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review 2018-06-24 07:04
Through The Fog
Through the Fog - Michael C. Grumley

This book is a show of unprofessionalism on the psychiatrist's side. When a new patient walks in who has been having strange visions after a bike accident, she only very mildly tries to put him off helping her solve the case of her missing daughter. Very mildly, and she risks the patient's life because he is certainly not doing well during these episodes.

This aside, it was a quick and easy read which didn't require a lot of thinking to stay with the story, which is sometimes nice for a change. The first half I liked better, since the conclusion I thought was rather too hurried and it was all too neatly fitting.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2016-04-23 21:21
Amid the Shadows - Michael C. Grumley

five stars all the way, I have to say this is the first time I've ever reading any thing by this author but I'm looking forward to checking out some more of his writing, there was a little bit of a religion aspects to it, but in a way where you have good vs evil, its a new aspect on angel stories. with that said its a must read for anyone who loves to be pulled in to a story and once it has you, it won't let you go.

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review 2015-02-14 20:14
Review: Amid the Shadows by Michael C. Grumley
Amid the Shadows - Michael C. Grumley

A "cold" read that immediately drew me in!!

What I liked: Perhaps you're wondering what I mean by a "cold" read. I took a page from a few of my blogger friends in trying to clear out my TBR pile. I randomly chose one of my many e-books stored on my iPad and just picked one. No reading the synopsis, no looking at the genre, no looking at the author. I chose Amid the Shadows.

There is a short prologue that had me scratching my head but I kept going and boy, I was hooked! Believe me, the prologue is important but you won't know why until you get to the end of the book.  Amid the Shadows is definitely different and to me is very plot driven. Mr. Grumley's characters are okay but not as fully developed as I'm used to. That's not the point to me though. The idea behind this book took me completely by surprise and under other circumstances is not a book I would normally read.  Why, you ask? Well, I can't and won't tell you because it's the whole premise that makes the book what it is.  Read the synopsis if you must but you'll still be surprised.  When you think you have a handle on the idea for the story, don't stop!!  It's well worth the read just for the value of the story.

The first half of the book just flew by as I "flipped" the pages to discover what was going to happen next. I hit the unveiling of the idea behind the story and paused, should I continue? I did and immensely enjoyed the rest of the story.  It made me think.  No, reading it wasn't work and I kept turning the pages to see what was Mr. Grumley had planned for the characters.

What I didn't like: There were a few instances where the wording and POV didn't match and it stopped my progress a couple of times while I re-read what the author was saying and how he was saying it. I have no idea about his research so did no fact checking as it really didn't impact my reading of the story.

Overall, a pleasant surprise and I will check out Mr. Grumley's other books. This was a free Kindle book and I have no idea why I chose to order it but I'm glad I did!!

Recommended for thriller/suspense readers!!!

Source: www.justtalkingbooks.com/blog/review-amid-the-shadows-by-michael-c-grumley
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review 2015-01-26 20:42
Through the Fog
Through the Fog - Michael C. Grumley

By: Michael C. Grumley
ISBN: 9781477820957
Publisher: Amazon/Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: 1/27/2015
Format: Other
My Rating: 4 Stars


A special thank you to Amazon Publishing, Thomas & Mercer, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

THROUGH THE FOG by Michael C. Grumley is an intense mystery psychological crime thriller of obsession, intrigue, with highly charged topics of PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and child abduction—a complex short, page-turner, full of action and intrigue.

Evan Nash, eighteen years old and is constantly bullied at school, a bit of a misfit. When some bullies run him down with their car, while riding his bike; he hits his head and damage to his bike. Later he begins experiencing change and alarming episodes, draining him, both physically and mentally. He sees things which make no sense.

He is seeking help by seeing a psychologist, Dr. Shannon Mayer. He trusts her and they have a good doctor/patient relationship. However, Evan is unaware Dr. Mayer’s daughter was kidnapped over eighteen months ago and she is hanging by a thread, with no leads on the case. Her husband a cop is suffering severe depression, and is close to suicide as he feels he has let his wife and daughter down.

When Evan is in Mayer’s office, she is shocked when he is put under, he sees things and she begins to wonder, selfishly, if this gifted boy can help solve the case of her daughter. She sends him to a doctor (her sister is a nurse for this medical doctor), to have him checked out. Everything checks out except he possibly had a concussion.

She sets up a clever trick to ensure Evan really can see things. When he is put under once again he sees things, however, his life is in danger, as drains him physically. She does not want to risk his life. She is honest with Evan and tells him she is sorry she used him to help solve her daughter’s kidnapping.

Evan, the thoughtful boy, wants to help and decides to be put under one more time as he sees more clues which alerts Shannon, of the immediate danger for a race against time. Evan says the little girl is still alive and the clues could lead back to someone in the Mayer’s past.

In the meantime, they began researching other similar cases and find one; however, the patient, similar to Evan died, and was part of the CIA using him in a horrific way; however, they continue to search for the doctor, needing answers, for both families to locate this abductor before it is too late. As all the storylines intersect, a powerful ending, setting up for the next book in the series. One boy risks his life for another.

I really enjoyed this short novel, reading in one sitting; well-developed likable characters, and twists and turns, keeping the suspense high, for an engaging read. Looking forward to reading his next book an author to watch, and follow!

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1161252880
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text 2015-01-22 08:06
TBR Thursday #24 - Part 2
Through the Fog - Michael C. Grumley
Heart Collector - Jacques Vandroux,Wendeline A. Hardenberg
Everything Burns - Vincent Zandri
Follow The Leader (A DS Allie Shenton Novel) - Mel Sherratt
The Dead Key - D.M. Pulley
A Place for Sinners - Aaron Dries

And even more books!

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