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review 2014-08-06 00:43
Much more than expected
Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun

Opening Line:She didn’t belong here”


Liberating Lacy was a bit of a slow burn for me, unlike a lot of other readers it didn’t grab me right away and initially I just assumed it was going to be all sex and no substance. Maybe it was the terrible cover or the sex starting on page 3 but I had to work at it to get into or even find the characters here, however once I did I was totally hooked.

What a fabulous love story this ended up being, so much more than erotica and on that note I’ll be honest, I actually got kinda bored (*gasp, I know) with all the sex scenes, and found myself skimming through the “Oh god, more, deeper, harder, please’s to get back to the story because that’s where this really shines.

I genuinely care for both of these characters. I loved all their subtle interactions, their teasing, so much more was being said to each other than was actually on the page. They didn’t play games (well not emotional ones anyway) LOL and their problems in age and class were very real. Class, yeah Lacy is a class-act; successful, oozing money, confident but also caring. And Hunter, gah I could talk about him for ages, just awesome. A ton of character development here and strong chemistry, which surprised me, watching these two realize what they have is more than just a good time getting off on the stairs, out of the cuffs and in from the rain and quietly falling in love –not without a few bumps I might add, was just brilliant.

Lacey Meyers is newly divorced and despite her air of confidence looking very out of place in this hook-up bar. She’s had enough of years of zero spark and the missionary position so tonight she’s looking for something new, a first. She’s going to pick up a younger man and take him home or at least to the parking lot.

Who she gets is Hunter Anderson; 8 years her junior, gorgeous, intelligent more than willing to rock her world and also not wanting anything permanent. What neither of these two expected though was the connection, the fact that there’s going to be another hook-up and another and they both like grilled cheese sandwiches and fantasy role play because they trust each other.

It’s got to end sooner or later though doesn’t it? I mean where can this go? Hunter lives paycheque to paycheque on a cop’s salary; Lacey spends 1,500 dollars on a set of sheets and shops at Whole Foods. She has dinner with politicians; he wears a gun for a career, rides a motorcycle and works construction with his dad on weekends. There can’t possibly be a future can there? The heart wants what the heart wants. Cheers
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review 2014-08-03 00:23
Smokin hot, totally addictive, OTT and surprisingly romantic
Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde

Opening Line: "Crap there were bikes outside the trailer."


Well holy hell this was fun, a totally addictive read, sucking me right into the underground world of the motorcycle club. I actually wasn’t sure that I would like this, I mean I’m not into reading about woman being considered property but once again my friends reviews steered me in the right direction, this is so much more than it appears on the surface. Joanna Wylde has also done her homework too in regards to showing the ins and outs of club life, so that as well as this being an off the charts, anything goes, sexy-time read it’s also utterly fascinating. Who knew the MC world was such a secret society with so many of its own customs and rules?


Yeah I’ll admit this is also downright outrageous at times, even shocking but it’s a ton of fun, hilarious, romantic, and impossible to put down, just a great bit of escapism that any of (us) Sons Of Anarchy fans will love.


I was a little bit thrown by our hero “Horse” LOL, yeah that’s right (because he’s hung like one) He is obnoxious, uber alpha, into all sorts of illegal business –which is never deluged just described as “club business”  don’t go there. He’s a total chauvinist, considers women property but thank god he’s got soft side too. Pretty much from the moment he meets Marie he’s fucked. He wants her, has to have her and is willing to do anything to get her. I think even he was shocked by the intensity of his feelings. Marie was a great heroine too, adventurous, spirited a bit naïve and loyal to a fault I had a good time being in her head.  


Marie Jenson has just split from her abusive cheating husband and moved back into the trailer she grew up in with her brother. Her Mom is spending a bit of time in jail so for the time being it’s just the two of them. That’s when the Reapers Motorcycle club comes calling. Her stoner brother is doing some *cough*“web design” for the club and as much as these tattooed badass bikers scare her they also intrigue her especially the one they call Horse, him she can’t top thinking about (me either). The last thing she needs right now though is another man laying claim to her and she can’t help but be wary of his criminal lifestyle and the way he watches her.


