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review 2017-02-27 15:56
The Pendant
The Pendant (The Angela Fleetwood Paranormal Mystery Series Book 1) - Lawton Paul

Germany, 1944; Chickasaw, Florida, present day


The book opens with a chapter entitled Marlina. The chapters are not numbered, only named, and this functions as a prologue, set seventy years before the main action of the story.


Marlina is a nurse in a German military hospital which is now behind enemy lines. She saves a little boy's life when the only remaining doctor declares him dead. But she has some help in the form of a miraculous metal cone (of extra-terrestrial origin, or so the author implies). She does not know this, but she does take the cone with her when, dressed up as a nun by a helpful priest, she abandons her post and sets out on foot with the boy, heading into the unknown.


Forward 70 years. Angela Fleetwood is a cancer survivor whose husband, Walt, originally brought her to Chickasaw to die. Instead, she recovered, and he died. She believes he was murdered, and this is confirmed in her mind when a neighbour of theirs drowns in her bath and the Sheriff declares that, too, an accident, though Angela is quite sure it was no such thing. Especially as the neighbour, known to be an old woman, proved to have the body of a fit young woman. Her hair, too, was the hair of a young woman; it had been died grey.  


Angela must be one of the most original amateur sleuths to hit the bookshelves (or rather Kindle). I loved her. And I loved her bizarre collection of neighbours and supporters.


I shan't forget this story or these characters, and that for me is one of the basic criteria for Five Stars

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review 2015-04-21 16:25
A Fatal Error
The Alchemist's Daughter - Mary Lawrence

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley

in exchange for an honest review. 


It is a fatal error to introduce the victim as if she were the heroine at the outset of the story, then kill her off and introduce another far less charismatic character as the actual protagonist. My interest in the story died with poor Jolyn.

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review 2014-12-04 13:28
Disappearing Act-An enjoyable novella
Disappearing Act (Rapid Reads) - Dayle Campbell Gaetz

I liked this little book.  It's no "War and Peace" and at this time in my life, a little book suits me just fine.  It really is a novella rather than a novel.  I enjoyed that it was small and easy to carry around so I could read it when I had a few minutes without it weighing down my purse.  Sometimes a quick, easy read is just what you need.

That story isn't very deep since the book is short but I found it enjoyable.  It centers around Leena who had walked away from her family and disappeared a few years ago.  That idea intrigues me because I think it should be hard for someone to just disappear.  As it turns out, she really didn't disappear and her sister finds her easily enough when she needs her.  Leena is "almost" a private detective, having taken classes on line to be one.  I found that interesting too.  

As Leena investigates for her sister, the story moves quickly but I found the atmosphere to be believable and the characters to be likeable which is important to me.  I'll be happy to read more in the future about Leena and I won't mind if they are short, like this one, or full length.  

I received this book through Librarything's Early Reviewer Program.

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review 2014-11-30 22:45
Boca Undercover-A pleasant surprise
Boca Undercover: Volume 4 (The Dirty Harriet Mystery Series) - Miriam Auerbach

This book turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  When I started reading it I had the feeling that it was going to turn into a wacky hi-jinks caper and that's definitely not my favorite type of mystery.  But the further I went, the more better it was and the more I liked it. The wacky hi-jinks did not materialize.  Lesson to self, always give a book a fair try.

This is Dirty Harriet's fourth adventure but I wasn't lost at all by not having read the previous 3.  This can be read as a stand-alone without losing anything.

Harriet, who use to be a trophy wife and is now a PI, has been called by a friend to check out some mysterious deaths at a high-end rehab clinic. Teens have been dying and so Harriet checks herself in under an assumed name and begins investigating.  She has an unusual circle of helpful friends with various skills and she calls on them regularly.  The solution is an unusual one and one that I haven't seen before which is great, considering how many mysteries I've read. 

Harriet turns out to be a likeable character and so do all her friends.  That's important to me.  The only thing that ended up bothering me was her sarcasm toward normal things and people.  It reminded me a bit of Kinsey Millhone and that is the one thing I dislike about Kinsey also.  Harriet makes a lot of rude remarks about people who watch television and I'm guessing that the majority of her readers watch some television.  I could just do without the patronizing tone toward those who do normal things on a normal basis.  Other than that, this is an enjoyable mystery with a interesting ending. 

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2014-08-08 17:38
Sneak Preview of New Ardis Cole Mystery The Destruction of Neva

Our publisher just released the cover of our new Ardis Cole Mystery, The Destruction of Neva.   The series is available on Amazon.  (link to first book The Curse of Senmut:). http://www.amazon.com/Ardis-Cole-Curse-Senmut-Book-ebook/dp/B004Z1URGW/  Neva will be published in late September.  Sign up for a Goodreads pre-read giveaway:  https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/103153-the-destruction-of-neva


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