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review 2018-04-12 19:39
How Mrs. Santa Claus Saved Christmas - Phyllis McGinley
(spoiler show)

By famous author/poet Phyllis McGinley, this quaint children's tale told alternating in poem and story. 
Mrs. Claus is known for influencing the Mr. and giving him his good ideas, but this year she has thought of a radical idea. It makes Santa so angry he goes to sleep for a nap Christmas Eve, telling no one to wake him-- he will do it himself. The hour has come for Santa to begin his delivery ride, but cannot be roused. So, Mrs. Claus decides to make the trip herself, implementing her new idea. She dresses up like Santa and delivers "skis for the bookworms, books to read on rainy Sundays for the Baseball Breed; For girls who had nothing but dolls on hand, nice red dump-trucks for dumping sand; Nice soft Pandas, huggable and fat for little boys waiting for a cowboy hat; useless presents, extravagant and funny for children with never a cent of money; practical presents for those more rich; for studious fellows, balls to pitch; ribbons for tomboys, jacks for their brothers....." and the change from the expected gifts delights the children that Santa is even more endeared to them. We loved the book.

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review 2018-04-11 22:03
The Nightingale Before Christmas
The Nightingale Before Christmas - Donna Andrews

Meg has been drafted to organize the designers and spearhead any issues and fix any problems that crop up. The designers have each been assigned a room(s) at the "Show House" to decorate for Christmas. They get a chance to show their stuff and possibly win some money for their charity. One male designer in the show house has made life bad for all the others. He has ruined their rooms, he has sexually harassed some of the women and he has been accused and caught stealing from the other designers, including Meg's own mother. He stole her urn and then claimed it was his, all the way up to Meg asking who he keeps stored in his urn and then opening the urn and pretending to pull out a ring and saying, oh look here is aunt someone's ring! He has to admit he took the urn from Meg's mother because he wanted it for the room he was decorating. He has damaged their rooms and only when Meg points out that he is going to have pay for these damages before he can continue does he get really upset. He has made so many enemies in the house and everywhere else. Stanley Denton is looking for him to serve him with papers for damages he did or rooms he left undone. One night, Meg comes back to the house to make sure all is well only to be shot at and find the designer dead from a gunshot wound. Now the real work begins as they look for the person who murdered Clay and who has been trying to break into the house. Along the way, Meg discovers that there is a women's shelter in the town and that many women are taking advantage of it. They also work hard to get ready for the house showing so that it can benefit the Historical Society. 


The book was read out of order but still a good and fun read. My girls who have been listening to the audio in the car with me have been enjoying the stories so much that they too have been looking for the books to read when I don't have the audio. 

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review 2018-04-09 00:04
Short steamy read, could be longer.
Let It Snow: A Christmas M/M/F Romance (Loving Riley Book 1) - Abra Harrington

This was a quick steamy read. It is a menage between a married couple (Seth and Carol) and a friend (Riley). Riley's insecurities may overtake his dreams. Once everyone's intentions are out there, the steam level rises high. I would have preferred a longer story to spend more time getting to know all three, but I found the story to be a good one.

I found this story through Book Review Buzz, and this is my unsolicited review.

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review 2018-04-08 00:00
Blue Chow Christmas
Blue Chow Christmas - Rachelle Ayala My heart broke for two lonely little boys trying to exist in a world not always kind. Blue Chow Christmas is a tearful look into the love of a father for a child he has never met. A woman's hope for a love that never was and a young man's struggle to understand the world around him. My anger bristled for the people who preyed on the vulnerable. It's hard to understand the actions of anyone who will abuse a child. So many broken people, so many destroyed lives. Ms. Ayala proves just how in touch with emotions she can be. She tackles the ugly that is hard to see with a beauty that is both inspirational and heartbreaking. Jennifer Groberg has that tear in her voice that digs way down deep. Love is never simple, but despite the pain we're all better for it.
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review 2018-04-01 16:35
A Merry Menage Christmas (The Key Club #3) by Jan Springer
A Merry Menage Christmas - Jan Springer

Dr. Kelsie Madison is overworked and under sexed. Kelsie is having naughty dreams about ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist Dixon Flynn. She thinks they are gay and off limits but boy does she want them. But are they?


When Kelsie sees fliers for the Santa Claus Ménage Night, she decides to go. Little does she know that Ryder and Dixon are not gay and they want her as bad as she wants them. The guys decide to take it into their own hands to get what they all want. They are the ones who placed the fliers. They have set it up with the Key Club owner to make sure they get Kelsie as a partner during the festivities.


This book is short and hot. The book ended a bit to quick for me but it was a great read.

Teri Clark Linden does a great job with the narration. She kept my attention and brought the characters to life.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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