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review 2018-01-02 23:43
It's been nearly 7 years...
Blue Fire - Z.A. Maxfield,Shannon Gunn

since I first read this story and I enjoyed the audio book every bit as much as I originally enjoyed reading it. 


When Jared lost his home to fire, he thought he'd lost everything but what he'd forgotten was that when one door closes another one opens and this was comes in the form of a handsome fireman with the most amazing blue eyes and a determination to rescue Jared not just from the fire but from the overwhelming sense of loss that it's left him with, but when another fire ignites between Jared and Adam...Jared runs and he doesn't stop...until fire once again brings tragedy to Jared's door making him realize that running was only taking him away from what he'd been searching for.


I think I'd truly forgotten how much I loved this short, sweet story about second chances. Jared and Adam are hot and while Jared may have run from Adam what he couldn't deny was the passion they shared. There's a bit of an age difference here but while it was part of the story it didn't overwhelm the story and I have to honestly admit this is one of the few times that I can say that while I know there's an age difference I'm not sure exactly how much it is...I think it's somewhere in the 10 to maybe 15 year range but pretty sure it's closer to 10.


Once again Shannon Gunn was the narrator for this audio book and I really enjoyed his performance on this one. I got 3 hours of an emotion filled story with a narration that added depth to the story and the characters. Truthfully I can see me doing a replay on this one. I like Adam and Jared and I like the depth and strength that this narrator's voice has given to their story.

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review 2017-12-19 22:25
Who says you can't go home?
Home the Hard Way - Z.A. Maxfield,Shannon Gunn

Ok we're going to see  how short and sweet I can keep this because I'm revisiting a few favorites on audio at the moment. So here goes...


I first read this book back in May of 2016 and I really, really enjoyed it. Here's the link to my original review because hey, who needs to reinvent the wheel right?

Original Review: Home the Hard Way


All that I'm going to add here is that the narrator for this audio book was Shannon Gunn, who happens to be a new to me narrator. If this is any indication of his work and I'm assuming it is, I'm looking forward to enjoying more audio books by this narrator and there are more than a couple of audio books narrated by Shannon Gunn that I'm definitely looking forward to. 


So to keep it short and sweet this one was a definitely success, I enjoyed revisiting 'Home the Hard Way' by Z. A. Maxfield and I have found another narrator to add to my list of 'narrators I like' which in turn means...you guessed it my audio book list has magically increased.

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review 2017-12-17 22:45
It's like reading an episode of hoarders!
Eddie: Grime Doesn't Pay: Brothers Grime, Book 2 - Audible Studios,Z.A. Maxfield,William Arden

'Eddie: Grime Doesn't Pay' is the second book in Z.A. Maxfield's series 'The Grime Brothers' and while I enjoyed it. It didn't quite match the first book for me. 


I really, really liked Eddie. Interestingly Eddie rhymes with teddy and that's what Eddie was he was just a total teddy bear and really, really good guy. I liked Eddie a lot. Eddie's one of Jack's partners at 'The Grime Brothers' and he's a really solid guy. Eddie works hard, he's a good friend and as his integrity is rock solid but he's also considerate and honest...in short Eddie's a keeper and it seems that Andrew wants to keep him.


Andrew's a school teacher and he's had Eddie on his radar since the first day Eddie brought his niece to school. I have to admit I never quite warmed up to Andrew. I found Andrew to be at times overly controlling and at times just downright obtuse....especially where his father is concerned.


I liked the way that Eddie's dyslexia was handled in this story. While Eddie's dyslexia is indicated as being one of the more serious types. While Eddie has worked hard to enable himself to be highly functional and independent he still struggles with his self esteem because he has dyslexia. Ironically it was being dyslexic that also contributed to Eddie's compassion. 


At the end of it all I just didn't feel the connection between Eddie and Andrew as strongly as I did between Jack and Ryan. 


We are once again given a series where we get a new pairing with each book but we also get to see couples from previous books since the core characters in this series are friends and so far also co-workers. It's been a while since this story was first released back in 2013 and I have to admit now that I've had the opportunity to experience these first two stories there's definitely at least one more story that I'd love to read and that's Dave and Gabe's story, because there's totally a story there. We first met both of these men in Jack's book and again here in this book and and I know for sure that the more I learn about these two...the more I want a story. I know it's been 4 years but a girl can hope, right?


One last note...'Jack' was my first time listening to Joe Arden who was the narrator for both of these books and I enjoyed the audio experience. The narration was solid. The character voices were solid and consistent, providing depth to the characters and I'm looking forward to enjoying other books narrated by this narrator in the future.

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review 2017-12-17 05:14
It's another swipe at the Tower of TBR thanks to the world of audio books...
Jack: Grime and Punishment: Brothers Grime, Book 1 - Audible Studios,Z.A. Maxfield,William Arden

I've wanted to read these books for ages now. I'm totally a fan of Z.A. Maxfield and while I haven't read all of her books I'm working on it and I've wanted to read this one for quite a while now. So while I still love to read my books like most things I have come to realize that audio books have a place in my reading routines. 


'Jack: Grime and Punishment' is the first book in the series 'The Brother's Grime'. Jack is one of the partners in a company that specializes in crime scene clean up. A company that came into being when Jack's career as a firefighter came to an abrupt end. 


Ironically when a job comes up to clean up the house of a suicide victim it's Jack's turn to move on from the past when the victim and owner of the house turns out to be Nick Foasberg...Jack's first love and the person who betrayed him in unimaginable ways. But if Nick is Jack's past then what does that make Nick's cousin Ryan Halloran...is it possible he's Jack's future?


To say the least Jack's career gave this story an unusual setting at times and there's a solid cast of interesting characters adding depth and dimension to the story. There was a fair amount of tension and misunderstanding between Jack and Ryan, which was appropriate given the history between these two and add in some interference from Jack's well meaning friends and things definitely got challenging for Jack and Ryan at times.


I've enjoyed reading Z. A. Maxfield for a few years now and now I'm enjoying her stories on audio book. I'll probably never conquer my personal Mt. TBR but between my e-books and audio books I'll certainly be giving it a valiant try...so, I'm off to the next book in 'The Brother's Grime' and then who knows where the world of audio will lead me in quest to conquer Mt. TBR.

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review 2017-12-14 16:10
It's time to spend a little time with the ghost of Christmas Past...
His For The Holidays - L.B. Gregg,Z.A. Maxfield,Josh Lanyon,Harper Fox

It's been 7 years since I first read these stories and I really enjoyed the stories contained within it. While I enjoyed some stories more than others for me listening to the audiobook was overall a 5 star experience and I really enjoyed this visit with the ghost of Christmas Reads past...so much so that I'm thinking this might be the beginnings of a tradition... listening to Christmas stories on audiobook as I wrap Christmas presents...It's a fun way to spend a winter's afternoon.

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