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review 2020-01-23 01:09
Wanted! - Caroline B. Cooney

Me: In 2020 I'm going to read more new stuff. 

Also me: Let's reread this Caroline B. Cooney novel late late one night when I should be asleep. 


I don't remember why, but I had a sudden need to reread this book. It was like a craving that wouldn't go away. The book is really silly, but I still enjoyed parts (probably out of nostalgia), especially when Alice is on the college campus. Cooney's novels are very exciting when you're 10 and the internet is not a thing or when you're... older than 10 and just need to take a little brain break and revisit your childhood. 

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review 2019-11-17 02:54
Batman Freebies Round Up
DCeased #1 - Tom Taylor
Batman Black and White #5 - Len Wein,Jimmy Palmiotti,Chris Weston,Javier Pulido,Keith Giffen,Joshua Middleton,Ivan Brandon,Paolo Rivera,Andrew Robinson,Blair Butler,Victor Ibanez Ramirez
Batman Black and White #1 - Chip Kidd,Neal Adams,Joseph A. Quinones Jr.,Maris Wicks,John Arcudi,Howard Mackie,Sean Murphy,Michael Cho,Chris Samnee,Marc Silvestri
Batman Black and White #2 - Rafael Grampa,Dan DiDio,Rafael Albuquerque,Jeff Lemire,Michael Uslan,J.G. Jones,Alex Niño,Dave Bullock,Jim Steranko
Batman & Robin Adventures No. 21 Aug 199... Batman & Robin Adventures No. 21 Aug 1997 - Ty Templeton
Batman: Black and White (2013- ) #1 - Chip Kidd,Neal Adams,Joe Quinones,Michael Cho

So I picked up a bunch of Batman freebies.  I'm not a huge Bats fan.  I really only read him when Catwoman shows up because she's awesome.


So - 


DCeased is basically the DC universe vs. zombies.  It's an interesting idea but I didn't find it particularly "must know what happened next".


The Batman Black & White series are short Batman stories.  Somewhat Noir in feeling, sometimes by people associated with the cartoon series.  An Innocent Guy is the best one because it actually uses something I think some villain should have done before.


The Batman Adventure one features Batgirl.  It's entertaining, but Batgirl is drawn in such a way that she would have no room for a stomach.


(I believe most if not all, of these are still free for kindle).

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review 2019-06-16 22:43
Unrelenting Tension Reels the Reader In
The Swimmer - Joakim Zander

Excellent novels coming out of Scandinavia continue to enjoy international popularity at the moment and this terrific debut by Joakim Zander (2013) is further testament as to why. An unashamed spy thriller, “The Swimmer” exploits for the reader a dynamic plot, which links strong characters across a complex web of time and place, grappling with circumstances typically not of their making. Certainly there are echoes of the ‘Nordic noir’, particularly when a key character (Klara Walldéen) heads home to St. Anna’s Outer Archipelago in Northern Sweden, but the tale spins effortlessly between contemporary Europe and the USA, taking in historical, interlinked events in Afghanistan, Syria and Kurdistan along the way. Clearly the author has utilised his experience as a former lawyer working in the European Union to create vividly convincing scenes within the corridors of power in Brussels, where the reader finds Klara employed as assistant to an ambitious MEP. However, the involvement of a lobbyist and unidentified security services develops a wonderfully clandestine backdrop where ‘the truth’ is continuously manipulated to maintain a plausible public narrative. Indeed it is the grinding of tectonic political forces, which threaten to engulf relatively powerless individuals and discard them as tolerable collateral damage.

Unknown to her, Klara’s childhood spent in happy, obscure isolation with her grandparents was intended to shield her from the loss of her Swedish mother and the absence of her anonymous American father. Moreover, it was calculated to put her beyond the reach of those with a vested interest in silencing witnesses to war-time atrocities. But, after completing her studies abroad at the LSE, as Klara starts out on a promising career, new and present dangers begin to surface and an unseen guardian begins to stir. Aside from the thrilling action and the growing body count, the book offers an interesting take on Klara’s past and present relationships, some apparently disposable, others intense and enduring and the testing of those ties amid life-threatening chaos.

The swimmer has lapsed into an uneasy retirement and sought to protect his daughter’s life chances from the taint of his secretive past. The fervent desire of forces wanting to shine a light on the barbarous activities committed in war must overcome those equally intent on burying the past, to maintain the current fragile peace, albeit perpetrators walk free. For those caught up in the ongoing aftermath, is it better to occupy the moral high ground, or to fashion a means to survive?

Joakim Zander has created a compelling book, threaded with tough female characters, hardened by life in the far north and an unexpected challenge for the macho professional groundlings. The author also poses subtle moral dilemmas, which permeate the book. However, though the twisting plot deliberately frays the nerves, it also delivers a satisfying denouement and a thoughtful afterburn, which is so often the hallmark of an exceptional read.

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text 2019-06-06 22:59
I do not know exactly what happened because it's complicated

Some of you will understand what's going on here, and for some of you I can only offer my apologies.  I no longer know where to go with this crap.


Apparently another Goodreads member has been banned for negatively shelving a book, or books by a particular author or something.


I don't know this reader.  I think she may also be a writer, but at this moment I'm not sure.


There have been so many issues going on that I don't trust my memory to be 100% accurate on this, so I'm more than open to correction, especially with documentation.  I have some screen shots, but not a lot.


The reader's Twitter handle implies her name is Angela, and that's how I will refer to her.


As I recall, Angela and several others were engaged in discovering the various Amazon book stuffers.  I was one of them.  We all worked together, some of us doing more and some of us doing less, to identify the books and authors who had violated Kindle Direct Publishing's rules to game the system.  That was one of several issues.


