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text 2017-09-27 08:46
A Few Tips for Protecting Dogs from Mosquito Bites

According to Christopher Ingraham of The Washington Post, “Mosquitoes may be the absolute worst organism inhabiting Earth today.” Aside from the annoyance and aggravation that billions of itchy bites bring, mosquitoes carry a number of terrible diseases that annually kill hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Humans have sprays and other defenses to battle dangerous mosquitoes, but these insects can be just as problematic for our defenseless pets, especially dogs.


 Dogs love to be outdoors, particularly when the weather is nice. Since we cannot lock our four-legged friends indoors during an entire mosquito-season, we must take steps to minimize exposure to bites and the potentially deadly diseases they transmit.


  • Eliminate Stagnant Water


Similar to humans, mosquitoes require water to live. Reducing access to water can prevent adult mosquitoes from breeding and producing even more of the pests. In addition to standing water in yards, birdbaths and other common areas, continually monitor water in dog bowls and eliminate stagnant water near room air conditioners and planters.


  • Avoid Mosquitoes’ Peak Times


Mosquitoes are most active at dawn, dusk and through the night but sleep or rest during the day. Therefore, owners should minimize the amount of time their dogs spend outside during these times. Dogs can be walked during the day, instead, while the mosquitoes are most likely to be inactive.


  • Fix Damaged Screens


Mosquitoes enter homes through open doors and windows or those with ineffective screens. It is important to have windows and screens maintained and, if necessary, repaired to prevent mosquitoes from entering. Also remember to fill gaps between frames and any window air conditioners.


  • Use Natural Repellents


Research has shown that it can be very dangerous to apply human insect repellent to dogs. Human repellent is specially formulated for human skin and contains chemicals such as DEET. These chemicals offer effective protection against insects without causing any harm to humans. However, in animals, these same repellents can cause skin irritation, seizures and vomiting so always use natural mosquito repellent for dogs.


For those owners searching for a trusted source of effective repellant and lotion for dogs, look no further than Green Goo. Green Goo’s exclusive Animal First Aid Salve is perfect for dry, cracked and blistered paws, bothersome insect bites and also wound care.


About Green Goo:  


Green Goo is a respected supplier of specially-developed and 100% natural mosquito repellant and lotions for dogs. Green Goo also sells a full range of exclusive products for humans including tattoo lotion, deodorant, first aid and pain relief salves, soaps and other skin care products. Each product is 100% natural and proudly created using ages-old homeopathic herbal wisdom and never propanediol, aluminum or other harmful ingredients.


For more information, please visit Greengoohelps.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/EuS9pq


Source: greengoohelps.com/collections/farm-ranch/products/bugs-be-gone-4-5oz-bottle
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review 2017-09-26 05:18
Well that was fun!
Just Like Cats and Dogs - B.A. Tortuga,Joe Formichella

I've read more than a book or two by B.A. Tortuga but 'Just Like Cats and Dogs' is my first shifter book by this author and 'damn, what was I thinking?' I loved this book. It was fun and entertaining and there was a story here...a serious kept me interested story.


Sam's a feline shifter who grew up in a family of wolves...I know that right there tells you this is not your usual shifter story, right? If you're thinking poor Sam never stood a chance at fitting in you've pretty well nailed it, but in spite of that Sam's got family. His momma loves him, his brother Grey (who happens to be a wolf shifter and by the way Grey's blind) loves him, his sister Helena (and I apologize if I got this name wrong, I suck with names) anyways, Helena's got the heart and spirit of a wolf...she just can't shift and then there's Gus...Gus who is Sam's best friend's brother and the bane of Sam's existence or at least he was when they were younger  but things have changed. Sam's all grown up and somehow Gus just can't stop noticing.


I just loved, loved, loved these two their snark and banter was simply adorable and at times hilariously funny...

"Hey Puss."

"Yeah Pup." 

That's right this is how these two talked to each other...only better...way better!


I was totally taken with these two from the word go. I loved how Gus wanted to take care of Sam, once he accepted that Sam was his mate he was willing to do whatever it took to get his mate back and then to make a life where Sam could belong...where Sam was truly part of the pack. Didn't matter what you could shift into or who you were if you weren't willing to run with Sam you could move on and you truly have to read the story to understand just how important this is and why. 


One of my other favorite things about this story was the fact that whether they were in their animal or human form these shifters retained a lot of their characteristics. Sam likes tuna it doesn't matter whether he's a human or a cat...he likes his tuna. Gus likes his steak and he's got a sweet tooth, but not Sam. Sam doesn't do sweet can't really taste it but give him salty and he's all in. Sam likes to groom his mate...he's a cat right and we all know how fastidious cats are when it comes to grooming. There are all these little quirky things that are a part of their character and I just loved that they were a part of the person no matter what their form was. It worked and at times just added to the humor of the story. 


