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review 2018-09-22 16:36
Hunter's Green - Phyllis A. Whitney for Country House Mystery
Hunter's Green - Phyllis A. Whitney

Would also work for Genre: Suspense, Terrifying Women, Murder Most Foul, Amateur Sleuth, and Romantic Suspense.


It's fun reading these old thrillers that are so slow, with hardly any murder, no kids or really old people, and servents neither seen nor heard. They're charmingly predictable. And although this was published in 68 and makes much of the brash young mods, they feel So Old Fashioned. There are phones, but only to ring up the doctor or the police to haul away the perpetrator. There are cars for running up to Town, and low speed pursuit, and explosive crashes. What I love most is that everyone stops at regular intervals to sit down and eat a hot meal. I suppose this is what people are talking about when they reminisce about a slower time. 


I did have one great disappointment though: a device was quite deliberately introduced in the first act, but played no subsequent part in the plot. It wasn't even a red herring: it was just never mentioned again.


The only disturbing part of the story isn't meant to be:


My apologies for my failed spoiler tag. 


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text 2018-09-11 09:36
Most Experienced and Highly Expert Services in Training of Dogs

It is a world renowned fact that many people all around the world are very much interested in keeping pets and it has been proved and experienced that dogs are the best friends of their masters and they are not only faithful but also very obedient. The dogs are actually obedient naturally and faithful but without proper guidance and training most of the dogs may behave in a very weird manner and may prove to be very much unruly. Maintaining a pet is not usually an easy task but it requires lots of patience and understanding and getting the dogs trained from a very young age is actually very much beneficial and they learn many things about discipline and good behavior. Besides that being obedient is very important for the dogs since they might create a lot of mess if not trained properly.


In such a scenario it is advisable to engage a professional agency to train the dogs to be obedient and disciplined and our agency has been one of the most experienced and highly competent in providing the best training for the dogs. We have many years of practical training and having much knowledge and understanding about the different breeds we are able to handle the training program with great precision. Besides that we have experienced that different breeds require different time limit for learning and it may also take few days to get the dogs trained properly. All our dog obedience training is based on the most proven and beneficial techniques and methods and we are very much professional in it.



Our charges are very much reasonable and we have various packages which are not very expensive and our service details have been provided at our website with our contact information.  All our services are highly certified and we ensure that each and every training from our agency is highly result oriented and we have been handling much professional training for various defense forces also and are high appreciated for our excellent capabilities.



It has been our greatest pleasure to be able to get very high recognition in the market and we have also been maintaining the most efficient dog obedience classes in the market. We have our own training center and you may also avail our training services at your home or office depending on your requirements.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-09-08 04:32
Amelia Bedelia Unleashed
Amelia Bedelia Unleashed - Herman Parish,Lynne Avril

Amelia Bedelia Unleashed by Herman Parish is a chapter book that follows a girl names Amelia Bedelia and she is trying to figure out what type of dog she wants to have.  To solve her question, Amelia starts to help her friends walk their dogs and she tries to help one dog win a dog show.  Through many ups and downs, Amelia finally finds the dog she wants and names it Finally.  This book is great because it shows the struggle children and many people can have with differentiating between figurative and literal language and words with multiple meanings.  An activity that would work with Amelia Bedelia Unleashed is having a discussion about the homonyms and finding those mentioned in the book and discovering the multiple meanings of the words.  Students could create a foldable to help them remember these words.  The Lexile level of Amelia Bedelia Unleashed is 580L (Grades 2 to 3).    

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review 2018-09-07 04:20
Tess of the Road - Rachel Hartman 
Tess of the Road - Rachel Hartman

Woah. I will try and write something more reviewish after time  to reflect. For the time being there is nothing about this book that isn't fabulous.


Amusing coincidence: the author photo shows Hartman in an orange blazer. The author photo for Naomi Novak, who has also written a bestselling series about dragons, shows her in an orange blazer. Orange is my least favorite color, but clearly it works for some people.


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text 2018-08-20 11:31
Train Them to Integrate with Your House

It is a fact that you want dogs to integrate with your house and become one among you. Only then will you be able to have the complete experience of having a dog around you. It is not enough that the dog remains at your house but doesn’t mingle with any of you closely. Sometimes the dogs refuse to come near you when you call him. Sometimes they refuse to obey your orders.


All these behaviors make you irritated. You have given the dog the best you can give and yet he refuses to be your friend or one in your family. You can see that despite your best efforts the dog is showing signs of restlessness and irritation. He is constantly barking and whining and chewing at everything in the house. The problem is not with the dog. The problem is that you have not given him the necessary training. You have not taken the dog to a good dog training institute and trained him.


Dogs need to be trained by professionals so that they can learn to behave well in a house and among human beings. They are not animals that are naturally used to living among humans. They are wild animals and must be tamed to behave in the way you want. The taming process is called training. At Dog Listener Consultancy, we train the dogs to obey your commands and to be friendly with you. We will train him to obey your orders and to consider you as his leader. Once we have trained him you will see that your dog is the friendliest dog that has made himself a member of your family.


Our group dog training classes use the best methods in the world. We use the dog’s own nature to train him. We don’t use any harsh methods or punishments to make them obey the commands. We also don’t have any gadgets that will punish them if they disobey an order.


We use the internationally famous and accepted Amichien Bonding method to make the dogs friendly and tamed. We will also teach you how to show your leadership and make the dog obey your commands. Apart from the regular training we also provide puppy house training for the puppies that have just started living among humans.

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