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review 2019-06-21 21:45
Run Hide Repeat / Pauline Dakin
Run, Hide, Repeat - Pauline Dakin

Pauline Dakin spent her childhood on the run. Without warning, her mother twice uprooted her and her brother, moving thousands of miles away from family and friends. Disturbing events interrupt their outwardly normal life: break-ins, car thefts, even physical attacks on a family friend. Many years later, her mother finally revealed they'd been running from the Mafia and were receiving protection from a covert anti-organized crime task force.
  But the truth was even more bizarre. Gradually, Dakin's fears give way to suspicion. She puts her journalistic training to work and discovers that the Mafia threat was actually an elaborate web of lies.  As she revisits her past, Dakin uncovers the human capacity for betrayal and deception, and the power of love to forgive.
    Run, Hide, Repeat is a memoir of a childhood steeped in unexplained fear and menace. Gripping and suspenseful, it moves from Dakin's uneasy acceptance of her family's dire situation to bewildered anger. As compelling and twisted as a thriller, Run Hide Repeat is an unforgettable portrait of a family under threat, and the resilience of family bonds.


Sometimes, when I read memoirs, I have to wonder what motivated the author to share a slice of their life in book form. With this volume, I have no doubt what the author’s motivation was--this is easiest way to explain the weirdness of her life to the people that she has encountered along her journey.

What if the major assumptions of your life, ones that determined major things like where you lived and who you associated with, were based on someone else’s delusion? This is what Pauline Dakin describes in this fascinating memoir of life on the run with her mother and the man that they all trusted.

Dakin is a journalist, having worked for the CBC as a medical and health reporter. She is now an instructor, teaching future journalists. With this background, it is no surprise that this is a well-written account and it is obvious that she has spent a lot of time reflecting on her experiences and trying to make sense of all that happened during her childhood and young adulthood.

I heard her interviewed on CBC radio, which put this book on my radar. I’m a sucker for memoirs, enjoying being a voyeur into someone else’s existence I guess. I’m surprised that the author’s husband and her brother’s wife were drawn into the whole delusion for as long as they were, but their spouses had been involved since childhood & were predisposed to believe Stan Sears and his complicated delusional assumptions about the world.

If nothing else, Dakin has given Delusional Disorder a little more exposure, which may be a help to others who are attached to someone with these issues.

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text 2019-04-12 12:54
Why Students Fail In Examinations At University Level; Guide For Students To Not Repeat The Mistakes

Not every person is smart by birth. Indeed, the gene plays a critical job by permitting a few students to understand a specific piece of educational modules quicker than others yet this does not imply that any child is brought into the world with low IQ level or high IQ level. If students are brought into the world with nearly a similar mind limit, for what reason do a few students fail in-class appraisals, examinations, and test. You may likewise be asking why this student failed when you put your 100% in class hours.


When students fail in academics, keep in mind that there might be various reasons for that. Maybe they are weak at grasping the knowledge regarding that subject or they are not ready to understand the substance; because of the activity of an instructor or some other reasons. There can be an endless number of reasons because of which students fail in the examination. Before we know, how to cope failure we should know the reason behind it so you will be able to understand where you are mistakenly doing the mistake:


1. Chosen The Wrong Course:


The vast majority of the students will in general pick the wrong course may be because of the companions or by the pressure of family or affected by another person. Along these lines, accordingly, they barely understand the schedule or they aren't ready to concentrate well during the lectures in class. These kinds of students are confused and befuddled. Therefore, their absence of interest results in the dissatisfactory outcome.


2. Poor Basic Foundation:


It is true that, sometimes, inappropriate establishment or foundation laid at the high school level likewise turns into the purpose behind student's disappointment. They get jumbled between the idea previously put away in their cerebrum box and the one recently conveyed by the speaker in class. This disarray prompts wrong stockpiling of data in their mind accordingly bringing about a poor outcome.


3. Bad Study Habits:


At the point when students reach to the university level, they aren't generally aware of the learning strategies. A large portion of them utilizes similar learning techniques like that of school level. However, university life requires much learning with a mindset that it is a professional degree you are getting and you have to implement all the knowledge in your career. This can be accomplished just by setting up the best possible learning system. Having bad or improper study habits are another purpose behind disappointment.


4. No Habit Of Cross Checking The Work:


If you missed a day in university then make sure to cross check the work with your classmate who is scoring high in university and you know about that person. When you are completely sure about the data is correct then add it to your assignments or activities. In addition, you can your good friends to help you, for instance, you can ask them that can you please tell me what website the teacher has conveyed you all to find best essay writing uk, so you will be able to work out on your assignment.


