanzo della vita il cui disegno è noto: nascere, vivere, morire. Questo sa la vita sfiorita. Questo va scoprendo la novella vita.

Delicato come un acquerello, con qualche guizzo di china fra i colori, Il libro dell’estate è una favola gentile. Contenuta e garbata, sfiora senza toccare, scalda senza accendere. Poeticamente algida. 
Algidamente poetica.
E allora voglio tradurre l’insopportabile petulanza di Sofia come richiesta, prepotente e gridata, di quel mancato slancio istintivo e umano capace di attenuare, per quanto possibile, il dolore della perdita e il senso di smarrimento e rabbia. 
Un modo per chiedere qualcosa di più. Alla nonna. E alla penna di Tove. 
Fuoco e sale anziché algida poesia.
“Aha”, direbbe Sofia.
“Aha”, ripeterebbe la nonna.
“Aha”, aggiungo io. Perché? C’è una bambina di sei anni alle prese con l'elaborazione del lutto, e mai un abbraccio.

P.S. Ci sarebbe qualcosa da dire anche sulla traduzione. “Aha”.


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review 2018-04-26 20:27
The Summer Book
The Summer Book - Thomas Teal,Tove Jansson

A person can find anything if he takes the time, that is, if he can afford to look. And while he’s looking, he’s free, and he finds things he never expected.

This book is brilliant. It's the story of 6-year-old Sophia and her grandmother and the summer they spend together on an island - they go exploring, they play and cheat at cards, they pick their new neighbour's lock. Sophia and her gran are absolutely fab.


Every chapter is a different short story, full of warmth and allegorical depth. 


I think I will need to read Jansson's other books, too. 

“It’s funny about love,” Sophia said. “The more you love someone, the less he likes you back.”

“That’s very true,” Grandmother observed. “And so what do you do?”

“You go on loving,” said Sophia threateningly. “You love harder and harder.”

Her grandmother sighed and said nothing.

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review 2018-03-18 17:35
The Summer Book - Esther Freud,Thomas Teal,Tove Jansson

March 2018 Reader’s Group Read.

Rhianna Pratchett recently penned a piece for the Guardian about what the Moomins meant to both her and her father, Terry Pratchett. The Moomins are truly magical and wonderous. Jansson’s Moomin books are also about acceptance and love; it is not really funny in the book that one character wears a dress his aunt once wore.
But Jansson’s other work is as powerful as the Moomins. 
The Summer Book doesn’t really have a plot. In some ways, it is a collection of loosely connected short stories about a young girl and her grandmother as they spend time on a summer island. Sophia’s mother has died, Jansson never mentions what exactly happened, and her father is present but more as a hovering figure.
Sophia and her grandmother wander the island, and there are wonderful descriptions about the forest and the water. There is a visit from of Sophia’s, a young girl with wonderful hair. Sophia comes across as a rather interesting child. The book examines the rhythms of life and the conflicts that can occur. It’s a lovely little tale

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