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review 2019-03-08 06:51
Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin
Black Like Me - John Howard Griffin

For my thoughts, go to: Confessions of a Book Freak

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text 2019-03-02 07:01
Find an Excellent Dentist in Chicago for the Entire Family

When you have children to feel about, finding the right health care providers to meet their needs is important. The same is true of your dentist, and wouldn’t it be kind to find a dental provider who could meet the needs of the complete family, which saves you time and stress in the long run. Here are some supportive ideas for finding an excellent South Loop dentist in Chicago your entire family can trust.


Questions and Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist


When you’re looking at working with any Smile Dental Chicago, the first concern is always if their office hours and location are suitable, but have you ever considered asking some deeper questions such as:


How long have you been practicing in this region?

Do you see children? If so, early at what age?

What types of continuing education do you participate in?

Do you recommend any advanced services? How can those benefit me?


You might also want to bring to an end by and take a tour of the office before your first appointment. This will offer you an idea of how friendly and welcoming it feels for children. Reading online ratings and reviews will also give you a feel for what other patients have practiced at your prospective provider’s office.


Why Not Consider Choosing Dr. Lena Casimir for Your Family’s Dental Care?


Dr. Lena Casimir welcomes patients of all ages to the cosmetic dentistry in south Loop, and you’re going to find a number of advanced services here that you wouldn’t find at other practices. Here is what adults and children can suppose when they work with Dr. Lena Casimir as Smile Dentist in Chicago:


Preventive and periodontal care



Dental implants

Cosmetic dentistry and more



Contact Our Office to Schedule


If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Lena Casimir can take care of your family, give us call at 312-922-3411 today to schedule your next appointment in Classic Smiles LLC.


*Read also this:-


How to Find a Dentist if you are new in Chicago ?

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text 2019-02-19 23:32
Why it is Necessary to Renovate Fireplace Wood Mantels?

If your fireplace became old, then you need to renovate with the latest model before winter season comes. It is preferred to renovate the fire place before winter mainly because people would suffer with cold nights only during winter season. In order to prevent themselves from cold most of the people congregate fireplace as common source. The fireplace not only gives people warm temperature and it also acts as a stress relief by clearing all the bugs happened throughout day just by sitting near to the fireplace.



Why fireplace wood mantels and surrounds are best?


People would have wide options in renovating the fireplace into charm look by using materials such as tiles, copper, steel, concrete, stone, plasters and paint or even artificial stones but most of the people often prefer fireplace wood mantels and surrounds. This is because the fireplace wood mantels and surrounds would create homey feel towards people and in addition it also make attraction towards the mantel when people enters the living room. Many people think whether these fireplace wood mantels and surrounds would think whether it would match to modern furniture based living room? But to the real the wood mantels and surrounds remains to be best match to all type of designs and even for conventional type house. To check various types of fireplace mantel people can check on architecturalaccents.com.



For more information about our services contact Architectural Accents or just visit our website:







Our Contact Address:
Georgia, USA - 30305
Phone: +1 4042668700
Fax: +1 4042660074
Email: info@architecturalaccents.com


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-02-17 17:24
First draft of Murder on the Orient Express?
The Mystery Of The Blue Train - Agatha Christie

Spoiler warning: I've been careful not to spoil the solution, but some of the plot points do end up being revealed during this post.


This was apparently not one of Agatha's own favorites, and I can sort of understand why. It doesn't quite come alive in the same way that her very best books come alive. In addition, I feel like her characterization was just a tiny bit off in this one - some of characters were just a bit too much, so they felt more like caricatures than characters in several cases, especially Viscountess Tamplin, Mirelle and the Mr. Papapolous (no idea how to spell his name). In addition, as likeable as Katherine Grey was, men falling over like bowling pins for her was  annoying.


I agree with BrokenTune that this feels like a less successful first attempt at Murder on the Orient Express, which was a much better book in every way. Having said that, though, from my perspective, it's still well worth reading. 


The relationship between Poirot and Katherine is really darling, and marks the first time that he collaborates with a young woman. This type of collaboration is reprised several times over the series with different characters, and those relationships are some of my favorites. Thank you, Agatha, for not making Hercule Poirot an old lech. And, can I just say how delightful it is to have an older (although how old Poirot is in this book is not extremely clear) male character who enjoys the company of young women in a really fresh, charming, and completely non-creepy way. Even when he admires their looks, it doesn't feel threatening at all. He also makes use of her observations in a way that demonstrates his respect for her perception.


There are a lot of other authors who could take some suggestions from this method. 


The mystery isn't as good as some, and poor Ruth really did not deserve her fate. In addition, her murderer is one of Christie's least redeemable characters (which is the opposite side of the same coin from Murder on the Orient Express, where it was the victim who was irredeemable and the murderers who were redeemed). In fact, if Ruth Kettering had been a child, and if the murderer had escaped justice, Mystery on the Blue Train might have been used as the motive for Murder on the Orient Express.


Poirot says about the killer:


"This is not the first murder that lies to [omitted] charge. [omitted] is a killer by instinct;  [omitted] believes, too, in leaving no evidence behind... Dead men and women tell no tales."


The murderer in The Mystery of the Blue Train doesn't just murder for gain. He murders because he is a murderer. There was no real reason to kill Ruth Kettering - the rubies could have been stolen without killing her.


And poor Lenox, whom we leave at the end of the book suffering from unrequited love:


"...Life is like a train, Mademoiselle. It goes on. And it is a good thing that that is so."


"Because the train gets to its journey's end at last, and there is a proverb about that in your language, Mademoiselle."

"Journeys end in Lovers meeting." Lenox laughed. "That is not going to be true for me."

"Yes - yes, it is true. You are young, younger than you yourself know. Trust the train, Mademoiselle, for it is le bon Dieu who drives it."

The whistle of the engine came again.

"Trust the train, Mademoiselle," murmured Poirot again. "And trust Hercule Poirot - He knows."


And let's not even talk about Mirelle, who not only ends up prospering after her abominable behavior with respect to Derek Kettering, but who ends up, in a round-about way, as the possessor of the Heart of Fire. Ugh.


I'd really put this in the lower middle tier of Christie's mysteries - she's still finding her footing a bit here. Overall, though, it isn't one of her just for completists books, nor would it be one that I recommend as a starting point.


Thanks for the buddy read, BrokenTune & Lillelara! It was fun seeing all of your updates!

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text 2019-02-17 16:40
I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore


Here's a picture of my actual cover - totally hideous in my opinion. It will probably make more sense once I finish the book, though. I get the round window, but the significance clock hands and the weird double face on the girl hasn't yet been revealed to me.


I just love Tey's writing, though. I can wrap myself in her books like a quilt.

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