Every now and then more than anything else I enjoy a story that makes me laugh and I mean that in a good way. This one made me laugh in that 'oh my god this is so precious, I can't believe it' way and not in the 'why the hell am I reading this book?' way. I think of all the shifter books I've read this one is definitely one of my favorites and seriously what could be more fun than a litter of pups...I know a litter of pups with a cute kitten thrown in?  


Joe Formichella was the narrator for this story and while B.A. Tortuga isn't a new to me author this is a new to me narrator and for this story overall I really liked the narrator's voice. He used this laid back easy drawl that overall just really worked and while there were a few instances when I felt the narration getting a bit stilted, luckily it never lasted long enough to really distract me from the story and that slow easy drawl of his just really seemed suited to the characters in this book. For me it just worked really, really well and I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Sam and Gus and can't wait to see what's in store for this series...and yeah, I freely admit I'm probably going to hold out for the audio it was just a whole load of fun having this story read to me...what can I say we all need to indulge our inner child from time to time. 



An audio book of  'Just Like Cats and Dogs' was graciously provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-09-23 23:29
Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett
Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett

  I've only read this one once before, and that ten years ago, so I didn't remember much, and didn't remember the Mac Mac Feeble were in it. And Greebo. Plus the whole Omnian question, and the christening. A delight, but by no means a simple one. Is there another writer who makes me feel so kindly toward other people? Dickens, Austen, Vonnegut all appeal to the same part of my brain, but none of them puts me in such charity with humanity, although Christmas Carol comes a close second.


Personal copy

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text 2017-08-29 06:03
Ensure Healthy Pets by Purchasing Natural Products

Pets are irreplaceable family members, constant sources of loyal companionship and unconditional love for you and your family. This love must be rewarded with a safe home, balanced diet and proper care. Comprehensive care is one of the most critical responsibilities that comes along with pet ownership and owners must pay close attention to the needs and health of their canine companions. Fortunately, a wide array of diverse pet care products is now available including
lotion for dogs, which keep them happy, active and healthy.


Caring for pets requires patience and involves, among other tasks,
feeding them carefully and keeping them properly groomed. Total care includes regular bathing, checking paws, trimming nails, cleaning teeth, a commitment to timely check-ups with a veterinarian and other actions. Owners should remain knowledgeable about different health care options available for their pets so that, if necessary, they are able to make educated decisions regarding care and treatment.


As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to purchase suitable health and wellness products for your pets…just as you would for any other member of your family. You should consider certain essential characteristics prior to purchasing any product for your pets and these include:


- Reliable and Safe: You should always select safe and tested products from reputable, trusted sources in order to prevent any harmful side effects.


- Natural Products: It is always recommended to purchase products made of natural oils and herbs that naturally enhance the medical value of products.


- High-Quality Ingredients: Products manufactured from high-quality ingredients ensure more effective results and keep your pets disease-free and healthier for longer periods of time.


Owners should consider these points when purchasing any products for their pets, paying particular attention to the reputation of retailers which are selling the goods. After researching, select the most trusted source with the highest quality natural products. One such trusted source is Green Goo. Green Goo’s products are enriched with a high concentration of sustainable herbs and are completely free of artificial ingredients. Fresh and dried herbs—sourced from organic farmers—are infused into specially developed oils, thus enhancing the natural medical value of its products. In addition to terrific products for your pet, Green Goo also offers some of the most effective natural body care products for adults and children.


Green Goo’s products can make a big difference in the health and happiness of your pets and, therefore, your life. As a family-operated business, Green Goo understands the importance of taking care of your family’s health and are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Although Green Goo has grown rapidly, it has proudly remained true to its original mission of offering simple, natural products that work. Green Goo’s personalized customer service and dedication to providing the best products on the market have earned them a loyal following, stellar reputation and, most importantly, the trust of its customers.


About Green Goo

Green Goo is a widely recognized and trusted online retailer, offering natural body care products for adults, children and pets. Green Goo’s wide range of effective products includes natural soaps, first aid homeopathic care, mosquito repellent for dogs, and much more.


For more information, visit Greengoohelps.com


Original Source: https://goo.gl/b3YodW

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review 2017-08-29 01:35
Good Read!
How To See With Your Heart (Must Love Dogs Book 3) - Jennifer Youngblood

How To See With Your Heart by Jennifer Youngblood is a fairly quick read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading.  Ms Youngblood has given us a well-written, clean book.  Dax (blind from a racing accident) and Brooklyn's story is full of conflicts between Brooklyn and her sister and mother and it tickled me when she finally found her backbone.  There is also bits of humor along with the drama.  I enjoyed reading How To See With Your Heart and would be happy to read more from Jennifer Youngblood in the future.  How To See With Your Heart is book 3 of the Must Love Dogs Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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