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review 2014-10-14 22:56
Origin by Jennifer L.Armentrout
Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I don’t even know if I’m ready to express my feelings toward this book quite yet. I finished it just this morning at maybe 12:07. It was just sooo… I’m at a loss for words, which is rare with me because I tend to talk/type a lot. I don’t feel like anything I say will do it justice.
This was such a thrill ride for my emotions. I found myself crying at times which hadn’t happened with any of the previous books. I found the other books funny, because Armentrout is an unbelievably witty writer, but in this book I was laughing so hard. Which was a bad thing because I was reading this was past when the rest of my family had gone to bed, my parents had specifically told me lights out because I had school in the morning, but I read for maybe an extra three hours, I was just so enthralled.


I can’t say whether this was my favorite or not; I have a thing for first novels. But not in all cases (like with The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead etc.) but usually. It’s definitely a tossup between Obsidian and Origin. They are just such different novels in so many ways. Obsidian is where is all began, and it had this light, fluffy paranormal feel to it, whereas Origin is serious and sexy (Obsidian was too, and so were the other novels, but not quite to this level) and not quite as mysterious because your starting to figure out the world and there are some big reveals that we were waiting for throughout the first three novels. The characters have changed so much since the beginning of the series, and I have to say with some characters it’s for the better, and I enjoy reading about them more now that they have come into their selves more.


So much craziness happened in this book, mostly in the last sixty pages or so. And I was just waiting for it. I felt like most of the crazy had been resolved and all I could think was “that was definitely not the climax of the story” because Jennifer L. Armentrout has a way of stretching the story out right until the end. I was just waiting and waiting, and then all of a sudden craziness upon craziness happened. I was in a state of shock the entire end of the book, right from the— trying not to spoil anything— I’ll call it the phone call Archer moment **hint hint if you’ve read the book** right on until the end.
Katy being in Daedalus had me in perpetual panic mode. My stomach was in knots so much that I would have to put the book down for a while. Daedalus was so much more than I had been expecting. I feel like I’m being repetitive but it was pure crazy!
I was so glad that we got more Katy-Daemon time in this book. I feel like in the last two books it was lacking it, and I think that’s why I didn’t like them as much as Obsidian or Origin.


I’m just so pleased with this novel and the way it turned out, I don’t think I would change a thing in it. Maybe a few… But it’s nothing that really bothered me a ton, but just little things involving certain characters and how their stories played.
I don’t think I’ll be picking up Opposition, the last novel in the Lux series, immediately just because I’m still trying to process what’s happened. I carried it around with me all day trying to read it but my emotions are running so high right now, and quite frank I’m really nervous about how this whole Luxen situation is going to play out, so I want to give myself some time to settle down before diving back into it because I’m afraid I might ruin the experience for myself.


That’s all I think I can really say without spoiling anything for those of you who haven’t read it. But if you haven’t checked this book out, or the rest if the series, you really should, because it’s an amazing book, amazing series, and definitely worth the time, and money (if you’re buying yourself a copy of the book yourself) and the effort.


As far as I know Obsidian is free on the IBooks store, and possibly many other eBook sites, so I suggest you take the opportunity to get a free copy of a really amazing novel.


Books Go As Followed:
*Shadows (the prequel to the Lux series, may contain spoilers, so I suggest you read the first two books before reading this.
(There are also other novels by Jennifer L. Armentrout that take place in the Lux world and involve characters mentioned in the series.)

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