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review 2018-08-22 14:34
King Mai (Lost and Founds #2)
King Mai - Edmond Manning

“You are always welcome in my kingdom, Vin. Always. I hope this cap serves you some day on a King Weekend, maybe for a man who wants to quit. You might invite him to find a little more curiosity.”


One of the beautiful series of books I am sure to ever read.  My copy is filled with highlights and none of them do this journey justice.


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review 2018-08-18 09:56
a really fitting end!
Haka Ever After (The Sin Bin #7) - Dahlia Donovan
There comes along, once in a rare while, a book that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzie inside. A book that is far too stinking cute for its own good. A book that wraps up an ENTIRE series in so few pages. A book that is simply, brilliant. This is book 7 in the Sin Bin series, and if you are just coming across this book, you should at the very LEAST read book two, The Caretaker, which is where Freddie and Taine meet. You should read them all, though! Taine plucks up the courage to ask Freddie to marry him, but first he asks for Freddie's fathers permission. Since their first meeting wasn't exactly a tea party, Taine has reservations they won't chop him up and hide the pieces! But the fathers surprise him, and then Taine has to actually propose. The proposal delivers, for me, the best line of the book! Freddie asks, "why marriage?" Taine replies, "When they write our story after we're gone, it should read that I loved you more than anything else in the world. More than rugby. More than you love cheese. I want our names connected - intertwined. Legally. So no knobdobbers can claim I wasn't dedicated to you. So, will you marry me?" The wedding plans are amusing, with all the previous characters taking part. So you can imagine what they all get up to! There is, of course, some messing about with food, cos ya'll know Ms Donovan's boys like to play with their food! Bit that made me cry?? When all of Taine's rugby team mates perform the Haka at the wedding. That bit made me cry more that what happened on the honeymoon! It's always sad to see a series end, but what a way to go! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2018-07-18 19:51
Vanilla Clouds
Vanilla Clouds - Roe Horvat

This book is one of those books that hits home.  And not so much for the romantic aspects but from the connection that is made through words alone.  Only in recent history have people been able to connect with others via the internet…through on line chats, websites, dating apps, etc.  It is mind blowing honestly.  And yet we have all managed to make close friends this way.  And while some don’t turn out the way we ever intended the majority of the people we meet are true. 


This is one of those stories. 


The connection made on line and then the desire to meet in person…the uncertainty, the fear, the doubts.  All the feelings in this book felt real, felt genuine.  Mainly because they are all feelings I have had.  While I have not fallen in love with someone on line, I have still experienced all of these moments.  And when the communication stops for a period of time and the internal doubt lands to the point you begin to worry that you screwed up…that you said something that may have ruined things…they are real. 


This is one of those stories.


We all want something more. 


13Magnific: I miss you, MichaƂ. How come I miss you when we’ve never been together? I want more than this. Please.


We all want happiness and we all fear our actions will damage our most precious relationships.


This is one of those stories.


And yes, there is chocolate and there is love and there is chocolate.  There is chocolate.  My heart was full.


**Highly Recommended**

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review 2018-05-06 17:26
The Escape
The Escape: Soren's Saga - Nicky James

My favorite in this series thus far.  Gaaahhhh...the feels.  I absolutely love Remy and all his quirks.  The interactions and relationship development with our dear Soren is just perfection.  Cannot wait to read this one again and again.  <3

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review 2018-05-03 16:03
the warm and fuzzies are back!
Orderly Affair - D.J. Jamison
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book six in the series, but they are all stand alone novels with pop ups from previous characters. All 4 and 5 stars reads from me, bar book one, which I STILL haven't got to read yet! Ian is only just, at his 38th year, finally finding it in himself to find himself. A hook up app seems the best option. Finding Callum answering his message was a surprise, but both men run with it. I found myself fully engaged with both Ian and Callum. Ian, experimenting with his sexuality, and Callum, already fully embraced in his. Their chemistry is hot, and burns bright, even before they decide to date properly. Ian does tend to jump in with full force once he makes his mind up, and his mind is made up that he wants Callum. Callum's independent streak is a mile wide and causes some problems, he just needs to let Ian in. While Ian is still in the closest, though, Callum won't utter those three little words Ian already said, not until he knows he has a future with Ian. I loved that Callum waited for Ian, he could easily have gone off on one and forced the issue but he didn't. Ian's son forced the issue, in a spectacular way! Loved though, that after his blip, Liam comes around. I read this in one sitting. I even took the kindle to the kitchen to make tea and feed the natives so I didn't have to stop reading! No idea who is next, or even if there IS a next book. I'll read it, regardless. The first book in this series is a cross over with another series, and I'd like, at some point, to go back and read those books too. I'll add them to my pile, and maybe get round to them some time in 2025! I love this series, I really do. They leave me with that warm and fuzzies feeling that lasts for days! 5 warm and fuzzies stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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