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text 2015-04-18 16:07
There ought to be a word for it: the morbid need to buy more books

buytbrIn the past twelve months, I've read a little more than eighty books.


In the same time period, I've bought more than 200 books.


This gives me a TBR (To Be Read) pile of 120+ books.


With an average consumption of seven books a month, I have a seventeen month supply of books. Which should mean that I won't be buying another one until October 2016.


Yeah, like that's going to happen.


I buy books every month. They call to me and I have to have them.


The logical part of me says that, even if I only buy one book a month (reducing my current purchase rate by more than 90%) I wouldn't run out of reading material (now there's a frightening thought) until the middle of February 2017.


The emotional part of me says that such a Draconian regime would be intolerable. Which leads me to the conclusion that I have a morbid need to BUY books - there really ought to be a word for that.


The need to BUY is not directly related to my need to READ books. The compulsion seems to be about OWNING the book.


This seems to place me in the same relationship to books that a miser is to money. That is not a pleasant image.


I love books. Always have. Always will. So I can't just want to hoard them in a dark place, running my hands over them from time to time, murmuring "Precioussssss". Can I? TBR

So what is it that drives me to purchase so many books?


I think it's partly a failure to adjust to changing circumstances.


At one time it would have been impossible for me to own more books that I could read: I read ALL the time, I had limited access to bookshops, no access to on-line bookshops and a very limited amount of money to spend. In those circumstances, being in a bookshop with money or, more likely, book tokens in my hand would have triggered a feeding frenzy that only stopped when the money ran out.


These days, I have 24/7 access to almost any book, my income has risen dramatically and the price of books has tumbled: by taking an annual membership with audible.co.uk an undiscounted book cost my £4.58 ($6.85).


Another limiting factor used to be bookshelf space. Now, most of my TBR pile is not physical. I carry 80+ books with me on my little iPod with no physical reminder of just how high those books would stack.


It seems the only constraint on buying books now is my will-power.


So why don't I have any?


Because there are so MANY good books and so little time.


Because so many of the good books are NEW and need to be read (or at least bought) right now.


Because I just HAVE to have every book in every good series in the right order.


Because I OUGHT to have enough time to read everything if life wouldn't keep getting in the way.


Because, deep down, I'm afraid of missing something.


But mostly, I think this behaviour is the equivalent of comfort eating. Having a tough day? Buy a book and make it better. If buying a book had the same impact as eating something bad for me, I would have Type II diabetes by now.


So what am I going to do about it? Probably less than I hope but more than I have before.

I will increase the number of books I read.

I be more rigorous about adding books to my CNF (Could Not Finish) pile because each book I'm not enjoying is costing me time with one that I might love.

I will decrease my rate of purchase by adding to my Wish List rather than my Shopping Cart and deleting anything that's been on the Wish List for nine months or more.


If that doesn't work than I need to find or found a branch of Book-Buyers Anonymous.  

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photo 2014-12-30 16:14
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text 2014-12-03 21:38
OK, Maybe I Am Not Paying Enough Attention...

I saw a book on booklikes.


Baying For Blood - Rebecca Clare Smith


Baying For Blood (Indigo Skies, #2) by Rebecca Clare Smith


"Hum, that looks interesting. I need to check that out."



So, I clicked the picture,  and  it took me to http://alturl.com/c9pac - the book release page. OK, I added  it to my Plan to Read. That works. But I want to go to somewhere to check out the reviews and possibly buy the book, right? Besides, I want to find the first in the series as well, so I click on "Baying For Blood".


It takes me here: http://tinyurl.com/lazdnrm


OK, still no Amazon, B&N, etc. links. Click the book cover on that pages. Redirects me to the exact same page. Click the author name and it  takes me to her website, but her purchase links don't work. Sigh.


Forget the fact that I am now burned out on the book because there are no purchase links on her site so apparently she doesn't really want to sell her book - that isn't my question at the moment - what I am curious about is why there is no easy way to jump to a purchase site through booklikes? If I see something here that grabs my interest, it seems like I should be able to click through to a book purchase site. Yes, it sounds incredibly lazy, but it is the principle. There are a LOT of books  out there, a lot of authors wanting to sell said books, and  booklikes is one of my fav sites for finding the new and interesting. But authors are not putting links up to actually buy said books.


Is it a limit on booklikes itself? Are they not allowed? Am I just being Oh, so Precious??? Whichever, it just bugs me and I am wondering what others think. Any thoughts?


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text 2014-05-07 19:53
Help wanted! What books should I buy for my holiday?
Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) - S. U. Pacat
Play (A Stage Dive Novel) - Kylie Scott
Something Like Summer - Jay Bell
Royce Ree Omnibus (The Emperor's New Clothes), Volume 1 - Aldous Mercer
Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol
My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland
Loving Jay - Renae Kaye
The Slave Catcher - Lilia Ford
The Dragon God's Son (The Gods of Myth) - Mallory Kellogg
Let's Hear It for the Boy - T.A. Webb

Of course, I don't need more books. But hey, holiday is going to be fun and buying books is even more fun. Ergo, if I combine both ... you get it :D.


I'm planning to buy 5 e-books but can't decide. So please help me. I picked 10 and mentioned some pro and cons. Which books would you choose?

Captive Prince - S. U. Pacat

pro: Sounds awesome and everybody loves it.

con:  A series and the last one isn't published yet.


Play - Kylie Scott

pro: I loved Mat in the first book of this series

con: I'm very picky at them moment with CR. Do I really want to read it now?


Something like Summer - Jay Bell

pro: Sounds like fun, I love the author's story (source - Amazon:Jay Bell never gave much thought to Germany until he met a handsome foreign exchange student. At that moment, beer and pretzels became the most important thing in the world. After moving to Germany and getting married, Jay found himself desperate to communicate the feelings of alienation, adventure, and love that surrounded this decision, and has been putting pen to paper ever since.)

con: A finished series but, yeah, a series.


Roce Ree series - Aldous Mercer

pro: 5 in 1, love the author's bizarre style

con: Do I want to think so much during my holiday?


Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol

pro: Every time I see this cover I stop buy and read the blurb once more.

con: I'm not sure about the blurb. Argh.

My life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland

pro: Love this cover, like Zombies, not m/m for variety

con: Another f**ing series.


Loving Jay - Renae Kaye

pro: Love the blurb.

con: It's kind of expensive for such a short story.


The Slave Catcher - Lilia Ford

pro: Science fiction and m-m. Want. I've read an interview with the author. She sounds very nice.

con: It's a novella and I like to spend some time with my characters.


The Dragon God's Son - Mallory Kellogg

pro: I love Mallory's posts and the storie about life under water sounds intriguing.

con: Yepp, another first of a series. It's work in progress. Let's


Hear it for the Boy - T. A. Webb

pro: I've read this great review from Sandra@Myfictionnook who highly recommend this book.

con: Another novella and neither a cheap one.


Our family is leaving on Sunday. Enough time to choose and buy :D.


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text 2014-01-01 03:42
Finally got the whole Wallflowers series

I happen to mention in my top ten list that one of my goals for 2014 is to read and finish the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. I haven't done it yet since I'm missing two of the books.


Well today I went to Barnes and Noble to spend the gift card I got for Christmas, and luckily they had one copy left of both It Happened One Autumn and Devil in Winter. Yes!!!!!!


devil in winter and it happened one autumn by lisa kleypas mass market paperbacks

I'll be reading these soon!

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