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review 2019-02-10 19:46
Still a favorite series
West Coast Avengers (2018-) #7 - Kelly Thompson,Daniele Di Nicuolo,Eduard Petrovich

I think the Gwenpool/Kid Omega hookup has to be my favorite part of this.   Quire has a heart?   And it's fun to read about it!

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review 2019-02-10 19:39
Still loving this series
The Punisher (2018-) #7 - Matt Rosenberg,Szymon Kudranski,Greg Smallwood

It's pretty much Castle in prison, getting beat up and tortured, and meeting up with badass nuns who are also in prison. 


Yeah, a nun.   And for those who don't know, Castle almost became a priest at one point.   That's right.   Before he enlisted, way before he went to war, had a family, lost a family and the Punisher. 


That being said, this is a lot of fun, the art is great, and I'm loving this series. 


Look, I know my reviews are short lately, but there are days where it's a miracle I get out of bed.   It's pretty much a miracle I got anything read and am posting, so there's that. 


Also, why my package to Mallory hasn't been sent.  (It's all packed up and I just didn't manage to make it on my busy Saturday; the plan is for it to go out tomorrow after work!)

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review 2019-01-20 22:27
Really tired of the AU
Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 4 - Erik Larsen

It goes away, it comes back, it goes away.  I'm invested in the original world, and the characters and it's frustrating that we keep getting teased with them.   


I'm getting frustrated, which is why I knocked off one star.   The art is getting tighter, even when Larsen plays around with style.  And he does.  I read about how he does that, and then in this volume?  I can really see him doing it, more so than in the past.   It's new, it's exciting, partly because it's good.   The way he combines more realistically drawn characters, right next to more cartoony characters, in the same issue/book/panel really emphasizes the story he's telling, so not only is he exploring artistically, he's doing so thoughtfully. 


This series continues to pay homage to other books, while winking at the reader.   Larsen knows what he's doing, and he makes that obvious.   It's still a funny, action-packed soap opera on steroids.   I mean, I finally feel like I know the feels of soap opera aficionados.   I also wonder how many soaps Larsen has watched. 


That being said, sometimes soap-like stories just get on my nerves; this one has really gotten under my skin.  It's just... riveting.  I may end up buying the handful of issues past archive nine, just to catch up, in fact.   Loving, loving, loving this.   

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review 2019-01-18 02:25
Love this, too
Savage Dragon: A New Beginning! - Erik Larsen

Yes, for those reading before it's fixed: I goofed on adding the cover, because I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been.   Oops. 


Anyway, fast-forward though a hundred or so comics, and we're dealing with Malcolm Dragon, Dragon's grown up son who Dragon thought was dead at one point.   


It's just as amazing as the original Dragon storylines, and still as sexist.   It's this whole weird thing, where I can't tell if they're poking fun at it in general or just being really sexist. I honestly wish I cared more than I did.   This is the most glaring fault, and I hate it, but I love so much else about this massive soap-opera of a story. 


The art gets sloppier, but once again not enough to really detract.   This was the last thing offered via Comixology Unlimited, a subscription service.   Le sigh!  I may have to buy the rest.

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review 2019-01-18 02:18
Not into it
Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies - Michel Fiffe,Tom Scioli,Andrew Dimitt,Benjamin Marra,Kiel West,Vito Delsante,Jasen Lex,Ulises Farinas,Kris Mukai,Conor Hughes,Chris Sinderson,Jon Adams,Kat Roberts,Zack Soto,Hyeondo Park,Pedro Camargo,Jason Thibodeaux,Paul Maybury,Dieter Van Der Ougstraet

Other authors didn't balance everything I loved about the original series - the character development, the humor, the soap opera elements, etc as well.  I wasn't into a lot of these, actually, although there were only a couple pages long and sort of 'what if this had been different?' type stories. 


It's interesting seeing the characters living off-planet, or in 50s drag races, but I only really truly enjoyed a couple of these and that wasn't enough to save this anthology. 

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