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review 2020-03-26 13:12
Daughters of the Dragon
Daughters of the Dragon - William Andrews

by William Andrews


This is a powerful story. It's Historical Fiction, based closely on events that actually happened in Korea during WW2 and the Korean war and after. The story of Anna, a Korean war orphan, is fiction but much of her grandmother's story reflects things that happened to real people.


Quite honestly, I cringed when in started out written in present tense. However, the story itself was interesting so I persevered. To my joy, I soon learned that most of the story is told by Anna's grandmother and her history is all in past tense, so I could get sunk into it. I can sort of see how the author thought switching to present tense for Anna's part of the story might work, but it really doesn't. The change is too severe.


A fascinating, though unpleasant story unfolds about the Japanese occupation of Korea and the atrocious treatment of Koreans by their military occupiers. Men were taken off to war, many women were forced to work in factories, but some women were forced to become 'comfort women', as the book description implies. The dehumanising treatment these women received is disturbing to read, yet the historic aspect of it is gripping.


Apart from the main plot of the story, it becomes apparent that there is a mystery involved. What does it mean to be a daughter of the dragon? What does the symbol of the dragon mean? All becomes clear by the end.


This was one of those stories that once I started getting into it, I actually couldn't stop reading. I had tears in my eyes at the end and couldn't bring myself to start reading another book the same day. It taught me about a time and place in history that I knew little about and left me with very strong feelings about the horrors of war, the inhumanity of occupying forces and the human element in the conflicts of nations, especially the abhorrent treatment of women.


I usually mark down a star for present tense writing but not this time. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading Historical Fiction.

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review 2020-03-25 20:51
Susan Illene: Stalked by Flames
Stalked by Flames: Book 1 (Dragon's Breath Series) - Susan Illene

Susan Illene shows the readers who is on top of the food chain when Dragons enter our world:

Bailey had just graduated from college and was looking forward to traveling home, but her life is about to change forever. While leaving town from home a massive earthquake erupts and releases Dragons into the world. Bailey is just trying to survive but when trying to save others she becomes the target and is about to become BBQ. But the unthinkable happens, she does not burn in the flames, she is a Dragon Slayer. With the help of a shape shifting Dragon named Aidan she is starting to learn how to harness her knew skills. But Aidan has his own plans for forming a relationship with a Dragon Slayer, he can only hope that she is ready when he needs her.

I was thinking that this was the first apocalyptic series that featured dragons, but i actually started (and admittedly never finished but I still recommend it, hmmmm I need to get back to that series) J. A. Pitts Black Blade Blue series several years ago and if you like regular women becoming extraordinary and dragons make sure to check out that series as well. Illene starts the book off with a bang with a massive earthquake that seems to occur throughout the whole country and then BAM dragons appear out of nowhere and start eating/capturing people. These are not your friendly dragons, which I appreciative, let them be the fire breathing, human eating monsters they were meant to be. Well not all the Dragons are this way, some of them are shape shifters and have a human and dragon form. This is where we get the two points of view; Bailey the human who becomes a dragon slayer and Aidan the shape shifter who does not eat humans and sees them more as a tool than anything else.

The two points of view are really interesting as we have Bailey showing what has happened to her town and people now and how they are struggling to survive now that Dragons rule the world and how much things have changed and what has been sacrificed. Then Aidan's point of view is one that is more medieval in description with him and his siblings vying for the role to rule their clan once their father dies.

I liked Bailey as a main character, she is strong, willing to help others and surprisingly trusting of those that she should not be. She has some pretty cool powers, and being burned by dragon fire is high among them. I equate her powers similar to that of a Slayer's not just in the extra strength but also that she comes into them under a high amount of stress and danger.

There is an attempt of a romance here but the characters do their best to ignore their possible feelings with each other, but you can tell things are going to flourish later. At least the Dragon Aidan has a human form and I don't have to stop reading this series due to some sort of weird bestiality of a human with an actual dragon; Just not my cup of tea.

