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review 2014-08-03 00:23
Smokin hot, totally addictive, OTT and surprisingly romantic
Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde

Opening Line: "Crap there were bikes outside the trailer."


Well holy hell this was fun, a totally addictive read, sucking me right into the underground world of the motorcycle club. I actually wasn’t sure that I would like this, I mean I’m not into reading about woman being considered property but once again my friends reviews steered me in the right direction, this is so much more than it appears on the surface. Joanna Wylde has also done her homework too in regards to showing the ins and outs of club life, so that as well as this being an off the charts, anything goes, sexy-time read it’s also utterly fascinating. Who knew the MC world was such a secret society with so many of its own customs and rules?


Yeah I’ll admit this is also downright outrageous at times, even shocking but it’s a ton of fun, hilarious, romantic, and impossible to put down, just a great bit of escapism that any of (us) Sons Of Anarchy fans will love.


I was a little bit thrown by our hero “Horse” LOL, yeah that’s right (because he’s hung like one) He is obnoxious, uber alpha, into all sorts of illegal business –which is never deluged just described as “club business”  don’t go there. He’s a total chauvinist, considers women property but thank god he’s got soft side too. Pretty much from the moment he meets Marie he’s fucked. He wants her, has to have her and is willing to do anything to get her. I think even he was shocked by the intensity of his feelings. Marie was a great heroine too, adventurous, spirited a bit naïve and loyal to a fault I had a good time being in her head.  


Marie Jenson has just split from her abusive cheating husband and moved back into the trailer she grew up in with her brother. Her Mom is spending a bit of time in jail so for the time being it’s just the two of them. That’s when the Reapers Motorcycle club comes calling. Her stoner brother is doing some *cough*“web design” for the club and as much as these tattooed badass bikers scare her they also intrigue her especially the one they call Horse, him she can’t top thinking about (me either). The last thing she needs right now though is another man laying claim to her and she can’t help but be wary of his criminal lifestyle and the way he watches her.


Everything goes to shit however when her brother is caught stealing from the club, now they need to be paid in blood or they’re going to kill him. Marie is blood and until her brother finds a way to pay the Reaper’s back, they own her. She’s got 20 minutes to pack a bag before they torch the trailer, then she’s Property of the Reapers, Horse’s very own house mouse. But he may be getting more than he bargained for from this “sweet butt.”


All in this was a great read, I was surprised by how into it I got and how sigh worthy romantic this ended up being. I can’t wait to continue on with the series.

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review 2014-06-24 00:55
A zombie romance with heart and...brains
Warm Bodies - 'Marion', 'Isaac Marion'

Opening Line: “I am dead, but it’s not so bad. I’ve learned to live with it.”


I absolutely loved the first half of Warm Bodies. Meeting "R" was just a joy, I mean he's hilarious in an unassuming and very undead sort of way and I can't say that I've ever read anything quite like him or this before. Dubbed a "Zombie romance" my initial thought was come-on how the hell is that going to work? I mean ewww but it does, in an innocent and sweet sort of way.

We meet "R" in an airport hangar, riding the escalator up and down (when the power is on) and doing pretty much nothing the rest of the time. He has no name, no memories and no pulse, but lately he has been feeling a bit different from his fellow dead, having thoughts and dreams and speaking with more than 6 syllables.

One day R and the rest of his groaning, stumbling hoard go out for lunch in the city and its there that he meets Julie. Julie is different and for reasons he can't understand, he decides not to eat her but to save her and take her back to his place. (he does however eat her boyfriend and his delicious brain begins to change everything)

So Julie and R get to know each other and the plot takes on a bit of a Romeo and Juliet vibe as the "Boneys" (evil leader zombies) don't like this arrangement. Julie and R decide to go back to her place (a survivor city in one of the sports domes) but that's not exactly a great idea either. Julie’s dad wants to kill him and the makeup he's forced to wear keeps coming off, plus he still can't walk or talk very well but he is changing, slowly coming back as something new.

It was about here that the story lost me a bit. It just seemed to lose its sense of humour and get a little out there for my tastes, as the two worlds collided and a new future was born. I enjoyed the vision of the world inside the dome but R’s connection with Perry and all his dreams lost me. The Boney's didn't make much sense either and it just kinda went into fantasy land, not that a zombie romance isn’t there to begin with. Can’t wait to see the movie. Cheers


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review 2014-03-23 01:28
Another great addition to one of the best rom-susp series going
Striking Distance - Pamela Clare

Opening Line:"Socs Javier "Cobra" Corbray sat in the dimly lit belly of the modified C-130J "Super" Hercules, waiting with the other operators of Delta Platoon for the signal to start their oxygen."


So Pamela Clare does it again with another fantastic addition to the I-Team series (#6) If I’m honest it wasn’t my favourite but that’s a bit like saying it’s not your favourite chocolate; you still loved it and want to eat it every day.

I’m so glad I read the extended prequel (First Strike) before starting this. Not only is it a hot little read but it made a huge difference in understanding who this couple was before… well before events changed them.

This is an excellent read but the general tone of the story is slower, without as much of the hard hitting action we’ve grown accustomed to. I think the fact that both characters are damaged and suffering from PTSD had a bearing too. They spend a ton of time just recovering and healing each other with a slow burning (yet still super sexy) romance.

If I’m nit-picking (which I only do with books I’m invested in) I also disagreed with a couple of the h’s decisions, not so much the big one -that moved me to tears and I understand the why’s but the medical one. [ tubes tied -why did she take away her future by doing that especially in the traumatized state she was in when she made the decision? (hide spoiler)]I also got to the point of eye-rolling with Laura constantly Skyping her G’ma and mother back in Switzerland. However I'd have hated to miss the whole naked, manscaped Javier in the background scene, which was hilarious.

I loved so many things here too; Javier and Laura are awesome characters and I really felt like I knew them by the end. Watching the sweet moments as they fall in love and heal, *big sigh*

Javier… Gah, Clare really knows how to write the perfect heroes. I loved how he sacrificed everything for her and that she trusted him to bring parts of her back to life. I loved that he was her mystery SEAL and she didn’t know and he couldn’t tell her. And yay we get the inclusion of past characters, in particular Marc & Julian and their ongoing bromance and Gabe’s continued affair with adrenaline.

Navy Seal Javier Cobray can’t forget his weekend in Dubai with the “Baghdad Babe” It was only meant to be a no-strings affair, but watching her get kidnapped on live TV eighteen months ago almost broke him and since then he’s thought of little else but revenge on the terrorists that subsequently “killed” her. His latest mission however surprises everyone and finds Laura very much alive, being held at an Al Qaeda compound in Pakistan. He can’t give away his identity but he is taking her home.

Two years later see’s Laura Nilsson now working with the I-Team in Denver. She’s struggling but has come a long way in her recovery and is now about to testify against the extremist leader who kidnapped her.

The romance gods are at work again because it’s during this time that Javier (on medical leave) also finds himself in Denver, staying with his Seal buddy Nate West (Skin Deep) When Laura’s life is threatened and a fatwa is placed on her head Javier makes it his mission to keep her alive.
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