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review 2017-12-01 01:35
good book and characters
The Curious Affair of the Witch at Waysi... The Curious Affair of the Witch at Wayside Cross: (From the Casebooks of Jesperson & Lane) - Lisa Tuttle

Miss Di Lane was a small non-threatening woman that the stranger yelled witch at then he fell over and died. His face froze in terror. Jasper Jespersen was her partner P I. Their office was in Jasper's home and Lane lived there also with Jasper and his mother.  The man had pounded on the door a couple minutes before. The man’s name was Charles Manning.  Jespersen was not satisfied with the natural cause ruling on Mr, Manning’s death. So then they found Charles brother Alexander and Jespersen and Lane both went to Alexander’s home explained why they were not satisfied with the cause of death and why. Alexander hired them to find out what really  happened to Charles. Alexander told them his brother Charles had an obsession  with what he called “ the old religion”, witchcraft, pagan mumbo jumbo, the supposed  ancient mysteries of Britain. Alexander said his brother Charles was a poet, a dreamer whose soul yearned for mystery and adventure Charles couldn’t find in the workday world. Alexander also told Jespersen Charles had quit his job at the bank and moved to Aylmerton. Charles had become an obsessed follower of Felix Ott who promoted the ancient religion - a mishmash of superstition and sorcery , everything a civilized person would find abhorrent - black magic, devil worship, and human sacrifice.  Jaspersen and Lane went to Aylmerton and stayed at the Vicar’s where Charles had lived. Dr. Ringer was the Vicar informs Jasper they had  three other mysterious deaths in the parish. Charles had become engaged to Ann who was rumored to be a witch as were her sisters Bella and Alys. Bella is responsible for her half sisters Ann and Alys. In Bella's library is a grimoire with magical attributes ascribed to it. And a number of people want it. With the possibility of Charles having been poisoned - as everyone said Charles was a healthy young man. There were a lot of suspects including a male witch. Then the baby of the maid comes up missing.

This was a very good read. I like Lane and Jespersen as a team of P I they do complement each other.  I also liked how the team went to Alexander about their doubts on the natural causes ruling and Alexander hired them. This did drag for me at times. This book included : fairies, deaths, a missing baby, witches, witchcraft, magic, spells elves, mystery, intrigue, suspense, and so much more. I did love the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend.

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url 2017-11-27 20:36
New Urban Fantasy from Shyla Colt
Witch for Hire - Shyla Colt

LIVE Exclusively at Amazon!


Young, terrified, and bound to a vampire, Louella Eschete fled the bayou and swore off magic. Years later, she’s returned to the tiny town of Cypress, Louisiana to take her rightful place as head of her magical family, whether she likes it or not.


In order to keep the tentative peace formed between the various races of powerful beings who rule side by side, she must face her own demons. Mainly one, Cristobal Cortez. Now a master vampire, and lord of the seven cities surrounding New Orleans, her former lover has moved up in the world. Their relationship gets way more complicated when his court is framed for a rash of murders they didn’t commit.


Forced to play her role as his bond mate, and launch an investigation into the darkness threatening to overturn truces, she may be in over her head. 

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review 2017-10-30 17:24
One Sentence Review – Any Witch Way by Dylan Newton #DylanNewton
Any Witch Way - Dylan Newton

I won my copy of Any Witch Way by Dylan Newton from Chrys Fey. Thanks so much, Chrys. I had not read any of her work before and loved meeting Lily and Joshua.


I love this fabulous cover by Rae Monet, Inc Design.


Any Witch Way (Pagan Holiday Series)

Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA




“Every time things get steamy with a guy, I black out and beat the crap out of him,” Lily tells Joshua in this sexy tale of an incubus that haunts the cursed Lily and how she comes into her powers, finding her soul mate along the way.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars




Graduate student Lily Andrews resigned herself to a life of perpetual virginity. With her recent twisted appetites and weird fugues hospitalizing every would-be boyfriend, it’s no wonder she uses her coursework as an excuse not to date.


Then, she meets a witch.


Joshua enters Lily’s life to complete penance for a deadly spell cast centuries ago. Joshua must counter Lily’s demon-wrought fugues with his own Wiccan magick, or lose her forever.


