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review 2018-03-14 00:00
Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2)
Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2) - Teddy Hester Teddy Hester will have readers wondering whose the alpha in this relationship? Both want control. Neither knows how to compromise. Man in Charge is a battle of wills that steams up the boardroom and heats up the bedroom. Order is the objective, but chaos is the name of the game. Cleo is a woman existing in a man's world. She knows the score and has no problem with breaking all the rules. Tony is a lone wolf. A player that holds all the cards. The player is about to get played. Hester sexes it up wile delivering a feisty tale of humor and heart that kept me guessing until the last battle.
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review 2015-08-14 23:24
Conspiracy humour
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie

This is not usually my type of book. If I’m brutally honest, I couldn’t care less about dramatic military fiction. I tune out of the plot lines, hate the cliché characters and these government conspiracy theories are dime a dozen.


So why did I actually finish it?


The writing, for starters. It’s paced very well, with a strong voice from the protagonist. He’s a mixed up, annoying and sometimes patriarchal idiot; there is a particularly bad scene in which he declares he can’t have feelings for a woman who isn’t one he can rescue. I contemplated giving up at that point. However, the brutal honesty makes it more real, and apart from that scene, I generally enjoyed being in Thomas’ mind.

Of course, one of the main joys is the humour. I’m biased, I know, but not much compares to intelligent British humour. It’s not seen often in literature, so it’s wonderful to experience it through writing rather than as part of a comedy act. Hugh Laurie translates his comedy very well into writing, and I do think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t give up completely.


The plotline is your basic military conspiracy; it’s James Bond, if 007 was more reluctant, broke and a bit of an idiot. Thomas doesn’t quite meet anti-hero for me. He’s not even a hero in my eyes. He’s the guy that steps up, because no one else can; and he’ll save the day…eventually. In a very long winded, confused and dramatic fashion he will get there in the end.


This novel is probably more appealing if you like Bond, action in general or conspiracy stories. But for the joy of the humour and witty writing, it’s worth a go.


I’ve been really bad at reviewing books lately…well, for a while now so time to get back into it! More posts to come soon.

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review 2013-12-29 23:08
Kindle Freebie
Everything You Need to Know About the Di... Everything You Need to Know About the Divine Comedy: A Study Guide for Dante's Classic - Charles River Editors

Basically summaries of the cantos.  Not bad, but nothing you can’t find anywhere else for free.

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text 2013-11-25 13:43
More dirtiness... Um, no, literally this time...
Dumpsterotica: How Dirty Are You? - Allie Beck
The Biker - J.D. Cirque
The Games (Part Six) - A Tale of Forced Feminization (The Manhood Games) - Nancy Rose
The Pig - A.C. Adams

I'll go through one at a time. 


Sex in the dumpster. 


NA with someone who moves in with the dorm slut.  I see lots of raging at slut shaming, and I couldn't help but download this.   I'm pissed off just thinking about it...


Forced feminization.   


A guy who has 'pig lifestyle' phases, apparently.  


No dinos, no loch ness monster - I haven't forgotten about that! - and no monsters this time around. 

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url 2013-10-02 12:33
Free Today on Amazon
Just A Small Town Girl - Jessica Pine

I don't often see New Adult books claiming to be romantic comedies, so I felt like it was worth checking out.

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