There was also an issue with a specific book and it author who appeared to be engaged in some kind of racial insensitivity.  That's the only term I can think of to describe it, because I wasn't involved.  I don't remember who the author was or the title of the book.  Angela engaged with this author on the issue.  I didn't.  I don't even know why I didn't; I think I was engaged in other issues.


Another person on Twitter, an author whose name I won't mention because I don't want to draw her attention, challenged Angela.  I don't want to say she attacked Angela because I didn't see enough of the various exchanges to characterize their interactions as an attack.  The other author was apparently outed as having several Twitter accounts and using them to challenge other people.  Apparently, according to my sketchy memory, she denied having the other accounts, but there was substantial evidence presented to show that she was not being entirely honest.


While all of this was going on, one of Angela's supporters challenged me about something.  I asked for clarification or additional information before I would come dow on one side or another.  Twitter being what it is, with its limited space for expression, there may well have been misunderstandings.  I didn't get any clarification, and the next thing I knew, both Angela and her supporter had blocked me.


I think part of the issue was that I suggested Angela and/or her supporters not keep poking the bear or risk getting bitten.  I tend to do that.  There's a point at which antagonism no longer generates any return on the investment in indignation.


At least one other of her supporters has not blocked me.


The other author, the one accused of having multiple Twitter accounts, has also not blocked me.


I don't know all the details of the Bane event.  I know part of it, but I've not been particularly active in it.


I think everyone knows how I feel about authors who attack readers or tell readers how to review.  Bane apparently was engaged in reader silencing or intimidation.


Bane is also pretty much of a nobody, I guess.  Jill Mansell is not a nobody.  She's now going after readers, and it's getting ugly.  If Angela has been removed from Goodreads due to her shelving of Bane's books, this is further intimidation of readers.  Those of us who go back to 2013 know what that was like.


A good part of the problem, however, goes back to the fact that readers are not protected.  They aren't safe when voicing unpopular opinions, even if only unpopular with the authors.  Bad books are bad books, even if only one reader thinks so.  On Amazon, on Goodreads, on Twitter: Authors feel safe in attacking readers, and too often there aren't enough defenders.


For the most part, we've been very lucky here on BookLikes.  We post our one-star, half-star, and no-star reviews and the authors leave us alone.  Yeah, there were the goofy posts from Weinberg and his minions, but that was minor.  I've had one author on Twitter stalk me here and get all upset because even without mentioning her name or the title of her book, I made a disparaging remark.  But we aren't likely to get booted for negative reviews, and we can shelve without retaliation.


But BookLikes is not in the forefront of book reviewing.  Goodreads and Amazon -- and they're joined at the corporate hip -- are.  And when a reader is removed from those platforms, she's effectively silenced.


Too few of the attackers ever are.






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review 2019-05-18 22:26
Book Review for Rocket by Lilly Atlas
Rocket (Hell's Handlers MC #5) - Lilly Atlas


Omg ! Omg ! Omg! This series just keeps getting better and better! Holy hotness! What a roller-coaster this read was as it was heart wrenching,suspenseful,twisty,erotic,heartfelt ,tragic and about healing and forgiveness and had a great cast of amazing characters who are fun and who love to tease each other as well get under each other skin but, in a loving  and caring way.Can you say "always up in your Biz" ,that goes for the men as well as the women.The old ladies in this series are a hoot!.The old ladies also are loving and caring and amazingly strong women but, time and time again one sticks out the most and that is Izzy she just rocks!Izzy is it a tell it like it is gal,fierce,loyal and a total bada** and "we just love her !" I have a feeling Chloe is going to give Izzy a run for her money when it comes to bada** old ladies.
Chloe was simply amazing and strong and brave and it was tragic what happened to her but, she has risen above it and has found her own unique way of dealing with her pain.We saw this women blossom through out this entire story and perhaps Logan may have gotten her on the right path to healing and helping her to put her past behind her.Chloe did all the hard work ,then Jigsaw and Izzy set her on yet another path that helped her deal with her anxiety and she became more focused and started to dig deep down and dig in.We loved her and every attempt she made to challenge herself, "some who say it was another stepping stone to her recovery in the right direction." "Let's just say the gloves came on then came off!" lol
I loved Logan aka Rocket from the onset of the story.Logan was one bad boy who was scary,dark dangerous,sexy as sin, but, also caring and loving and compassionate as well as very protective of those he loved and let's not forget brutey .I loved his interactions with Chloe it was almost if he was another person with her and not anything like the Logan we have come to know and loved but, we loved seeing his compassionate and loving side all out in full force and let's just say we love how he got creative with Chloe in order to help her heal. Most of all you got to love the guy for the sacrifices that man was making to his pride in order to do so.Let's just saying we were laughing out loud time and time again but, patting him on his back for his cleverness.
This was also one totally hot sexy read!Chloe was everything Logan/Rocket needed in his life and in his bed.I loved that Chloe was drawn more to Logan even more so after she leaned all his secrets and the thing he thought made him un -love -able and unworthy is what she loved most about the hot and sexy man.Who would not want a hot possessive and dangerous man in your corner after everything you went through?Chloe was no fool.....
Overall we loved this tale as it made you laugh and cry and was suspenseful and full of romance and it never had a dull moment and it was full of hot sexy scenes that kept you engrossed in the pages and turning them right from the very beginning and we could not put the book down until it was finished.We loved all the twists and turns the story took as well.We also loved how much all the characters were featured in this current tale"We loved revisiting with them!".Maverick he always makes us laugh and he did that time and time again this time around.One thing we loved most about this tale is you felt the love they all have for one another throughout this entire story and that always makes the story a whole lot of fun and touching as well!
This one is definitely a keeper !
A recommended read to all as well as the entire series!
One of out favorite MC authors for sure !



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