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review 2017-04-02 19:30
.Winds of Salem Book Review.
Winds of Salem - Melissa de la Cruz

This review can be found at MissKatiEllen.

"Freya Beauchamp is trapped in 1692, in Salem of all places, with no recollection of her past. When little Annie Putnam is one of the first to make accusations of witchcraft, her landowner father jumps at the opportunity to consolidate his power and expand his holdings in Puritan Salem Town.
Meanwhile, twenty-first-century North Hampton has its own snares. Joanna and Norm consult the Oracle for advice, and Freddie and his pixie allies search for a missing totem that could reopen the passages of time and help bring his sister home. When Ingrid bumps into an old flame, she finds that her new love for Detective Matt Noble is in doubt."


It's safe to say I had a lot riding on this book and little pay off. I don't think it's possible for one book to salvage a whole series, and if it was this book didn't do it. 

This book got its half star for the Salem section of this story, giving us an insight to what the three witches went through the first time round. Like the Crucible, it goes to show what people will do for power and the enormous consequences of rumours and whispers. When no one can be trusted Freya has to be careful, if she is caught by the wrong person...game over.


Back in the present her family scramble to find a way to bring the young witch back before it's too late. Once again this family never talk to each other, never tell each other what they plan to do in there efforts to save one of their own. They're all working towards the same goal, but they never work together. Something that this family fail at in each book.

Ultimately I'd watch the Lifetime series that was cancelled far too soon. I had high expectations for this series after I read the Blue Blood novels, I enjoyed the Norse mythology behind the witches and the Salem element; but it was wasted.

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review 2014-08-21 00:00
Winds of Salem
Winds of Salem - Melissa de la Cruz Slow start, but I got really into it at the end.

Since the last book, I realized with this series I have to just ignore the fact that they're supposed to be "gods" since they don't really act like gods at all. But, once I pushed that outta the way, I really enjoyed how this played out. In fact, I'm super sad now the series is over. I'm a huge fan of the show (which is kind of better than the books in a lot of ways!)

I would be open to the author writing more books and continuing this series. I have a weakness for witches! Until then, I'll get my fix by watching the show..
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review 2014-07-08 08:27
Winds of Salem (Witches of East End book 3)
Winds of Salem - Melissa de la Cruz

This one has been languishing on the TBR pile for some time.  I had read Witches of East End when it first came out and enjoyed it but thought it was a stand-alone.  When Serpent's Kiss came out I bought it more out of a finish-what-you-start mentality than "ooo want, want!" but I still really enjoyed it.  And of course, if I've already read 2 then really, shouldn't I get the third one?  But this one involved time travel and I'm not a fan of time travel.  Hence, the languishing.


But I'm off work for school holidays and my TBR pile is starting to make growly noises so I'm ruthlessly picking them off, one book at a time and Winds of Salem was today's victim.


In spite of the whole time travel/alternate time line thing going on here, I found this to be a fast, entertaining, easy read, easily accomplished in an afternoon.  Norse mythology still feels novel to me, although I suspect this is a rather mangled version.  The plot than runs through all three books is wound up here and tied into a neat little bow, so I feel like the author is ending this at a trilogy.  Even if she isn't, I am.  I enjoyed it but I didn't love it.  Also, while the author wasn't at ALL graphic or detailed about it:


I am not a fan of threesomes in my books - especially ones that involve brothers.  Just personal preference.

(spoiler show)


Still, if you enjoy Practical Magic (movie version) type of magic, want something light, fun and breezy and stumble across these books at your UBS or library, it might be fate.  ;)

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review 2014-03-12 04:05
Winds of Salem (Witches of East End Novels)
Winds of Salem - Melissa de la Cruz The Beauchamp family returns in the 3rd installment of The Witches Of Eastend series. The family that was once Gods and Goddesses are in our world stripped of their full magic. The youngest of the clan is thrown back in time, during the Salem witch trials, not able to remember her life and family. The rest of the family is trying there best to get her back before she dies permanently this time. I have reviewed the other books in this series and I adore this one just as I do the others. In Winds of Salem we get to know Freya’s twin brother, Freddie, who was previously stuck in limbo. I love the bits of magic and mysticism and always crave more. I took my time reading because I did not want leave the world. There was some confusion to me about Freddie’s wife, who I did not even remember them mentioning her before. I wished there was more about the magic. I would also like to see Ingrid love life to move even more forward. I hope this is not the last of the Beauchamp series. I think there is so much that could happen.
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review 2013-09-02 00:00
Winds of Salem - Melissa de la Cruz We almost made it. We got through two hundred and fifty five glom-free pages ... But then, three lines into page 256, it begins. The first "glom" of the book, but not the last.
I really thought it was going to happen. I thought that there was a chance that de la Cruz had actually written a book without that icky-feeling word.
Alas, it was not to be.

And, yo, what's the deal with the sudden mention of your other series toward the end of this book? (Page 239, to be annoyingly specific) Vampires (and not just vampires, but specifically Blue Bloods) suddenly mentioned by the pixies? Those worlds don't match now. Too much time has been spent not mentioning vampires to casually drop that line in. As Sven tells us, "... That's another story." Yes, yes it is. And you please remember it. I don't think these characters would not make good crossover fodder.
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