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text 2015-01-13 12:27
Tell the story with the bookends

I love bookish gadgets, I must say that my collection of bookmarks is growing proportionally to my TBR pile. Well, almost ;-) Bookends make also great decoration of a bookshelf, especially when they correspond to the book on the shelves, I've found several that I would really love to have.


Bookends for favorite titles




Bookends for the fantasy titles




Bookends for the sci-fi titles




Bookends for romance titles 




Bookends for crime titles



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video 2014-07-17 23:17

Fancy bookends look great on bookshelves, but sometimes you might want your books to stand upright on their own. Author Jack Heath shows you how you can stand your books up with just a piece of plain paper on each end.


Isn't this brilliant? Had one of those: "Why hadn't I thought of this before?" moments. :)

Source: lifehacker.com/make-invisible-bookends-out-of-two-sheets-of-paper-1606101459
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review 2014-03-11 00:00
Bookends - Liz Curtis Higgs Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgins
Dr. Emily Goetz and she is back home after 18 years of research. She has now a job there to find out the truth of the land for the Meridian congregation in a small German town in Lititz PA. We traveled there one year and was able to take a pretzel tour where they make and sell them.
Jonus Fielding is a land developer and he wants the land for a golf course. He is so opposite of her-athletic, she a book study person.
She gets roped into going with him at 430am to count birds at the preserve.
With problems from his brother the gambler and drunk he is sidetracked on his venture...Jonus contemplates ditching it.
Emily has also had some setbacks and has contemplated ditching her efforts. Problem is neither wants to give in so the other would see them as weak and a failure..
Bonus-recipes included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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review 2013-10-12 00:30
Bookends: A Novel
Bookends - Jane Green I liked the whole idea of a novel centered around opening a bookstore/cafe and going for your dreams, but I didn't feel that aspect was central enough, or full enough of suspense and conflict. The good aspects of the book makes me wish I could rate this a tad higher, but it couldn't hold me to the end. I felt I had read this book dozens of times before. This was better written than most chicklit (which isn't high praise), with a heroine that was relatable--not size 0, not born with a silver spoon and not too-stupid-to-live. I did enjoy the English setting and voice. Though this is narrated first person by Catherine Warner, this had an unusually ensemble feel to it, since it's about five friends: Catherine herself, Portia, Simon and Josh who she met in university, and Josh's wife Lucy who is her business partner. Actually, that may have been one of the weaknesses, that the first person voice wasn't the best way to tell the story of this group of friends. And too often--which is also too often a danger of a weak first person--too much is told, not shown, sometimes dragging, sometimes running through events without developing so that pacing was also a problem. Not a problem you tend to notice much because it's really a quick read. A good light airplane/beach read if you're drawn to chicklit, but nothing here makes me want to try more of the author. If many chicklits are tired soap operas, this was far too much of a cliche sitcom.
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url 2013-06-28 10:52
Bibliophile Metal Art Bookends



by Knob Creek Metal Arts via Etsy

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