Everything goes to shit however when her brother is caught stealing from the club, now they need to be paid in blood or they’re going to kill him. Marie is blood and until her brother finds a way to pay the Reaper’s back, they own her. She’s got 20 minutes to pack a bag before they torch the trailer, then she’s Property of the Reapers, Horse’s very own house mouse. But he may be getting more than he bargained for from this “sweet butt.”


All in this was a great read, I was surprised by how into it I got and how sigh worthy romantic this ended up being. I can’t wait to continue on with the series.

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review 2014-07-29 00:51
Delicious love story
Coming Undone - Lauren Dane

Opening Line: "Even at the close of the day, the sun was enough to make the ride home from work totally perfect."

Ever since I read (Laid Bare) I’ve been waiting for Lauren Dane to continue with her sexy ‘Brown family’ series and with Erin’s brother Brody as our lead character here she doesn’t disappoint. COMING UNDONE grabs your attention right away with its cast of familiar characters, erotic love scenes, perceptive writing and Brody. Wow, who wouldn’t fall in love with this bad-boy on the outside, tender and sensitive on the inside charmer, sigh. I have to say though not much ever really happens within this story; it’s more a character study which Dane does very well, drawing the reader into the emotional lives of her characters with amazing dialogue and chemistry.

Our story takes place over the period of a year so we also get to watch the entire Brown family grow and change and in chapter 16 Erin/Ben and Todd show us what they’ve been up to in a detailed ménage romp and um yeah...it’s hot. As a whole though I think true erotica fans will be slightly disappointed (with the exception of chapter 16) because of the lack of heat. Don’t get me wrong Dane’s sex scenes are amazing (mirrored ballet studio or tattoo shop desk anyone) and so well written they’re just relatively tame compared to Laid Bare and it’s over the top kink factor. Still this is an amazingly hot and sensitive read that fans will love.

Brody Brown has always been responsible for others giving up a promising art career to raise his younger brother and sister after their parents died. Now that they’ve grown and moved on Brody’s life has finally become his own and with a prosperous tattoo shop, nice house and freedom to do as he pleases life is good. However when Elise Sorenson moves in next door he can’t help but get involved in more ways than one.

Once a world famous ballerina, Elise and her young daughter have moved far away from the horrors of her past hoping to start a new life. The last thing she wants is a relationship especially with a tattooed, Harley riding bad guy but what Brody offers isn’t a relationship instead he offers companionship with no strings attached. A friends with benefits you might say and it’s working for both of them until Elise’s past comes back to haunt her. Now as much as she doesn’t want to admit it Elise might need Brody for more than just a good time in fact he may be what she truly desires.

This could be read as a stand alone but readers would benefit from reading LAID BARE (because it’s awesome) and you get the entire back story on the yummy Brown family and friends. Cheers

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review 2014-07-01 00:54
Suspend belief and enjoy the ride
Riding Temptation - Jaci Burton

Opening Line:"To say Jessie Mathew's pulse was jacked was an understatement."

Well, those Wild Riders certainly know how to show a girl a good time now don't they? RIDING TEMPTATION is the second instalment from the erotic Wild Riders series and while I didn't enjoy it as much as Riding Wild (book #1) once I was able to suspend belief with the somewhat cheesy storyline and just go along for the (ahem) ride this was a pretty good read.

Jaci Burton's writing is easy, fast paced, fun, ultra steamy and holly jeez can she ever write a smoking hot love scene, encompassing just about every naughty little fantasy you've ever had. Tie that together with a team of hunky, bad boy bikers and how could you not enjoy this?

