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review 2017-08-13 03:31
DRAGON'S FIRST CHRISTMAS by Emily Martha Sorenson
Dragon's First Christmas (Dragon Eggs Bo... Dragon's First Christmas (Dragon Eggs Book 3) - Emily Martha Sorensen

Virgil is a dragon with human parents who are trying to raise him in an apartment in NYC in 1920.  Rose and Henry are college students raising Virgil.  They are learning as they go.  So far they've learn Virgil is fascinated by the Christmas tree and that does not go well.  He is also eating a lot and they need to find out why and where can they put him to sleep.


What an imaginative, creative, interesting story!  I loved it.  It was fun to hear Virgil's thoughts and how he communicates.  I liked Rose and Henry even though they were very much like newly married couples defining their positions and territories in the early days of their marriage.  I have got to read the earlier books in this series to find out how the three of them ended up together.  What fun!

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review 2017-08-11 00:34
Favorite Kids Books
We're Going On A Bear Hunt - Vivian French,Michael Rosen,Helen Oxenbury
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss

I really only have two favorite kids books. When my kids were in preschool we read and memorized "We're going on a Bear Hunt." We would recite it in the car and while we were walking or just doing anything. My other favorite is Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." 


What brought these books to mind? As I came downstairs this morning, I was following behind one of my rescue cats and I changed the words to "I'm going on a cat hunt, I'm going to find a needy one." My youngest was with me and she joined in and we just had a little giggle over it. My husband would not have appreciated it, as he says, we have enough cats. 


The books are by far my favorites and I will always remember reading them to my girls when they were little. 

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review 2017-08-09 21:16
A Groom For Christmas - Anne Greene

A Groom for Christmas by Anne Greene
Have read the author's other works and know this would be a great read also.
Starts out with Felicity Daniels and she's made it as far as Ft. Laramie when her father had passed away. She promised him she'd marry and continue the journey to Oregon to claim land and start a farm.
Her father's friend Jed was there to help drive one of the wagons and support her. She's determined to wed within 2 days time as that's when the wagon train leaves. She had liked Ben but he shows no interest in her.
She makes a sign and puts it in the general store window asking for a husband. She does has stipulations and she also has some secrets. Many come and leave as they are not Christians or they drink.
It's a surprise who shows up and it's even a bigger surprise who she chooses. Love the descriptions of the trail they take over the months heading west. She knows her her spouse wants to gold mine in CA and he knows she wants to settle down in OR.
He has til the splitting fork in the road to persuade her...Drastic weather and conditions, not including crossing the rivers with animals and wagons. So scary and throughout the book they each pray to God hoping they made the right choices.
I was given this review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

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review 2017-07-25 23:54
Christmas in July – Fufar the Christmas Monster by A J Cosmo @AJCosmoKids
Fufar the Christmas Monster - A.J. Cosmo

Welcome to Christmas In July and One Sentence Review for Fufar the Christmas Monster by A J Cosmo.


I have been collecting his wonderful illustrated children’s books for some time now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to share. If you are looking for something to entertain your youngster over the summer, consider some A J Cosmo reading.


Fufar the Christmas Monster

Amazon  /  Goodreads




Fufar comes to us in a cute poem, filled with wonderful illustrations any child would want to reach out and touch, and, if you wonder, does Santa really see all the naughty…just look at his creative way of making the best out of the worst.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/christmas-in-july-fufar-the-christmas-monster-by-a-j-cosmo-ajcosmokids
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review 2017-07-25 03:18
Angel Catbird
Angel Catbird Volume 1 (Graphic Novel) - Margaret Atwood,Margaret Atwood,Johnnie Christmas,Various
Angel Catbird Volume 2: To Castle Catula (Graphic Novel) - Margaret Atwood,Johnnie Christmas,Tamra Bonvillain
Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars (Graphic Novel) - Margaret Atwood,Johnnie Christmas,Tamra Bonvillain

Margaret Atwood’s Angel Catbird series is a graphic novel saga about a man who becomes an owl/cat/human hybrid.  He discovers that he isn’t the only such creature in the world.  Okay, he’s the only cat/owl but there are other half animals – in particular half cats.  There also is a coming war with a man who wants rats and half rats to rule the world.


                Vol1 of the series sets up the scene and ends with the half cats on the run.  The group includes the lovely Kate as well as Count Cataula.  Volumes 2 and 3 detail the rest of the story, the series also is an attempt to educate readers on cats and the impact cats can have on native birds. 


                The series succeeds because it is get B movie flair.  It desires to be more than what it is, and everyone involved in the creation of it seems to have given a sense of fun.  Quite frankly, my favorite characters are the two female rats who do not like the plans of the man who would be king of rats.  Their asides are well make milk snort out of your nose.


                The creative team manages to weave in a variety of references, not only to horror movies, but also to current events, in particular pay attention to the mice.  Atwood also weaves in ancient mythological figures and references.  While the series does place a few of its female characters in skimpy costumes, the women are take charge and get work done.  They all have agency.  Even the wives, who are far more interesting than Dracula’s brides.


                Great send up of horror movies, to be honest.

                With cats.

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