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text 2021-09-17 20:30
Opowiadania nominowane do Nagrody Zajdla 2020 ZA DARMO w e-booku

Opublikowano właśnie bezpłatny e-book z opowiadaniami nominowanymi do tegorocznej Nagrody Zajdla. W tym roku ich wręczenie odbędzie się 16 października w Zielonej Górze, podczas Bachanaliów Fantastycznych. Nominowane utwory można poznać z antologii, która została udostępniona w formacie EPUB, MOBI i PDF. W publikacji znalazło się pięć utworów. Tym razem udostępniono je w całości.


Nagroda Zajdla 2020


Do Nagrody Fandomu Polskiego im. Janusza A. Zajdla za rok 2020 pretendują następujące opowiadania:

  • Magdalena Kubasiewicz „Sen nocy miejskiej” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: Harde baśnie, Sine Qua Non);
  • Krzysztof Matkowski, Krzysztof Rewiuk „Święci z Vukovaru” (wcześniej opublikowane w czasopiśmie „Nowa Fantastyka” 10/2020);
  • Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk „Gdzie Mikołaj nie może… tam diabła pośle!” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: „Wigilijne opowieści”, W.A.B.);
  • Krzysztof Rewiuk „Al” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: „Zbrodnia doskonała”, Fantazmaty – do pobrania bezpłatnie w całości);
  • Krzysztof Rewiuk „Córka poławiacza żachw” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: „Weird fiction po polsku. Tom 1”, Phantom Books).


Wśród pretendentów do wyróżnienia są także cztery powieści. Niestety nie wszystkie można kupić w polskich księgarniach w formie e-booków:


Maciej Głowacki

„Pieśni Chołów” (audiobook)


Agnieszka Hałas

„Czerń nie zapomina” (e-book)

Marta Kisiel

„Płacz” (e-book i audiobook)

Krzysztof Matkowski

„Trzecia część człowieka” (e-book)


E-bookową Antologię udostępniono na stronach Nagrody. Dostępne są trzy formaty: PDF, EPUB i MOBI. Zachęcam do pobierania i czytania. Pliki mają być dostępne na stronie zajdel.art.pl do końca tego roku.


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review 2021-08-22 04:32
A WOMAN FOR ZACHARY by Adriana Kraft
A Woman For Zachary [Meghan's Playhouse Book 2] - Adriana Kraft

Meghan has gone to New York to try her skills on the Broadway stage. Taken by her bank customer, Zachary, he introduces her to Josie to train and improve her acting. Josie has had feelings for Zachary but he does not feel the same way. While Zachary is out of town on business, Josie and Meghan seduce each other. When Zach returns he has to decide whether to accept their twosome or walk away. He's not ready to walk away so he joins them. Meg, of course, has plans for Josie and Zach. Will those plans be fulfilled? Will she stay or go?


I enjoyed this tale. I loved Josie. She was older as was Zach but she was not ready to let her dream of Zach go yet. She shows him things that Meg does not yet know. Zach is intrigued. Meg is imaginative but she is ready to move on with someone she met at the park. After Meg returns from Cat and Kurt's wedding Josie knows Meg has made up her mind. Zachary has also and it is foreign to him. I liked that Zach chose how he did.


I look forward to Meg's next adventure and wish Josie and Zachary well.

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review 2021-08-20 02:44
SEDUCING CAT by Adriana Kraft
Seducing Cat (Meghan's Playhouse Book 1) - Adriana Kraft

Meg has been setting the stage to seduce her landlady, Cat, and lets her lover Kurt know that her plans include him. He flat out states NO. Will Meg seduce Cat? Will Cat be willing to be seduced by Meg? Will Kurt fall in with her plans?


I enjoyed this story. Meg is determined and she always get her way. Cat is hesitant as she spies on Meg nude sunbathing on the deck. Meg keeps up the teasing until one weekend she enters Cat's bedroom and starts her seduce. These ladies are hot! While they work on a play together at the community theater they are able to keep control of themselves. Then opening night happens and Meg, Cat, and Kurt go back to Cat's for a private party. Meg seduces them both and Cat and Kurt are unable to stop themselves. The three of them are hot, hot, hot! I liked all three of them probably Cat most of all. Meg was a minx while Kurt turned out to be able to overcome his prejudice of the professor, Cat.


I look forward to the next book in the series.

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review 2021-08-19 04:02
EUPHORIA by Lily King
Euphoria - Lily King

On Guinea Nell and her husband Fen are studying indigenous people. They are now on their third group of people, the Tam, who welcome them and allow them to become part of the tribe. They were introduced by Andrew Bankston, another anthropologist who is studying another group there. Fen's mind is on a flute he saw with an earlier group he and Nell were studying. He leaves Nell to do most of the study. When he achieves what he wants, he puts all 3 in danger and they must leave. But can they? Will Fen leave without any artifacts?


I liked the story. I liked Nell and Bankston. I hated Fen. Fen was a user. Neii was a better anthropologist and his ego couldn't take it. He was mean, nasty, and abusive. When Bankston meets Nell he is smitten as she was with him. He is caring and gentle with her. He makes sure she is taken care of which she doesn't receive from Fen. Fen is jealous of Bankston but never changes his behavior. I hated the ending but I don't think there could have been any other ending. This was not a happy story.


I thought the narrators were good. They did all the voices. I could tell the difference between Bankston and Fen. I could also tell the difference between Nell and the natives. Very well done.

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review 2021-08-18 05:48
Audiobook Review - Rules Of Play
Rules of Play - Lane Hayes

This is book #2, in The Script Club series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading in order intended.


George is a scientist who drives an older vehicle that wants to die.  Aiden comes to his rescue however, and makes sure he can get a little more time out of the vehicle.  In the mean time - they find they have some things in common.


Aiden has always liked George and has just recently discovered what that meant and how much.  Choosing to spend more time together, they find a comfortable friendship that soon turns out to be so much  more.  The future for both is suddenly looking very bright.


I thought these characters were very sweet.  I listened to this and found myself hoping we will see this couple again.  The narrator made it an even better story as I was able to lay back and relax and just enjoy the book.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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