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text 2017-09-16 23:42
Interactive story game: To Be or Not To Be


I've had this for a while but only just started playing it. And yes, you can find some of Kate Beaton's artwork  in it, but also artwork by a bunch of other people. It's a "choose your own adventure" version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, in which you can either play as Hamlet, Hamlet's father, or Ophelia. Nearly every ending presents you with a unique piece of artwork, and there are lots of endings.


At the moment, I've mostly just played as Ophelia, who is utterly awesome. She can solve Hamlet's problems logically and boringly, or she can go full-on murder queen. It took me three tries to manage it, but it's quite possible for her to go on a killing spree that results in the death of literally every character in Hamlet. Sometimes things get a little surreal too. In my longest playthrough, Ophelia and Hamlet teamed up to kill Claudius. After they gifted Claudius with a "choose your own adventure" book with a plot eerily similar to Claudius's own life, Ophelia briefly became Claudius, who became Ophelia just at things were starting to look bad for him, who decided to skip out on this whole "Hamlet's acting weird" thing and take a vacation. The game briefly (very briefly) became a dating sim, but then Ophelia sprang into action again to take on some terrorists and live happily ever after all on her own.


My main complaint at the moment is that although the game has "checkpoints" (decision points you can go back to and replay, so you can try other options), you can't create your own, so you end up having to replay certain chunks of the game a lot. The "skip" button helps, but it's still annoying.


This also available in actual book form (I'm not sure which came first), for those who'd prefer that.

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review 2017-09-09 00:00
It's Hell To Choose
It's Hell To Choose - Michael Anderle It's Hell To Choose - Michael Anderle I’m really reading these books too fast but I simply cannot stop. This series has become addictive to me. The worst thing is that I am now six books behind with my reviews and I am struggling to keep the books apart in my head when reviewing..

The “space race” continues. Well, I guess it is not much of a race with only contestant but it is definitely a race against time. The Queen Bitch has a lot of building to do if she should be prepared when the real bad guys show up.

Of course she also has to deal with the usual asshats trying to fuck up her plans. Actually that is not entirely true. Since the cat is out of the bag when it comes to TQB’s little adventures in space her adversaries have changed. Instead of the menagerie of vampires, werewolves and just plain ordinary thugs we’re moving onto something much much worse… politicians! Well corporate businessmen and such like despicable scum bags who’s only goal in life is personal gain as well.

I’m not sure about the shift from “supernatural” adversaries to this kind of scum since I really hate that kind of human oxygen wasters but I guess it was inevitable with TQB’s increased exposure to the general public.

Well, rest assured that the Queen Bitch’s new adversaries are in for as good an ass whooping as her previous ones. However, this time not everything goes as planned for our dear ass kicking bitch. The long term result for the previously mentioned assholes are the same but not before tragedy strikes.

Well, too bad for the bad guys. Now Bethany Anne is REALLY pissed off. Next book please!

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text 2017-04-17 12:57
Booklikes-opoly: Pick out a book for me to read

Okay, the way I think this works is that I have to read whichever book the first person to comment picks. I haven't read any of these before, although I've read other books in the series for a couple of them and have watched an anime adaptation of another one.


The options:


Baccano!, Vol. 1: The Rolling Bootlegs - Ryohgo Narita 


Baccano!, Vol. 1: The Rolling Bootlegs - Ryohgo Narita - An English translation of a Japanese novel. I've never read it before, but I've seen the anime based on it and enjoyed it. It's set in the U.S. (New York, according to the back of the book) during the Prohibition era. The anime includes people who have been made immortal by a special wine, plus loads of violence.


Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him - Satoru Kannagi,Hotaru Odagiri 


Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him - Satoru Kannagi,Hotaru Odagiri - Another English translation of a Japanese novel. This one is m/m romance. I read and reviewed the first book in the series late last year. I though it was overall terrible, but entertaining.


Star Surgeon - James White 


Star Surgeon - James White - Sci-fi, part of the Sector General series. It's doctors and medical mysteries in space.


Resenting the Hero - Moira J. Moore 


Resenting the Hero - Moira J. Moore - I think this one might be the longest one of the bunch. It's fantasy with a magical system that involves bonded pairs. There's humor and I think a little romance. Danielle's Reading Adventures liked it.

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text 2017-04-11 22:27
Attack on Titan choose-your-own-adventure
Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure: Year 850: Last Stand at Wall Rose - Hajime Isayama

If my bookshelves weren't already overflowing with impulse buys, this would probably be in my shopping cart, if only to see how many of the endings involve your own death or the deaths of all or most of your friends and comrades. Even a "good" ending in the Attack on Titan world would still suck to some degree.

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review 2017-03-13 00:00
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography - Neil Patrick Harris,Neil Patrick Harris This was, to put it simply, fun. While I'm sure the book's novelty choose your own adventure element was great, I think NPH's narration just gave it the extra boost of enjoyment. It's full of wit and snark, as to be expected. It's also thoughtful and just a bit sappy. (I should check our download to see if we have access to any of the PDFs with David's recipes - I definitely want to try those!)
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