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review 2020-05-17 14:22
Pagan Portals - Gods and Goddesses of Wales
Pagan Portals - Gods and Goddesses of Wales - Halo Quin

by Halo Quin


This is very much a Pagan book, but includes the original folktales of many Welsh legends. These were well-researched and it's good to find them collected in one place!


The first part goes through rituals and offerings, visualisation suggestions, that sort of thing. The second part is more what I expected, following through the tales and their relationships to history and belief in Wales. Sources are cited and there's a pronunciation guide at the end.


There's a heavy dose of the author's personal beliefs throughout, but the folktales are genuine and this would be a good reference for anyone interested in British folktales and legends.

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review 2020-02-02 23:24
The Story of Wales
The Story of Wales - Jon Gower

The perception of Wales has changed over the past two millennia not only within its own borders, but also how others look at it.  The Story of Wales by Jon Gower follows the 30,000-year history of the land that would one day become Wales that’s story is still being told today.


Beginning with a prehistoric burial during a warm period of the Ice Age era, Gower takes the reader through the human occupation of the 8,023 square miles that would become Wales.  Until after the Roman occupation, the people within Wales were apart of the larger Briton culture, it was only after the Anglo-Saxons came that Wales came into being and the Welsh identity began to be formed.  While both the evolving English and the evolving Welsh had many petty kingdoms eventually the English unite while the Welsh didn’t not, resulting in the larger kingdom slowly beginning to influence its smaller neighbors.  After the Norman conquest, the Welsh were almost always on the cultural defensive until they finally were overthrown by Edward I.  As a conquered people the Welsh attempted to keep themselves united but the things changed with the Welsh-descended Tudors making their leaders important but also saw them annexed by England resulting in English laws and language being more and more forced upon them for the next 400 years.  Gower goes into the effects of the Reformation and later Nonconformity upon the Welsh as well as how the land, or more importantly what’s under the surface, lead to the nation becoming the first to be industrialized not England.  Yet even with all the work, the Welsh were still oppressed as outside—English—money and ownership dominated them resulting the rise of labor unions resulting in first Welsh liberalism then later Labour beliefs in the 20th Century.  Gower ends the book about how modern Welsh identity has been centered around saving the Welsh language and how it’s unique cultural traits are being revived and saved along with how the successes of Welsh Rugby have united the nation over the past century ultimately resulting the political devolution.


Boiling down millennia of history is not easy, but Gower does a remarkable good job at juggling the political, the cultural, and everything in between.  However, how accurate some of the details are is a little questionable especially in relation to other nations as Gower has several mistakes especially relating to English history—Henry Tudor is mentioned as both a Lancastrian and Yorkist claimant within a few paragraphs—thus making it not a perfect book.  Yet it feels that Gower, a Welshman himself, knows his Welsh history and facts thus making this a very reliable read.


The Story of Wales is fascinating read of a small nation that has survived its uniqueness throughout almost two millennia of facing a large political and cultural entity on its doorstep.  Jon Gower knows Wales and its history thus making this a very good read for anyone of Welsh descent—like me—interested about where their ancestors came from.

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text 2019-11-21 09:01
Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Service Company in South Wales

In commercial and industrial buildings, cleaning services become an essential task. Also, this task can be daunting if you try to manage it on your own! You might assign local workers to perform this task at your commercial property, but you might end up disappointing your decision of approaching local workers that is because it is a huge task and requires expertise. The smartest move is to hire business cleaning services South Wales. Below are some key points that you must consider while selecting the most reliable commercial cleaning service company. 


A Company that is Accredited

A certified and accredited cleaning service company offers genuine solutions for a range of services at commercial places, such as office premises, school buildings, hotels, health care centers, and retail shops, et cetera. Accreditation means a company is likely to offer professional assistance that you can rely on.


Professional Team

It is important to approach a company that offers reliable business cleaning services South Wales but it is equally important to ensure that the company’s team members are too highly trained and are experienced in handling such huge cleaning-tasks.


Right Cleaning Technique and Technology

Cleaning is not only about dusting and washing floors manually! When it comes to professional cleaning services, the company assigns workers who perform the entire cleaning process by using necessary equipment, tools, and quality products. They utilize the right techniques.


Competitive Prices

Last but not least, consider that the company offers professional cleaning services at competitive prices. In today’s time, quality, professionalism, and affordability, all go hand in hand.


 A&R Contract Cleaning Specialist Ltd is a leading company that offers a range of services for commercial and industrial clients. The company has a team of professional workers. They ensure to use the right techniques and right equipment & tools to clients to have a safe, clean, and happy environment. 


For more information, visit Arcs-cleaning.co.uk


Content has been taken from http://bit.ly/34dM0ZC

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text 2019-11-08 06:01
4 Top Reasons You Will Feel Happy When You Use Top SEO Companies


Using the services of provider of successful affordable SEO New South Wales isn’t about tricking Google and other major search engines. It is about partnering with them to provide the users of the search platforms with the best possible search results. That’s why SEO is very crucial. Online business success depends on it. Nevertheless, choosing the best provider for your business’ website isn’t always easy. Aside on-page/off-page services like image optimisation, link building, internet linking, and so on, the best providers also offer some amazing features that include;


  1. SEO expertise

Having specialisation and experience in offering expert and professional SEO services, the staff of the foremost provider companies are really search engine experts in the industry. Such firms feature a powerful commitment to assisting individuals and businesses that desire to boost their small business and remain at the top of the most trending SEO trends. This is implemented by offering self-study and education to help their clients to keep on improving their business.


  1. Affordable prices

For small businesses, any budget that’s required to implement marketing strategies has to be well calculated. The foremost providers always understand this thus they always ensure that any service plans or packages they offer come at prices that can be afforded by all. And, even though the prices might be relatively low, the quality level of their affordable SEO serviceis truly unquestionable. So, you do not have anything to be worried about. You will get to enjoy the best and most professional services when you hire any of these foremost providers.


  1. Fast services

All of the services that are offered by the foremost SEO providers are always processed very fast. Some clients and businesses could even begin to see results within twenty-four hours depending on what services they have ordered. The foremost providers always keep working hard to make sure that their clients will not have to wait for any long period of time and that they can begin to enjoy the results of the services soon after they must have called to be assisted.


  1. Their clients’ success always remains their priority

It is always the foremost priority of the foremost providers of SEO to see that they bring all possible success to their numerous clients. The providers will always work quite hard and around the clock to make sure that they help their clients to attain all of their most ideal goals and targets. They always offer excellent services for the development of their clients’ websites which, does not just have to do with the attraction of online traffic, but also call to actions like submissions, phone calls, and conversions.


The foremost providers of affordable SEO New South Wales always feature a lot more interesting offerings in comparison to other SEO firms out there. They always use White Hat digital marketing strategies. The tactics make it possible for their clients to boost traffic, boost the rankings of their business’ website, and generate new business. Also, the digital marketing techniques they offer come with a lot more detail. So, they help your business to reach a lot more clients via their expert services.

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review 2019-09-11 17:13
Impressions of Wales
Impressions of Wales - Martin Knowlden

The average standard of these photos doesn't come up to that of its companion, Impressions of the Brecon Beacons, which is a little disappointing. Some seem too conventional or obvious, others on the other hand are delightful. A lot of what you would expect is here; castles, waterfalls, beaches, mountains but additionally some urban views that add interest.

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