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review 2017-06-28 15:37
A Hunger Like No Other / Kresley Cole
A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

A mythic warrior who'll stop at nothing to possess her...

After enduring years of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae Clan, is enraged to find the predestined mate he's waited millennia for is a vampire. Or partly one. This Emmaline is a small, ethereal half Valkyrie/half vampire, who somehow begins to soothe the fury burning within him.

A vampire captured by her wildest fantasy...

Sheltered Emmaline Troy finally sets out to uncover the truth about her deceased parents—until a powerful Lykae claims her as his mate and forces her back to his ancestral Scottish castle. There, her fear of the Lykae—and their notorious dark desires—ebbs as he begins a slow, wicked seduction to sate her own dark cravings.

An all-consuming desire...

Yet when an ancient evil from her past resurfaces, will their desire deepen into a love that can bring a proud warrior to his knees and turn a gentle beauty into the fighter she was born to be?


Imagine Beauty & the Beast crossed with Outlander. Why a werewolf would speak with a thick Scottish brogue is quite beyond me, but it’s not the only ridiculous part of this paranormal romance.

And it’s a romance only if controlling abusive kidnappers are sexy. Yet, I couldn’t quit reading. Morbid fascination? Unconscious rape fantasies? What the hell is wrong with me?

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review 2017-06-27 22:55
Sian & Lila
Wicked Abyss - Kresley Cole

I am a huge fan of this series, and I love that it is being extended and new characters are being added. I never want it to end. There's nothing worse than when that happens. . .

In this instalment we meet Sian and his fated Queen Lila. I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this, which has never happened before with one of Cole's books. It was all very Beauty & the Beast. And as much as I love that tale, I didn't want to see it in my adult-time reads. Regardless, once the story got going, I couldn't put the book down. As with all the other books there is loads of action, steamy encounters, and sassy/sexy characters. I ended up really liking these two, and Lila is one bad ass fey.

I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. . . I really wanna know what in the hell Nix is up to!

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text 2017-06-16 15:49
Starting my Summer Lovin' reading list
Death in Cyprus - M. M Kaye
Lord of the Far Island - Victoria Holt
A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole
The Bitter Seed of Magic - Suzanne McLeod
Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep

Friday night seems like a good time to start on my fluffy Summer Lovin' reading list.  I'm going to indulge in a few old favourites, a bit more romance than I would usually choose, and anything that looks like fun.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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review 2017-05-14 15:33
Wicked Abyss Mini Review
Wicked Abyss - Kresley Cole

I totally loved this book. I read it in basically one sitting and then promptly bought the audiobook. *happy dance


Wicked Abyss is the latest in Kresley Cole's IAD series, and another featuring the Morior, the baddies. Abyssian, or Sian, is now the king of a hell-plane, Pandemonia (featured in Dark Skye). Calliope, or Lila, is a fey princess who is sent to spy on Sian so that she can return to her fey realm and marry the fey king Saetth. Lila is a reincarnate of Sian's deceitful mate, Kari. Sian is dying to punish Lila for all the things Kari did to him.


This story is a fairytale retelling of beauty and the beast. Lila is a plucky heroine to takes no shit. I adored her. She's scrappy and fearless. Sian has a grudge but he can't help but admire Lila's determination, nor can he ignore the fact that she's his mate. He's a trickster, intent on sentencing her to various "hell's labors" but she keeps finding ways around them.


Absolutely adored this book in the IAD series. Loved Sian and Lila together. Cole's trademark humor and sexy scenes were exceptionally strong in this book.

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review 2017-04-29 14:01
Wicked Abyss by Kresley (I love this author) Cole
Wicked Abyss - Kresley Cole

I absolutely love this series, Immortals After Dark. I set alarms for release dates, I get desparate enough to troll fanfic, I even have my tattoo dude drawing a tat for them. Something interesting... Before drawing the thing he is reading the books, he loves them, just wishes the porn scenes (as he calls them) weren't so frequent, I have no problem with their frequency ;).


This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, probably the best I have ever read, and I have read quite a few of them. I could see a great resemble between this and Disney's animated movie, I haven't seen the new one yet though, I really want to. We get relatively new characters, and the story is set in a new to us realm were most of the previous characters are not present, so not a lot of revisiting going on, we do get brief glimpses though. I do wish we got to see a bit more of the Valkyries, I miss them crazy bitches! 


I loved the couple in this and feel they were perfect. The female, Lila. She is smart, tricksy, bold, and tough as nails. The male, Sian, is a hulk of a beast. He is also smart and tricksy, but he has some past baggage that is ruling his thoughts and actions. He does a lot of growing up during the pages of this story. They have great chemistry and I thoroughly enjoying reading of their battle to love. 


This is another match made by Nix. There is so much going on. Nix is trying to make her best hand before dreaded ascension is full force. I am considering a reread of the story. Can't wait for the next book. Beauty


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