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review 2020-06-27 02:32
Book Review - In His Court by Max Rowan
In His Court (Rosavia Royals, #4)In His Court by Max Rowan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Move over James Bond, meet Benedict, Prince Benedict.

Best Rosavia Royals yet!

The crown jewels have been stolen mere weeks before the historic anniversary ball celebrating the 500th year of Rosavia's nationhood and specialist six of the Rosavia secret service has a vested interest in retrieving the missing national treasures - one of the missing coronets is _his_, after all.

4th son of the ruling monarchs, Prince Benedict van Rosavia has spent a lifetime creating an image of a lazy playboy in order to hide the fact that he has been groomed since childhood to one day take over Rosavia's Intelligence Agency from his aunt Geraldine, the king's sister. Currently he's the country's answer to a certain British super spy.

Enter Felix Wright, a child prodigy- 4 university degrees before the age of 20, a genius whose intellect left him isolated and bullied as a child but also had him head hunted to take over the Quartermaster position as head of R&D for the agency. He's also got a pretty low opinion of the monarchy in general and wastrel princes in particular.

But opposites attract and while working together to retrieve the crown jewels and save the royal family from humiliation as well as possible destabilization of their country, Benedict and Felix realize that each could be what the other has been looking for.

This was definitely my favourite of the series, but I do have a soft spot for handsome spies and nerdy-chic r&d specialists.

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review 2020-06-24 15:30
A New Life (West Meets East #1) by Merry Farmer
A New Life (West Meets East) (Volume 1) - Merry Farmer

Title: A New Life

Series: West Meets East #1

Author: Merry Farmer

Publisher: Self-Published

Published Date: July 14, 2017

Format: E-book

Page Count: 92 pages

Source: Own copy

Date Read: May 25-26, 2020




Millie Horner is a Old West saloon girl who gets the chance to move to England (Cornwall) and get a job as a junior maid for the estate known as Starcross Castle. There she meets Own Llewellyn, a footman with dreams of becoming a foreman on a mining crew. They fall in lustful love pretty damn quickly, but the book was only 92 pages long. There are some obstacles, namely the Lord of the castle's nephew (and heir) and the senior maid Jane. The baddies are stereotypical in their actions and words; there is no depth there. The "love" between Owen and Millie is pretty superficial, but the way the head butler and head maid help the lovebirds make their way. I will say Owen was a fine, if bland hero; Millie cried at the drop of a hat and needed to grow a damn spine - she was a constant damsel in distress looking for someone else to solve her problems. 


I was not convinced that this series is for me and I am not interested in the spin-off/ interconnected series that come from this first book. 

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text 2020-02-18 07:57
Star light juttis by Coral Haze

A small little collab with @zariinjewelry for their "Sea Princess" collection.
Seen here are "Star light" juttis by Coral Haze + the most perfect beach wedding jewellery by Zariin ❤️

.Visit:- https://www.coralhaze.com/star-light.html


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review 2020-01-15 21:56
Ocean Meets Sky
Ocean Meets Sky - Terry Fan

I read this as an ebook, and I bet it's even better in print where you can see all the details up close. I liked the story of remembering family, and I loved the illustrations. 

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text 2019-09-23 14:11
Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow - Eric Fortune,James Howe

I saw this on Portable Monsters' blog and thought it looked adorable. I knew about the series from when my kids were younger but for some reason they never read the series. I wish I would have given it to my daughter as she used to love books written from the POV of animals. This was written by one of the family dogs... the family owns two dogs, one cat and the bunny bunnicula. They all talk to each other except bunnicula. I don't know if he doesn't talk or just doesn't talk in this book. I think I might read the first book for fun now since I quite enjoyed this one. 


I am taking Portable Monsters' lead and using this for my 13 square as crows are very much omens. Personally I've always believed they were good omens. I quite like crows a lot. 


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