As the pivotal Wiccan holiday, Samhain, approaches, time is running out. Together, they must battle an ancient dark force, fighting for their lives and their new-found love…ANY WITCH WAY they can.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/one-sentence-review-any-witch-way-by-dylan-newton
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review 2017-10-29 21:28
Star Witch (Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic #2) by Helen Harper
Star Witch (The Lazy Girl's Guide To Magic) (Volume 1) - Helen Harper

Ivy, the Laziest of All Witches, is still being pulled into the machinations of the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. And not just because she finds Winter hot and isn’t entirely willing to see him lead her life


The Order needs a witch to investigate some possible grisly magical murders… one without official capacity. Sounds like a job for the talented Ivy - especially since the murder is happening on the set of her favourite reality TV show.

We return to Ivy and our completely non-heroic heroine. A protagonist who is perhaps the most normal person I have ever read. She’s lazy, she hates getting up early and certainly before her cup of tea, she is too idle to be easily impressed. Her lofty goals in life is to happily lay in front of the sofa bingewatching bad television. And she’s a fan of bad reality TV


And that works - because this is who Ivy is, a normal person. And while the genre is full of protagonists who are Not Like The Others and like classical piano concerto and Impressionist art or classical literature; actually being interested in popular entertainment, especially something as low brow as reality TV, is unheard of!


Her daily interactions also excellently continue this thread of normality. Sure she is a very powerful witch, an extremely talented witch - but she also lacks focus and concentration and willpower. Basically, she’s too lazy to reach her full potential. And how many of us could be many things if we could bring ourselves to get up an hour earlier, go to the gym a bit more, spend a bit more time studying.


And when she’s investigating the crime and mystery, she doesn’t make vast leaps of logic and be RIGHT. She makes massive leaps of logic, in enthusiasm as the amateur investigator. And is hilariously, sillily, wrong - because she isn’t a perfect savant or brilliant and half the time she’d be putting in twice her current effort just to half-ass something. And it’s not frustrating. It’s really, it’s fun and I really love her - because she also doesn’t really take herself all that seriously. Or the situation she’s in. She joins a reality TV show as both a huge fan and entirely aware of just how silly it is. She plays with the job, the events, and is willing to have absolutely immense fun all from an epic place of really Not Caring.

This applies even to her crush on Winter. Like many people she can indeed be stirred from her laziness because she wants to impress the hot guy. But even then she has her limits - he can stir her to act but not keep her concentrating on it. Her relationship with Winter is fun, they’re direct opposites who work well together and have a nice amount of shark. Yes, Winter is still the up-tight, rules-obsessed over achiever -but Ivy nicely melts him in the same way that he gets her to actually focus on things.


Throw in a hilarious take on reality TV, openly pillorying the inability of the contestants, the blatant caricatures and stereotypes as well as tricks like letting all the contestants meet early so they have chance to get to know each other and not be still on “first impression good manners”.  And she happily accepting the role of the Nasty One in between winning events by being too lazy (and losing them the same way). And a feud with wardrobe lady who dresses her ridiculously sexily - I love her response to Winter’s apoplexy about how all men will be staring at her: “that’s their problem, not mine.” We also throw in more weighty issues like nepotism and tv personalities using their influence to sexually harass the vulnerable



Read More


Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/10/star-witch-lazy-girls-guide-to-magic-2.html
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text 2017-10-27 21:17
Double Bingo Oct 27
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Faerie Tale: A Novel of Terror and Fantasy - Raymond E. Feist
Dead Sea - Tim Curran
Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel - Ben Aaronovitch
In The Woods - Jessica Mallory,Thomas Washburn Jr
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent
Mirror Mirror - Anthony M. Strong
High Witch (High Witch Book 1) (Volume 1) - Mona Hanna
The Werewolf Whisperer: ¡Feliz Navidad! (A Werewolf Whisperer Novella Book 1) - Bonita Gutierrez,Camilla Ochlan

I'm sure they'll all fall fast and furious now, but it's fun anyway. Diagonal top left to bottom right and 5th row down!



Just two more squares to call!

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