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review 2020-06-03 12:31
The Last Refuge of the Knights Templar
The Last Refuge of the Knights Templar - William F. Mann

by William F. Mann


This was totally different from what I expected. I have a historical interest in the Knights Templar, who were disbanded and mostly executed in 1309. I didn't know that the Freemasons had adopted the name for their own organisation, although I've seen other modern groups do the same.


This story is set in American Civil War times and centered on a historical figure called Albert Pike, who was a general in the Confederate army and a Freemason.


The writing was reasonably good, apart from some of the dialogue, but this just isn't an area of interest for me. I feel the book is mis-titled, though I should have read the description more closely. The first few lines supported the impression that it would actually be about the Knights Templar from the title.


If someone wants to read about Civil War Confederacy and Freemasonry of the time, this should appeal. The connections to the Templars are certainly pure fiction though.

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review 2020-02-29 22:13
THE LAFAYETTE SWORD by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne
The Lafayette Sword - Eric Giacometti,Jacques Ravenne,Anne Trager

Murder. Torture.  Alchemy.  Now Antoine has to figure how it all fits as did Nicholas Flamel back in the 1300's.  I enjoyed this story.  I also enjoyed the entwining of the story from today with the story back in 1300's.  I like Antoine and how being a Freemason entwines his whole life.  Every time he is involved with a murder there is a Mason connection.  It is up to him to determine how it fits and use the clues given to find the murderer.  This mystery was good.  I was interested from the beginning and interested in how the Masonic symbols were used by the murderer to find what he wanted.  I also liked how the history of alchemy and the history of some of the founding members of the lodge Antoine belongs mixed together.  A good story and I hope there are more coming in this series in translation.

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review 2017-08-25 14:26
SHADOW RITUAL by Eric Giometti and Jacques Ravenne
Shadow Ritual - Eric Giacometti,Jacques Ravenne,Anne Trager

Tightly written thriller. Marcas is a Freemason and a cop. He is to help investigate a murder that happened in the French embassy in Rome which has Freemason ties. His partner for the case, Jade, has no use for Masons so he has an uphill battle dealing with her. She comes to rely on him as the case proceeds.

I loved this! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book. It was a page turner. The characters are good. Marcas and Jade are fun to watch. I liked that Marcas explained different Mason symbols and history as the investigation went on and had influence on the case. As everyone is trying to find the parts needed for the secret, as well as the murder, it turns out not to be what I expected. I cannot wait to read book 2 in the series. I highly recommend this.

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review 2015-06-26 00:00
The Victor (The Freemasons Book 1)
The Victor (The Freemasons Book 1) - Nicole Flockton,Belinda Holmes Tragedy, pain, anger and misunderstandings drove Cole and Ava apart. If that wasn't bad enough secrecy adds a whole other layer to this story. Cole is a member of a secret mysterious club. Ava is tired of holding on to the past and wants to move on. The problem? Cole refuses to give up on her without a fight. However in order for Cole and Ava to have a future together, they have to first face the mistakes of the past. A good story that ended too soon. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2004-05-01 00:00
Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith - Robert Bauval,Graham Hancock Took me a while as it was too interesting just to skim. Well worth the time spent. The planning and laying out of the city of Paris and how the ideas spread to US via Brotherhoods
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