This was a good start to a series, and I am fan with the use of dragons which is not something that we see too much of these days in more mainstream books. I look forward to continuing on with this series and seeing where Illene takes it.


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text 2020-03-23 11:44
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Error 1722


Dragon Naturally Speaking, generally used for writing texts which is provided by nuance dragon and easily available on dragon store. Installing a nuance dragon naturally speaking on your computer can be an easy process, but for a few systems, it may show an error. One of the errors 1722 is the common code which you can solve by the following method in this blog. So, if you are the one who encountered dragon naturally speaking Error 1722, then get the solution here.


What is error 1722?

Error 1722 is nuance dragon naturallyspeaking installation error. It is of two types, where one is – “Dragon NaturallySpeaking fails to install” and “There is a problem with this Windows installer package”.

This code is an Installation error code, and that’s why If you find the error, you need to solve this quickly. Here, get the solution below for each.



Fix NaturallySpeaking Error 1722 –

Here I’m discussing solutions for both times of displaying error 1722. check below;

In the first case, the error may appear - Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.

A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

If DRAGON naturally speaking fails to install directly with the above message, then follow the below steps to resolve it. 

SOLUTION 1 – Download and run Dragon remover tool of currently installed Dragon setup version. Then again, run the Dragon remover tool of the previous dragon version which has been installed.


SOLUTION 2 – Here is another method to clear the error where you will need to disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP). follow below;

  • Go to the Windows Start menu.
  • Open “Control Panel”
  • Tap “Classic View.”
  • Double-tap on System or Advanced System Settings.
  • Next, click “Advanced” on the System Properties box.
  • In the Performance section, hit the Settings button and click “Data Execution Prevention” tab.
  • Tap on “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” and apply changes by tapping OK.
  • Reboot your PC and install dragon software.


In the second case, the issue can be arrived at with “There is a problem with this Windows installer package. 

A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor” message.


SOLUTION – You can sort out the issue by removing MSI files linked with Systran from C:WindowsInstaller directory. Correct the issue on Windows 2000/XP with below steps;

  1. On the start button, right-click then tap Explore.
  2. Open View tab, go to Advanced Settings and open Files and Folders.
  3. Untick "Hide file extensions for known file types" and "Hide protected operating system files” option.
  4. Next, tick the box "Show hidden files and folder" under Hidden Files.
  5. Tap "Apply to all folders"
  6. Hit the OK button.
  7. Go to C:WindowsInstaller directory, then in .MSI extension folder, right-click on each filename.
  8. Hit Properties and then the Summary tab.
  9. On the display word ‘Systran’ in the subject field, click OK.
  10. Reinstall Systran now.


In case .MSI files doesn’t help in correcting the issue, then follow these steps which are applied to Windows XP only;

  • Click ‘Start’ and tap ‘Run’.
  • Next, in the box click open and enter ‘Regsvr32 wintrust.dll’.
  • Tap OK and wait for the message to appear from .DLL.
  • Now, reinstall Systran software.

I hope these methods will help you in solving NaturallySpeaking Error 1722. If you still face issues, talk to the support team.


Roan Porter is a software developer. He has expertise in making people aware of new software technologies. He writes for dragon naturally speakingdragon naturallyspeaking | nuance dragon | nuance dragon naturallyspeaking 

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text 2020-03-16 09:51
Dictation Basics Of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dictation Basics Of Dragon Naturally Speaking – How To Dictate For A Document?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the software provided by nuance dragon to convert your spoken words into text that saves your time and work. Almost every user is well known with dragon naturallyspeaking software, but do you know how to use this software and what to speak and command over functions? If 'NO' or YOU ARE NOT SURE, then this blog is for you where the dictation commands will be covered up. 

