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review 2015-10-01 19:10
Uprooted - Naomi Novik

3 Stars, borrow


Self Purchased, kindle edition


Technically I didn’t finish this book. However, I felt like i read enough that I could give it a fair rating.  While it was a decently written book, this book just didn’t do anything for me. The premise was a little interesting, but by the time I stopped I was getting bored.  The characters weren’t special or unique really.  This is just your typical run of the mill young adult fantasy book.


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review 2015-02-12 17:25
Batman Volume 4
Batman Vol. 4: Zero Year-Secret City (The New 52) - Scott Snyder


2 Stars/ Abandoned, don’t bother


Bruce Wayne is dead. Now he returns, secretly. His uncle (I thinik) is in charge of Wayne Industries. I found the second issue in the volume confusing but  Bruce Wayne is sort of forced into the public eye again.  The red capped guys or gang or whatever they are called are kind of creepy. Ughh. This was pretty bad. Of all superheros, Batman is one of my favorites. But the Bruce Wayne in this volume was a spoilt brat. I didn’t like Alfred much in this either and normally I like Alfred. I didn’t find the writing to be all that great either which was a disapointment. In any case, on to something else.

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review 2014-12-16 15:32
The Story of Owen
The Story of Owen - E.K. Johnston


3 Stars, don’t bother

So I’m giving this a rating even though I’ve abandoned it at about 56% in. I feel like if you’ve read that much of it you can give it a fair rating.   I picked this out because my son’s name is Owen and I usually love stuff with dragons in it.  But honestly, I was bored to tears. Dragons come, dragons get slain and Owen’s friend becomes his bard. Yawn.  There were things that I did like about this book.    I love how Owen’s aunt is lesbian and a dragon slayer. I obviously love Owen’s name though personality wise he was really flat. I also think it’s not badly written, i just really feel like more needed to happen. I was SO bored. I also found this to be a strange mixture of modern technology (computers, cars) with Dragons. I just don’t find that to be very believable.  It’s a bummer for me cause I was really hoping to love this but I just can’t finish and or waste more time on this.

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review 2014-10-01 10:40
Insurgent - Veronica Roth

 2 Stars, don’t bother


Self Purchase for Kindle.


First Impression: Unremarkable


I hate it when books in series don’t take time to reintroduce the characters to you. I waited a long time between the first and second book and couldn’t remember everyone. This book just drops you back in and I found that annoying.


I liked the first one in the series ok,   3.5 Stars but boy this one just was bad. You are dropped right back in with no reintroduction and there isn’t much description of anything. I found this insipid and lame. Ugh, its a DNF but I read 25% so I felt it fair to give it a rating. I am NOT going to read the third one in the series. This series doesn’t even come close to The Hunger Games or Bone Season or Red Rising. I highly recommend skipping this one if you like young adult books. Ugh. I hate wasting time on bad books.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-07-28 15:08
Naja HC - Bengal,Jean-david Morvan

3.5 Stars


Netgalley Review, read on iphone.


First Impression: Promising


I really wanted to give this a higher rating, at least 4 stars because overall I really did like this. The art was decent and the plot was good though not highly original. I had to downgrade it because honestly most of the time I was confused as to what was happening and who was who. Though I do think that was deliberate, still it frustrated me. I did stop reading at about 75% in cause I was too frustrated so hense the lower star rating. But if you don’t mind confusion, give this a try.


Plot/Storyline:  (SPOILERS) Chapter One- Zero is a crime lord. In chapter one, We are introduced to Naja (who is Zero’s number 3 assasin) and at the end of this chapter, she helps finds a friend of hers in prison.. Interesting but so far, nothing hugely original. Chapter 2- we are introduced to Max, Zero’s number 1 assasi.. Naja gets her friend out of prison and they track down a person who is out to kill her.  Chapter 3- We are introduced to #2killer who does not have a name.  So far everyone appears to be chasing eachother in order to kill each other. A bit confusing but interesting. I like the characters. Chapter 4- introduced to “him” whom I assume is zero’s #1 killer but honestly i’m a bit confused so I’m not sure. Things do start falling into place in this issue and there is a twist which I won’t reveal. Chapter 5- We learn more about Zero and some things are revealed. However, I’m still pretty confused.


Art/Colors: I found the text a bit hard to read but that might be because I read it on my iphone. I otherwise love the art and particularly like show they portray motion.  I love the coloring and the art is decent to very good.


Characters:  Love Naja- hot and sexy. Love the spunky blue hair.  In fact I like most of the characters.



Warnings: Lots of violence but most of it isn’t graphic.

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