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text 2019-06-06 11:00
Seeking Beta readers for two short stories.



Seeking Beta readers for two short stories fro The Beta-Earth Chronicles


One is "A Day in the Death of the Magic Mabel" with a Word Count of 10196. Set 40 years in the future on our planet, it's set on a doomed cruise ship with a horrible fear-inducing chemical compound hidden somewhere on board. Can Mary Carpenter find it in time?


The other is "The Alien That Never Was" with a Word Count of 10772. It's set on Beta-Earth during the Alman Civil War with a distinctly WWII flavor. Can sexy special operatives of the Kirippean resistance fool the forces of the power-hungry Lunta?


If interested in an Advanced reader copy PDF, or Word file, of either of these yarns, reply to me here or email me at spywise@verizon.net.


Thanks in advance--


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review 2019-05-06 18:36
The Man They Wanted Me to Be by Jared Yates Sexton
The Man They Wanted Me To Be: Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making - Jared Yates Sexton

This is an essential book for the current times. Jared Yates Sexton addresses the issue of toxic masculinity with an insider's perspective. This is a memoir of growing up poor in the midwest, struggling with depression and alcohol abuse, a history of his parents and grandparents choices and their influence on his life and overall an intelligent analysis of the roots and reach of toxic masculinity on people's lives. The author considers this to be his answer to 'Hillbilly Elegy'.


I personally couldn't finish 'Elegy', but I'll acknowledge there is more of an academic tone to Sexton's writing that may put readers of Vance off. However, that tone is coupled with an unflinching look at his own childhood and the traditions of manhood that forced himself, the other men in his life - and the women around them - into falling in line with dangerous patterns of abuse, hostility, and disregard for the emotions of others. Sexton makes a point to say he does not want to remove the blame for domestic violence, and other crimes, from their perpetrators, but he does want the reader to see the link between behaviors encouraged by traditional "manhood" and violent acts.


Sexton shares details of his childhood and later personal experience to underline his thorough examination of the problem. Boys are conditioned from an early age to "be a real man". This book is essential to any one who wants to understand what is meant by toxic masculinity. Sexton covers the roots of "alpha" behavior from when it was perhaps necessary to survive, and takes it into the modern era when these behaviors can be problematic in personal and professional lives, face to face and online. The data he collects is compelling.


My experiences were very different than Sexton's, but I saw myself, and my father, in these pages and its frightening. The problem is vast, but Sexton points out what some others are doing to solve the problem and how he began to heal and move forward. Those of us who were conditioned to be a certain way, who fell in line for however long, it is never too late to let go and live the lives we should.

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text 2019-03-25 19:54
Advantages Of Non Violent Games For Kids
Flash 5 Games Studio - Sham Bhangal,David Doull,Justin Everett-Church
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Games Most Wanted - Kristian Besley,Sham Bhangal,Brad Ferguson,Steve Young,Anthony Eden,Glen Rhodes,Brian Monnone
Mind Games - Carolyn Crane

A standout amongst the most ideal approaches to keep your youngster at home is to get them to play neighborly internet amusements. Ranch Tractor Games are ok for children as there's no viciousness that can cause unfortunate conduct impacts. For quite a while, rough amusements were thought to effectsly affect children's practices yet no indisputable logical information was accessible to back the cases. Notwithstanding, a recent report by scientists at Ohio State University uncovered that long time presentation to savage recordings can prompt forceful conduct. Then again, individuals who invested energy playing peaceful recreations indicated less or no forceful inclinations over a similar period. Strangely, kids will in general appreciate rough amusements more than peaceful recreations. Play very fun able gg kids games for kids entertainment.


All things considered, it's important that playing computer games has been appeared to have more advantages and, truth be told, they exceed the bothersome impacts. The essential thing is to direct and administer on account of children. Likewise, be particular while picking amusements for them as you will need to keep the savagery at the very least.


A few advantages of playing computer games for children incorporate the accompanying:


Improvement in critical thinking capacities – Playing computer games gets you to think, regardless of whether you're a grown-up or a child. For a child's developing mind, this can be especially beneficial. Also, there are recreations that are explicitly made for building up a tyke's learning capacity, for example, fun math amusements, among others. In any case, numerous different recreations will constrain the youngster to think quick and coherently, and this develops their basic reasoning ability.


Playing amusements reinforces certainty – Games are normally intended to test a player to get a success for which they are remunerated. Ordinarily, a diversion will have different dimensions of accomplishment that will test the child to go out on a limb so as to advance to the following dimension. This culture of hazard and reward is useful for encouraging feedback and, consequently, a great certainty supporter for the adolescent.

Computer games help a child's vital reasoning – Games for the most part give the player an objective they need to accomplish and the prizes that accompany accomplishing that objective. A player needs to contemplate the general execution of his blueprint that will take them to that objective. Amid amusement play, criticism is moment and it encourages players to evaluate circumstances and make brisk and 'long haul' choices. This sort of reasoning builds up a tyke's key reasoning capacities.


