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photo 2016-10-07 01:50

Hoping the booklikes universe has the answer.  Would like to delete the "2016" on the Reading Challenge Button on my right side bar, here's the link http://thebookendsreviews.booklikes.com/, also added a pic.


If anyone knows how to do this would love to know. It automatically wraps and doesn't fit in the button frame.


I've seen other blogs that do not have the year in the title.  I may have done this to myself but don't remember where to change it.


Any help is greatly appreciated.







Also posted in booklikes discussions.

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text 2013-10-16 19:30
REBLOG: How to use tags to fake a group on BookLikes

Yay, the book has been taken down!: http://allhailgrimlock.booklikes.com/post/613878/thank-you-everyone-


And now for something completely different...


Instead of having endless discussions on a single post, which quickly leads to notification hell, how about faking it with the BL tags feature and blog pages? As a stopgap workaround it actually works quite well.

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text 2013-10-02 00:18
How to Block Followers on Booklikes

Taken from:

Followers, Book Blog Directory Reminder & Import Updates


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text 2013-09-27 17:33
How to change colour of text on your banner

I know I said won't post more tutorials. I feel genueinly guilty for filling your feed with book-unrelated stuff. I'm sorry for spamming, but someone actually had problem with this. Specificity. And since solution is incredibly easy, I thought I'd share.



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Source: anhec.booklikes.com/post/423482/how-to-change-colour-of-text-on-your-banner
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text 2013-09-27 07:42
How To: avoid loosing the original source of a post

Currently it is a bit hard to figure out who posted something originally (unless you click on 'reblogged from' often enough to get there and then reblog it from there which can get a bit tiresome if the post has been reblogged very often).

There is a way to include the original source in your post so that everybody can see that this is your post. It's a bit fiddly (and you still won't get any notifications if somebody reblogs your post from somebody else obviously) but if you like to know people that this is your post it's the only way (at least currently) and it takes only a few more clicks.


1. Write your post and post it like you normally do


2. Copy the link of your post (right-click the title of the post on your dash and hit 'Copy Link'


3. Hit the 'Edit'-button of the post in question.


4. Copy the link in the source-box the right side of the screen:


(right click and 'paste')


5. Post again. Now it should look like this on the bottom of your post:

That link will remain there even if reblogged.


(You can also get all this without the editing if you make up a custom URL for your post and past this one in the source-field when writing the post)

Source: aoife.booklikes.com/post/how-to
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