Even the fact that our heroine is a virgin which I usually find not only over used as a plot device but unrealistic didn't bother me here because it's explained in a way that actually makes sense. As did the fact that once her virgin label was removed she was really,really into it. So like I said the storyline was neither here nor there for me, in fact all the biker gang initiation stuff was pretty silly, but the love scenes and romance make up for it. And in all honesty if hadn't spent a summer (years ago) riding around on a Harley with a guy named Fang I may have enjoyed this a whole lot more. Those were the days...

Jessie Mathew came to live at the Wild Riders compound at the age of 15, rescued off the streets by their leader, a former military general now operating the Wild Riders as an elite gang of special-ops bikers. This band of former thieves and felons work alongside the government but just outside of the law and Jessie has literally grown up amongst them, leaving all of the riders to think of her as their kid sister. Now 23, Jessie's ready for her first undercover assignment. When teamed up with Diaz Delgado she couldn't be happier; he's the quiet one, the one who's always kept his distance and the one she's always wanted.

Diaz meanwhile is having un-brotherly urges, finding it near impossible to keep his distance from the sweet and oh so sexy Jessie. To make matters worse they're about to infiltrate the Devil's Skulls, a bike gang suspected of gunrunning. In order to do this though they'll first have to get initiated in and (for whatever reason) initiation into the Skulls involves having a public sex session in front of the other full patch gang members.

When Jessie lays her heart on the line and admits that she doesn't want her first time to be in public or to a random gang member, all bets are off for Diaz. Of course he'll take care of her `little problem' but how will he keep their hearts out of the deal? Burton has also given him one of those common tortured hero issues to deal with as well. It seems he's just not good enough for her, what with all the dark secrets and rage he's got locked inside. So while the mission keeps them together he'll enjoy the (ahem) ride but once its over, for her own sake he's going to walk away even though she'll hate him for it and his heart will break it's a price he's willing to pay.
Ride on...

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review 2014-06-30 03:39
Good times with Lora Leigh
Loving Lies - Lora Leigh

Opening Line: "The music was a gentle swell of sound around the riverbank clearing."


~This was a reread  for me and I still really like this one. It reminded me of why I initially enjoyed Lora Leigh’s writing so much.~


This is a really good love story that I enjoyed way more then I expected to. Written way back when Lora Leigh still bothered to have her writing edited and the stories and characters weren't yet repetitive. Still this does have a WILD CARD flavour in its reunited lovers theme and with an Uber alpha hero who’s come home and is taking back what is his.


 After admiring Jessie for years and finally having one weekend of bliss together our hero Slade is forced to marry another and leave both Jessie and his hometown behind while he works a case for homeland security. (Okay, whatever with the homeland security plotline, it’s kind of an afterthought here and honestly we’re not reading LL for cohesive plots now are we?) Anyways as heartbroken as Jessie is over this betrayal it is Slade who truly suffers. Tortured by his thoughts of her he longs for the day when he can return, but will she take him back?



Throughout the story you can feel Slade and Jessie’s love and absolute longing for one another. They may have spent five years apart but thats done nothing to dampen their desire for each other. However Jessie is not the same innocent girl Slade left behind and he’s got his work cut out for him if he’s going to make her realize that they belong together, forever.


All of LL’s numerous sex scenes are done with her own unique style of erotica (if you know what I mean)-you may feel like you need a shower afterwards. With sub characters that are well developed and a story that kept me interested, even giving me a couple of *sigh* moments with all the angst riddled internal dialogue. I should mention that Slade’s “alpha-ness” is a bit much at times, with his comments and actions bordering on violent. It’s only marginally acceptable because he states that she has the power and he won’t ever hurt her or make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. Still its always all about Slade.


 "She didn’t want to grow up, she said. By god, if growing up meant she lost the waif-like innocence and steel-hard core of determination, then he’d have to beat her if she grew up. Before he considered anything else though he had to have her. Rising to his feet, before Jessie could do more then gasp, Slade had her in his arms stalking to the one place in the house he knew Jessie could scream without little ears hearing her.” 


-Yup good times with Lora Leigh.




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