Basics Of Dictation –

Dictating to nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking is similar to dictating a person. At first, you need to connect the microphone to your computer and start the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Then you can begin speaking or Dictating commands. Here are the correct powers to control your work and computer functions.

  • · To start the text software, say OPEN or Start (software name). For example, Open Notepad, Start M. S. Word.
  • · To start the new paragraph, say "New Paragraph".
  • · To enter the words, speak a sentence.
  • · To start a new line, speak "New Line."
  • · If you want to enter punctuation like "!", speak the name of punctuation mark like an exclamation point. If you don't know the mark name, then you can enter it from the keyboard.
  • · To enter the symbols, speak the standard name of the symbol. Like if you want to enter "®", then say the name 'registered sign.'
  • · Say cap <word name> "or" cap next <word name> to type any word with an initial capital.
  • · If you want to keep and keep not space in between words, then say 'no space off' and 'no space on'.
  • · To enter Arabic numerals 1,2,3 or Roman numerals I, ii, ii next, speak 'numeral' or 'Roman numeral' respectively.
  • · In case you want to appear any text in the list, choose it. Like "Choose 3". If necessary, you will need to type the word.     
  • · Speak OK once the work is completed.


Dictation For Numeric / Number –

Nuance dragon naturally speaking has no special commands for number, but you should dictate the commands for numbers;

  • · If you want to choose any number between 1 to 9, then speak 'Choose (number).' For example - choose six.
  • · To select a number from the list and edit the box and change the text, say 'Select (number), Edit (number), and modify (number).
  • · To choose the specified number of characters, say 'Select last or next (number) characters.'
  • · To move the text insertion input, speak 'Move right or left (number) characters.'
  • · If there is no previous section and you want to select the line of text, then say 'Select That.' Also, you can delete the similar text by commanding 'Delete / Scratch That'.
  • · To reach the top or end of the paragraph, command 'Go To End/Beginning of Line'.
  • · To enter any number, speak its name like Four, one hundred fifty-nine, two-three nine, Oakland California 99077.
  • · For roman number entries, speak roman numeral (number). Like if you want to write MMIV, say 'Roman numeral two thousand four'.

 Dictation For Correcting Words –

To correct any text using the NaturallySpeaking software, you need to follow one of the below commands;

  • · Speak 'Correct that'.
  • · Speak 'correct (words or selected text)'.
  • · Press correction hotkey, generally the Minus key (-).
  • · You can choose the correct item from the list. Otherwise, you can directly speak out the right word to replace the old one.
  • · To correct the text, words, or anything else using a keyboard can be the best option. It will save you time. 

For other actions like bold, underline, you can directly dictate the command like bold (text), Italicize (text), Underline (text), Capitalize (text), Cut (text), Copy (text), Delete (text) and more.

nuance dragon has designed the best and user-friendly software to save your time. So use the smartest way to create files without wasting time.


Roan Porter is a software developer. He has expertise in making people aware of new software technologies. He writes for dragon naturally speakingdragon naturallyspeaking | nuance dragon | nuance dragon naturallyspeaking 


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review 2020-03-03 21:21
 Dragon Lost (Dark Kings #16.5) - Donna Grant

This was a really cute story and a nice addition to this ongoing series .Royden and Annita were characters that were easy to love and their relationship and mating was a fast one but, it was a heartfelt one.Annita was a self reliant and independent women and one who paid attention to the visions and prophecies that her great Aunt predicted.

A one chance meeting and it was all it took for these two to fall in love. We loved Royden as he seemed somewhat lost and broken and a bit mysterious but, meeting Annita for the first time awakened something inside him that he thought long gone.

Royden and Annita were perfect for one another and the chemistry evident from their very first meeting but, we loved the fact that Annita wanted to know who his was completely both in human forum and as well as a Dragon.

This whole series is rather intriguing and we are loving its character's and we can't wait to see where destiny takes these two.

Overall this was a cute and enjoyable read for us and as characters go Annita and Royden were so easy to love.

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