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review 2016-08-09 12:33
Review: High Concept
High Concept - Whitley Gray

*** 3 good, but long stars ***


This is a "cat and mouse" based story, where the investigation of the case is in forefront and the romance second. There are several POVs, including both main characters and the bad guy. I liked the change of POV, it made the story interesting and the mystery intriguing, but not terribly exciting.


To use an analogy to describe the story, it read as an sturdy and solid no-nonsense car, who takes some bumps along the road/story, but it takes the bumps and keeps going anyway. It was okay to "drive" in the beginning, but it got tiresome. Not exactly boring, but it didn't make me exciting to continue to journey either. I felt the book was too long. There were too many descriptions, which were okay, but there were too many of them when they added up. The book was over 300 pages, and my personal opinion is fifty pages could easily have been cut, to make the story more tight and better flowing. To make it a faster and more interesting car to "drive".


I feel the story started out as a possible 4 star rating, then morphing into 3,5. I got a bit disappointed towards the ending and how it all went down. It was eyeroll inducing since the MC had an misunderstanding which could easily have been avoided, but resulted it the showdown with the killer. The main characters were very frustrating!


So 3 stars it is. Intriguing and good mystery/crime, but a bit too long. Frustrating MCs made for eyerolling events towards the end. But the ending was good, but a bit abrupt.  

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review 2016-08-06 19:50
Review: "High Concept" (Concepts, #1) by Whitley Gray
High Concept - Whitley Gray

In terms of a mystery novel: 3.5 stars


In terms of a romance novel: 2 stars


(Originally, I was going for 3 stars for the romance, but then one of my biggest pet peeves rose its ugly head at the end: a stupid and totally unnecessary misunderstanding, which could have easily been avoided with a simple text message. So 2 stars it is.)


But I'll settle for 3.5 stars overall, because the book kept me entertained and interested.



So if you like reading about police/FBI research in detail, then this book might just be for you. Because there's A LOT of that. Paperwork, analyses, discussions, interrogations etc.


What this book is NOT though is a mystery. Because the bad guy has been revealed very early in the book. So the criminal case at hand is more of "How will they nail him?" instead of "Who's behind it?". Ok, fine with me.



My biggest complaint with this book though is its excessive amount of details. The author spent a lot of time to amplify everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Do I really need to know how a character is supposed to reheat his dinner?


Or why do I need the POV of a secondary character in several chapters which - in hindsight - was completely pointless and his actions could have easily been mentioned in a conversation between the main characters as a side note?




Unfortunately, the only thing that could have used some more details was the romance. One moment it's UST all over, and the next the MCs are a couple. I would have liked for Beck and Zach to have some meaningful conversations or something. But it went from first kiss to relationship in the blink of an eye.


You might have noticed that I like to start my reviews with a mushy quote, but there was nothing to be found here. The chemistry between Beck and Zack was seriously lacking and that was really disappointing.



But in spite of all my complaints, I enjoyed reading the book. The mystery was ok, though not nail-biting, and the MCs were likable enough. I will be reading the sequel "Cold-Hearted Concept".

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text 2016-08-05 12:07
I've read 18% of High Concept
High Concept - Whitley Gray

He crossed the room, set the plate on the counter, and began unloading the plastic bags. (...) The melon rolled from the bag and into the sink. Zach picked it up and inhaled. Round and sweet as a lover’s ass.


What is it with authors and sexual food analogies? The last book I read talked about the guy was used to "more prepping before the turkey was stuffed into the oven." And now melon and ass. This is nuts. Heh.

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review 2015-06-14 15:10
Pandemonium revuew
Pandemonium - Daryl Gregory (Author)

Pandemonium, the first novel from the author of one of my favourite reads of all time, We Are All Completely Fine, is a decent high-concept thriller with an interesting hook that never really lives up to its awesome potential.

Taking place in a world much like our own, but with the critical difference that demonic possession occurs openly and is widely acknowledged (even if whether said demons are evil spirits or something else is hotly debated), Pandemonium is told from the perspective of Del, a young man who was possessed by one such demon when he was young. His story is different from almost everyone else who has ever been possessed, however, in that his demon has never gone away and remains locked inside of him, desperate to escape. Del seeks answers from his former therapist and multiple others, all while getting closer to the truth of what is actually scraping the inside of his mind with increasing power ...

Part thriller, part road-read, part fantasy, Pandemonium has a few relatively dark and frightening scenes, but for a story about demons, this remains a relatively horor-free book. Instead, Gregory piles on the mystery about the etiology of the demons and the part that Del may play in their origins being revealed.

It's a great-set up, and for a first novel, Gregory's prose shines. His ear for dialogue is spot on, and his characters - especially Del - feel fully realised and easy to connect with. Which makes it all the more disappointing that the last third of the novel falls somewhat flat, with the eventual revelation being fairly standard and not able to justify the lengthy journey to get there.

Still, this is a first published novel, and is impressive enough on that basis. It's certainly readable and most readers will likely enjoy the journey if they can keep their overall expectations in check.

3 Unwanted Passengers for Pandemonium.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1149381128
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review 2014-05-01 00:00
High Concept
High Concept - Whitley Gray This is one of my older TBR pile books by Loose-Id which started out well in the beginning and became incredibly boring in the middle part. I probably won't buy any more Loose Id titles as they are simply too expensive and with the exception of Cherise Sinclair rarely get a higher grading than a C by yours truly. C-
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