Cooperation aptitudes – Many online Flash recreations have multi player modes that take into account groups and gatherings to contend. This collaboration is conceivable through choices that empower helpful play. At the point when kids play in a group, it improves their group working abilities through productive collaboration. You can play dress up games at dolldivine platform for fun.


Family holding – Playing amusements isn't for children alone. Guardians can participate too and play with their children as it offers quality holding time for the family.

Social aptitudes – Most amusements currently have armies of on the web and disconnected fans that associate through various methods. Cooperating with similarly invested individuals is a decent method to fabricate relationship building abilities that can satisfy liberally later on.


By and large, computer games are useful for protecting your youngsters at home just as for conferring various aptitudes. What makes a difference most however is the kind of recreations that your youngster plays. Pick Farm Tractor Games as they are protected and peaceful for children and they are fun as well.

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review 2019-03-15 03:52
Desperate times, call for desperate measures...
Wanted - Bad Boyfriend - TA Moore,Michael Mola

at least that's what Nathan Moffatt decides when he gets fed up with everyone and I do mean everyone because Nathan lives in a small town on an island...Ladies and Gentlemen...let the gossip begin...


So when wedding planner Nathan Moffatt decides he's had enough of people trying to marry him off, logically his solution is that he needs to change their thinking and make everyone want him to stay single and the solution for this problem is to get himself a bad boyfriend...you know the type...that person who takes advantage of you, treats you like a doormat and is constantly reminding you of how lucky you are that they're willing to date you...I think we've all either dated or know someone who's dated this person. 


Needless to say for Nathan it's a case of good in theory doesn't always work well in practice and when he approaches the one person that he thinks can help him meet his objective he fails to consider the fact that Flynn Delaney who seems to be the least liked person in town is also his childhood crush and it just may turn out that while Flynn's considered a bad boy this doesn't necessarily make him a bad boyfriend. So what started out as a simple plan to solve Nathan's meddlesome matchmaker problems turns out to be a bit more complicated than a simple pretend boyfriend solution when feelings become involved.


T.A. Moore has given us a delightful story of small town life with all of it's meddlesome and well meaning characters. While we didn't get a lot of bad boyfriend opportunities for me it came down to the fact that Flynn was genuinely attracted to Nathan so his heart just wasn't into the whole 'bad boyfriend plan' and when they were alone both Nathan and Flynn were giving the whole 'bad' boyfriend idea a totally different spin.


For the most part the residents of 'Ceremony' struck me as a bunch of uniformed, bored, petty, gossip mongers. They loved to gossip about Flynn's so called past but in fact they collectively had no clue if there even was a past. Flynn left the island for a number of years and those years were what the locals were speculating (read gossiping) about they were clueless and as will frequently happen in small towns they simply made up stuff to entertain themselves...small towns sadly as often as not are comprised of small minds. But that's a conversation for another day. 


Now as for the secondary characters in this story like so many others who read this one...I also felt that Nathan's mother was delightful and when it comes to best friends...well can I just say I'm more than happy to let Nathan find his own boyfriend but holy hell can we hold auditions for a new best friend for him? Because seriously Max was definitely a horrible warning and not a good example but then lets take a look at who his father was...yep, the biggest waste of oxygen in the whole damned town...the owner of the Granshire Hotel and Nathan's boss...Teddy.


I'm not sure that I would have found this story as entertaining as I did if I had read the book but listening to it on audio narrated by Michael Mola was for me an entertaining experience...between Nathan trying to stave of meddlesome matchmakers by putting his 'bad boyfriend plan' into action as he tries to plan a wedding that's rapidly turning into a comedy of errors, while Flynn's sometimes unusual search and rescue missions keep disrupting his and Nathan's efforts to 'date' as a town full of small minded gossip mongering, well intentioned citizen's watch on......geez, now where does that road that's paved with good intentions go to, I just can't seem to remember now. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually... 


I have to admit while I haven't read a lot of books by this author...ok, I haven't read any, but I have listened to a few on audio and I've enjoyed them all and look forward to enjoying more in the future.



An audio book of 'Wanted Bad Boyfriend' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-02-02 05:33
Wanted in Paradise - Kate Ashenden

Jasmine has been a victim of tragedy.  This has brought on PTSD and strength.  She is working through it while taking a job in a great location.  Having excellent man candy doesn't hurt either.


Romeo is the brother of an ex.  Jasmine has always had a crush on him, and there have been many times just thinking of him has gotten her through tough times.  While she has her choices of many, this one is her personal favorite.


This story was slow to start, and I did have trouble at first getting into it.  There is a lot going on.  A lot of setting to discover.  Nicely done, we find the characters in an amazing locale. There is a bunch of surprises in store for the reader.  Humor, heat, and even some tension to complete the book.  I give this  3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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