5. Dependency On others:


When you aren't generally secure with your planning you will need to rely on others for acquiring notes or getting data. This dependency additionally results in students fail in the examination. Not really the data you get is totally valid so the learning about the subject outcomes in a mixed up answer during the examination. Make sure to be prepared and dependent on your own self in making notes so you will be able to learn better for examination.


6. Fear Of Everything:


This is another purpose behind the student's disappointment in the test. Fear is likewise called the biggest enemy of an individual and it is said that you cannot be anything until you left the seat of fear. Trust yourself and make a move, fear is a failure itself, it is what makes you a failure, not your capabilities and abilities you re depending on. Make sure to fight fear like a warrior to achieve success. It is necessary to achieve success and make a habit to fight your fear with confidence on your own self and you will ace the grades.


7. Low Confidence:


The absence of self-love and confidence to face the difficulties is another reason behind why do students fail in university. When students aren't sure about their readiness and anticipating test or examination, they will in general get mistook and for the misty vision, they fail to endeavor the paper appropriately that results in failure.


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text 2019-01-02 18:46
Dance. Love. Learn. Repeat. - Lucy Iviso... Dance. Love. Learn. Repeat. - Lucy Ivison Tom Ellen,Fabienne Pfeiffer

Das Buch ist abwechselnd aus Phoebes und Lukes Sicht geschriebene, was einen tiefen Einblick in die Gedanken- und Gefühlswelt der beiden ermöglicht. Dadurch habe ich mich beiden sehr nah gefühlt und ihre inneren Konflikte hautnah miterlebt. Auch die Kapitellänge war sehr angenehm und ich kam schnell in einen zügigen Lesefluss und hatte richtig Spaß die beiden bei ihrem Uni-Alltag zu begleiten. 

Das Buch ist teilweise ganz lustig geschrieben und leicht zu lesen, allerdings gibt es auch viele schlechtere Sachen, so wie die Galerie der Schande und die vielen Alkohol-Exzesse. Trotzdem würde mich interessieren, wie die Geschichte der beiden weiter geht. Immerhin hat die Autorin nur über das erste Semester geschrieben, dem ja noch einige folgen werden.

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review 2017-08-22 13:30
Zero Repeat Forever by Gabrielle Prendergast
Zero Repeat Forever - Gabrielle Prendergast

For some reason, alien books have never really been my thing. I think it's because whenever I read something involving aliens it's really weird. I didn't remember enjoying The 5th Wave, even though I never ended up finishing that series, so I was intrigued by the pitch that this is that meshed with Beauty and the Beast. I'm a sucker for fairy tale retellings and especially for that specific retelling, so I knew I had to give this book a shot and I'm so glad I did. 

While this book might seem that it's going to be mainly romance based, it's not. The plot is fairly character driven, but it's mainly about the survival of the human species during an alien invasion. I thought the survival aspects were really interesting and it seemed realistic to me. I'm no expert on surviving the apocalypse though, so I could be wrong. 

In the beginning, I really didn't like Raven as a main character. Especially because she's one of those main characters that is kind of like "I'm not like other girls because I hate dresses!" That sort of main character is never my favorite, but she did end up growing on me. I really enjoyed that her emotions were so human and believable given her situation. I especially enjoyed that she didn't immediately fall in love with the Nahx. Her grief for the people that are lost throughout the book is realistic and I also really enjoyed how the people around her reacted slightly differently to everything. 

I didn't dislike the other main character, Eighth, but he also isn't my favorite. For a lot of it he's just very sorry and while I thought this was endearing at first, it got old after awhile. I did like how his POV is so different from Raven's. It's always really clear when it's his voice and not hers and I really enjoyed how he seems so lost because he believes he's defective. I didn't understand why he ends up falling in love with Raven, it seemed very insta lovey.

The writing was honestly one of the best parts because there was very clearly two distinct voices. It was fast paced and intriguing. Just enough information about the Nahx was released throughout the book to keep me hooked and wanting to find out more. I wanted to know the whys and while it doesn't give you a full reason for the invasion, I feel like the information that is revealed is so good that I don't mind waiting for the next book to find out more. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the series will bring to this interesting world that Predergast has created. I think this book would be perfect for those looking for a good alien invasion story, and even fans of retellings.


*I received this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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review 2017-05-20 00:00
Crochet Yourself Calm: 50 Repeat Patterns and Motifs in Therapeutic Color Combinations for Mindful Relaxation
Crochet Yourself Calm: 50 Repeat Pattern... Crochet Yourself Calm: 50 Repeat Patterns and Motifs in Therapeutic Color Combinations for Mindful Relaxation - Carmen Heffernan Helpful patterns.
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