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text 2017-11-25 16:33
Recipes, Recipes, Recipes, Diet and Gluten Free
Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss : 30 Delicious Detox, Cleanse and Green Smoothie Diet Book - Troy Adashun
Just Dessert Recipes: The Cookbook For Easy Weekday After Dinner Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth - Alisha Abbott,Aston Publisher,Amelia Cooke
Crock Pot: 500 Crock Pot Recipes Cookbook - Emily Addyson
Tasty Chocolate Dessert Recipes: Scrumptious Homemade Chocolate Desserts - Nora Aguro
School Lunches: 21 Delicious Gluten Free Recipes - Carrie Adair
Easy Gluten Free Bread Recipes Cookbook:... Easy Gluten Free Bread Recipes Cookbook: So Good Your Family Will Never Know The Difference - Mary Aden

Let me start by saying that School Lunches was an interesting assortment of "lunches" but not something I would have sent to school with my kids (when they were in Public School), because they were just not practical. The other thing with this book is that while they would be good for homeschooling lunches, this book is listed as not available (or at least the copy I got for free is not available). 


The other books were quite interesting and I marked quite a few for making with my kids for meals and desserts and for gifting. 


I read these all in one sitting, because my asthma started up strong (lots of drugs) and to top it off I got a sinus and ear infection (more drugs). I am just super tired and the birthday curse hit again. The birthday curse is when we celebrate 5 birthday in 3 days (2 on 22nd, my daughter and a cousin's daughter, my bil, my birthday and another cousin's daughter). 


I do recommend the books. I thoroughly enjoyed the smoothie book and think I will try making a few of those. 



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review 2017-11-14 15:59
The Zombunny: an illustrated easy reader chapter book - Dan Alatorre

Wish You Were Mine by Tara Sivec
Book starts out with a letter from Aiden to Everett... he needs Everett to go to Cameron and help her out.
This is a story of a camp that was once a cotton plantation in the Civil War, 40 acres of land near Charleston, SC. The camp is now a safe haven for kids who are going through problems due to their parents who are/have served in the military and some ddn't return home or came back damaged.
The three kids: Cameron, Aiden and Everett all attended the camp during the summer months as her relatives ran the camp back then. It's now her project but after Aiden has left it's on her shoulders and this year the person in charge of doling out money has new requirements.
Everett has his own past that led him overseas to help others in need to return after the letter and drank himself til his brother stepped in and got him in rehab.
She needs help and hopes he will come to her aide. It's all for a good cause...
Story is told with alternating chapters between them and at times it goes back in time and other times it's the present. Took me a while to get the hang of that although I've read many books in this same format.
What I like about this book is the location, the planned activities for the kids, help the counselors can give the children and parents alike and how those involved all come together to make it happen, hopefully for more years down the road.
The stories are hard to hear about, struggles they endure, heartaches and death. Some truths you just don't even hear about til it comes out at the end.
Adult sexual scenes. Wow surprise ending, didn't see it coming.
Received this review copy from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Net Galley and this is my honest review.

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review 2017-10-25 14:49
Knit Bears
Easy Knitted Bears: Knitting patterns for bears and outfits - Fiona Goble

My sister-in-law requested that I make a bear in boxer shorts with boxing gloves for a Christmas gift for a friend of hers. So I am constantly on the lookout for bear patterns and clothing options. It was a cute book. Patterns seemed simple, but I prefer crochet toys over knit toys. 

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review 2017-10-14 22:19
Assisted dying.......
The Easy Way Out - Steven Amsterdam
I have strong views on the way we treat the terminally sick and would definitely be in favour of some type of controlled euthanasia for those who are suffering. In many cases we are more humane to animals than people.
When I had the opportunity to review this book I was hoping for something that advocated my views, and while this novel does appear to support euthanasia, I found the book itself a bit slow and more of a list of people who chose to end their own lives than a thesis supporting the right to do so, albeit in novel form.

The author is a palliative care nurse in Melbourne, so he writes from a position of some experience. Whilst assisted dying isn't legal in Australia, he proposes a measure, which he calls Measure 961, allowing sick patients to be monitored while they sip a fatal dose of Nembutal. In the novel, Measure 961 is surrounded by the inevitable red tape and all procedures are carefully monitored and recorded on video. Evan finds that overseeing this process gives him satisfaction and he supports his patients' right to choose.

I wasn't quite sure why the author chose to make Evan homosexual, and the descriptions of his sex life with a gay couple were rather unnecessary in my view.
His mother is a wonderful feisty lady who pretty much left him to raise himself, but who is now living in a care home with all the frustrating realities that entails. She suffers from Parkinson's disease and is deteriorating. The question hovers as to whether Evan might eventually help her to end her life and the outcome to that question is interesting.

A brave subject for a novel. I hope others will follow suit and trigger more discussion on the topic.


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review 2017-09-29 21:49
How To Not Give A F-ck In Ten Easy Steps... How To Not Give A F-ck In Ten Easy Steps: The Modern Lay Person's Guide To Enlightenment - Swami Pranayomama

I received a copy of this book through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

Overall, I liked the book. It had some useful advice.

The writing was pretty simplistic and easy to follow. There were a decent amount of typos in the text, but it is easy to know what the author meant and the book is still readable. I'll give Freed credit, he did have one of the most creative approaches to typos I have ever encountered. At the start of the book he presents them as a sort of exercise for the reader to practice how to "Not Give A F-ck", which was pretty clever.

In a nutshell, this book is Buddhism with a humorous twist. Freed's presentation is manageable and he gives good advice throughout the text. He is pretty persuasive in his arguments that most things are not worth "Giving A F-ck" about and is a big promoter of meditation.

Freed himself admits that the book is the length it is so that he could print the title on the spine. I like his honesty. After reading the book, it is clear that he stretched a lot of the information to add pages to the book. By the end, it gets very repetitive. Appendix E pretty much sums up the entire book. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, since there is still a good about of information in the book, but it does get a little tedious to read.

A good text to help you sort through what to "Give a F-ck" about and what "Not to Give a F-ck" about that is humorous as well as enlightening.

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