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review 2017-10-05 15:23
Illustration Children book Goth Girl
Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright - Chris Riddell

Ada Goth is living in a mansion and member of the Attic Club.


There is going to be a dog show in her house.


Then there is a mysterious sound at night that she needs to investigate.


In the middle are funny details of many different characters named after real writers. 


Kind of fun. Probably is for children who could laugh at things like that. 


Still a good read. And the illustration is great. 


Image result for Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright


Reading this for Gothic square. 


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review 2016-11-25 20:26
Creepy backstories to Asylum...
The Asylum Novellas: The Scarlets, The Bone Artists, & The Warden - Madeleine Roux


If you enjoyed the Asylum series and are looking for new insights into that world, you should read this. The book consists of three novellas, The Scarlets, The Bone Artists, and The Warden. It has been a while since I read the first two Asylum books, so I didn't get as much out of this. But if you just read the Asylum books, you will probably enjoy this and it will add to your enjoyment and give more clues to the mysteries of Asylum.

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review 2016-11-01 03:18
Fright Before Christmas: 13 Tales of Holiday Horrors - Ty Drago,Jessica Bayliss,Judith Graves

I found this collection a good read as well as a good scare. Some you thought about even after reading the last page. The stories are short but give all the information that is needed. From looking for Bigfoot or a video game who brings an evil Santa, or a bad boy getting a visit from Krampus. Also a boy getting coal in his stocking that was a better gift then some got. Also a music teacher brings a spirit into existence,  to a haunted house and a boy. Then an ancestor who caused a not so enjoyable Christmas Eve tradition and more. As I said a lot of short stories but really good and I recommend.

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review 2016-10-20 03:58
Stage Fright (Adam Carpenter)
Stage Fright: The Jimmy McSwain Files #3 (Volume 3) - Adam Carpenter

3.75 stars rounded up

In Stage Fright, book #3 in The Jimmy McSwain Files series, P.I. Jimmy McSwain is hired by T. Wellington “Welly” Calloway, owner of the Calloway theater, to find who has been sending Casey Crais (writer of the upcoming play, Triskaidekaphobia) threat letters. On the other case, Jimmy is contacted by the sister of Rashad Assan, who killed Jimmy's father fifteen years before, who gives further clues that may be, his father is stumbled into a conspiracy within the NYPD...

I enjoyed this third Jimmy McSwain book better than the previous two. Jimmy wasn't consumed as much with his father's case this time -- probably because the murderer has been killed in the previous book. Although there seems to be a bigger conspiracy at play, but I felt that it didn't take the front seat.

I liked the case involving the theater people. At first it was only about the threatening letters -- I totally guessed the case right! -- but then someone was murdered, on stage!! So that upped the ante a bit. I also guessed where this one case went ... though I didn't expected the twist related to the victim.

It seemed that Jimmy and Frank's relationship now hit the full stop. I kind of expected it, with Frank's unwillingness to come out at work, and his ambition to reach the top. But I couldn't deny that I liked Jimmy and Frank together. There was this melancholic tenderness throughout the book and of course, I was a sucker for that.

Will definitely check out book #4 :)

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review 2016-08-05 04:08
Scary Squirrels at Summer Camp
Frenzy - Robert Lettrick

Wow. I honestly did not expect to like this as much as I did. This book is scary, nail-biting, compassionate and somewhat realistic. But I am glad that my summer camp experiences were never this intense.


I don't want to give anything away, but I will say this is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of death. There are a lot of crazy "rabid" animals. There are good kids and bad, brave kids and cowards, and there are a lot of slow revelations about the kids' backgrounds.


This book is fantastic if you like a realistic story with a heavy dose of fright. 


This is on the 2016-2017 Sunshine State Nomination list of books for grades 6-8. And it is good for those grades and above, but I will suggest to our elementary librarian that we leave it out of our collection. As I always say, you know your kids. This book is intense, but if you have a budding horror fan (as I was as a preteen), they will probably love it.




Cujo (King) + Zoo (Patterson) + summer camp - adults = a fantasticly frightening experience


Recommended to:

Budding horror fans in grades 6 and up. (Avoid if you are sensitive to animal death or are squeamish in general).



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