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review 2022-03-18 04:24
The Princess ABC Picture Book - Mary Lee

26 different princesses for each letter of the alphabet.  I liked that they were diverse.  I appreciated that none of them looked alike.  I also liked that their names were not the usual names.  Each had an interesting name.  Perfect for your 1-4 year old.

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review 2022-02-23 03:51
Mika the Manx Cat - D. M. Hart,Darko Tomic

Mika is a Manx Cat of whom the other cats are jealous as she walks down the street. They come up with a plan to make her humble. Will they carry out their plan? Will Mika let them hurt her?


I liked Mika. She was a cat--proud as them all. I cannot believe the cruelty planned for her by the other cats. I loved that she had a strong self-esteem. I also liked that her self-esteem saw beyond her appearance. This story was too realistic in dealing with jealousy and self-esteem. I'm glad Mika overcame the others.

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review 2022-02-21 01:17
IF DOGS COULD DO CHORES by Jacqueline Smith-Induni
If Dogs Could Do Chores - Jacquelyn Smith-Induni

What if dogs could do chores!  This book shows what dogs can do--all our chores.  There is also a section in the back for how dogs do help us.  The drawings were fantastic!  They fit the story well.  Very well done!

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review 2022-02-16 01:58
POISON DART FROGS by Leanne Annett
Poison Dart Frogs! Kids Book About Frogs: Fun Animal Picture Book For Kids With Interesting Facts & Wildlife Photos (God's Amazing Creation Series) - Leanne Annett

Interesting book that gives basic information about Poison Dart Frogs.  They are found mainly in Central and South America.  The brighter the color the more poisonous they are but they are small.  Their poison was used by natives on their arrow tips.  Poison Dart Frogs are protective of their young.  They also are different in captivity than in the wild.  Some are very aggressive.  They live in different environments.  No two are much the same.  Worth the read.  I like learning new stuff.

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review 2022-02-15 04:44
The Gift of the Ladybug - Carole Amber

Mr. and Mrs. Horse want a colt. Finally a baby comes but it is a ladybug. They have no idea how to care for a ladybug so they go to the doctor who explains the difference between horses and ladybugs. The horses are sad but their little ladybug tells them it is okay. When they realize he is right, they enjoy life with him.


This is adorable. The drawings are perfect for the story. I liked the horses and how they took care to learn about the ladybug. They shed tears when they realized what they expected was not what they got but then they saw the bright side and turned their tears to smiles and living.


At the end of the book is the story that was the inspiration for this book. It is beautiful and is shown through the story.

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