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review 2020-04-27 06:16
Review: Deeplight by Frances Hardinge
Deeplight - Frances Hardinge

 This book drew me in with its cover, as is often the case. I was intrigued by the synopsis. And several reviews of it called it a merging of Frakenstein, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde, and that left me even more interested. Normally with that much hype surrounding a book it is bound to disappoint, at least a little bit, but this book was fantastic.


Hark was a fabulous character. He was uncertain and timid but trying to find a foothold in the world. He could see that his friendship with Jelt was changing but admitting it to himself meant that nothing would be the same. He broke my heart and left me cheering him on. He had a great story arc. Through the course of the story he was forced from being a little boy running a small time con to a man who takes responsibility for his own story.


I had a hard time feeling too much sympathy for Jelt because he was pretty mean to Hark from the moment we met him. But, despite that, I felt tremendous sympathy for how Hark dealt with the changes in his friend.


The gods were presented as monsters first, deities almost by accident, and I liked that approach. The idea of monster gods is appealing to me and this was the perfect blend of monster and majesty to suit me. The world this book was set in was also beautifully detailed. I could feel the undulating waves of the Undersea. The permeating fear of it that fed the gods for thousands of years. It was a beautifully written story. My only complaint was that the ending when Hark is going after the heart dragged on for a bit too long. After about 50 pages my mind started to wander and I wished we could stop describing everything so thoroughly and move on with the action a bit quicker. But the ending was compelling, as was the epilogue. I read the last thirty pages or so with tears streaming down my face, my heart breaking and cheering for Hark all at the same time. In the end this was a story about the power of stories, and it had a profound power all its own.

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review 2016-04-28 00:00
Indestructible Hulk, Vol. 2: Gods and Monster
Indestructible Hulk, Vol. 2: Gods and Monster - Mark Waid 6 - Banner and his team go to Jotunheim to look for a legendary metal that might be a super conductor.

This was more like it. It felt almost like a Fantastic Four issue. Simonson drawing Thor is always welcome. After the last panel, I'm jonesing for the next issue.

7 - Hulk and Thor tackle a horde of Frost Giants! Can SHIELD reestablish the portal and bring the Banner team home?

This issue was a lot of carnage but it was Simonson-drawn carnage. Now that the Frost Giants are interested in earth, things got a lot more interesting.

8 - SHIELD, Hulk, and Thor must repel the Frost Giant invasion so team Banner can get back to earth.

More carnage and some good Hulk/Thor moments. I'm still not feeling this series and now I'm just sticking around for the Daredevil issues.

9 - Bruce Banner and his lawyer, Daredevil, track down a stolen super weapon!

Daredevil and the Hulk seem mismatched at first but Hornhead knows how to handle the Hulk. Let's see how they handle Baron Zemo with an ultrasound cannon.

10 - Baron Zemo and HYDRA vs. The Hulk and Daredevil!

This was actually kind of a yawn, despite the carnage, until the Hulk went berserk and Daredevil had to control him. A Hulk in a China Shop indeed.

Closing Thoughts: Since getting on Marvel Unlimited, I've been looking for the definitive Hulk story. Indestructible Hulk, despite the novelty of Banner working for SHIELD, wasn't it. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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