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review 2017-04-02 02:07
My Life as a Cartoonist - Janet Tashjian,Jake Tashjian
  I enjoy this series as it follows Derek on his junior high adventures. This time Derek is leading a cartoon club at school. A new kid transfers into his school and makes Derek's life miserable. If Derek retaliates he looks like the bad guy. Derek and Umberto have to come to a compromise over their problem.

I like Derek. The drawings are still in the margins for words he does not understand. Sometimes their definitions are broad but make the point. I enjoy learning more about capuchin monkeys and how they are used as animal assistants for people with disabilities. Bullying is the topic but it is not preachy about it. It does show how bullies come in all shapes and sizes and how perceptions come into play. I was on Derek's side the whole way but since he was always caught retaliating or getting mad I could see where the other people were coming from.

I hope there will be more books in this series because it is one of my favorite youth series.
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review 2014-11-19 16:10
My Coyote Ugly Life by Jessica Spoon
My Coyote Ugly Life (My Life Series) (Volume 1) - Jessica Spoon,Kari Ayasha

My Coyote Ugly Life begins with us getting to see the Coyote Ugly Life of Azaria 'Ree' Gable. The problem is maybe she's not exactly excited about her so called "life" anymore. Not only that, but when she moves back home to help her mom out more since she had a mini stroke, she never expected to see one of her one night stands that didn't happen in front of her. 


But he's not just some guy in town, he's actually the Chief of Police Grayson Cole. And he doesn't want to let her go. He will do everything in his power to show Ree that her rules should go out the window. 

Especially when they find out someone may be out there to hurt her. 


This book was really good! I enjoyed the whole plot line, and I loved Ree and Chief together! I also loved each of them by themselves as well. I thought Ree was really different, and I loved how out going she was. And I also loved how macho alpha male Chief was! It was the perfect match. 


The only thing I didn't like about the story was, it felt like the whole Ree being in danger thing didn't take a huge part of the book. I understand if that's really how it was suppose to be, but because it was like that, when those times came around that it felt we should be afraid for Ree I didn't really feel it, because there wasn't much suspense about it. 


Other then that I loved the story, and I look forward to reading more in this series. Especially about all of the 'Hot Police!'

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review 2013-04-24 00:00
My Lunatic Life by Sharon Sala (Lunatic Life, #1)
My Lunatic Life: 1 (Lunatic Life Series) - Sharon Sala

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


Well this was a very light / fluffy read (with emphasis on very). There’s no other way to describe this book. Even though it was entertaining, and very amusing when a certain ghost started meddling, there was not much depth in this story. Everything went too smooth, too easy. Even when watching CSI, they usually end up with several dead ends before finding the murderer. Here it was way too obvious how the story would end and therefore I could not feel any angst or excitement for figuring everything out correctly.


There were also times in the book were the point of view switched to Flynn, to see his thoughts about certain events. Normally I’m someone who can’t get enough from reading through the eyes of the romantic interest, the very hot bad boy, who might or might not have certain feelings for the main character. This time, however, I cringed every time I was in Flynn’s head. It just felt wrong (sorry can’t describe it any other way). It was like Flynn didn’t have his own voice, his own identity. It seemed as if he became Tara, what should not be possible even with all her powers. And it just felt awful.


We also have a major case of insta love. Fortunately there were not a lot of romantic moments. That was another thing that made me cringe. Unless you’re soulmates (and even then) it’s just not possible to develop such strong feelings in such a short amount of time. Thank God romance wasn’t a big issue in this story and was kept in the background.The ghosts were very fun, though. Especially Millicent and her mother-bear-whose-cub-is-threatened behavior made me smile. I really liked her. It was a shame, though, that we only got to know the ghosts as clouds of plasma with a voice. I’d really liked some more info. Like how old they are, how they became a ghost, what they look like. And most of all: why stick with Luna? That and more questions came to my mind. But only a very few got answered…


Tara was also a character that I liked quite a bit. Even though she could be a bit dense at times. Who would otherwise go and confront a possible murder all alone, without saying anyone where she was going???? On the other hand she’s got just the right amount of spunk to stand up against bullies. Although having psychic powers and two ghosts as back-up helps a lot



2 HEARTS. A very, very light book where you don’t have to use your mind. Just sit back and enjoy, even with cringe worthy scenes like Flynn’s point of view and the attempt at romance. Though, Tara and the ghosts are amusing enough to stop you from throwing the book away.

Source: witchmagsboekenplank.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/review-my-lunatic-life-by-sharon-sala
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review 2012-07-08 00:00
My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series... My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series, #1) - Heather M. White Review self-censored to conform to GoodReads new ToS (as of 22 Sept 2013).
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review 2012-02-19 00:00
My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series... My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series, #1) - Heather M. White My Fairytale Life (The Vampire Hunter Series #1) by Heather M. White

My Fairytale Life is a paranormal romance novel with tons of twist and turns, the story is well written fast paced and once you pick up this book you won’t want to put it down. Heather M. White writing is easy to read, words flowed well and the character development is excellent. I enjoyed all the character’s and cannot wait to read book 2 in this series.

We are first introduced to Jadyn when they are driving up to their new home in Miami, Jadyn and her father are now ex-vampire hunters. Her dad has decided that Jadyn needs to live a normal life as a 17 year old girl and attend her senior year of high school. Jadyn who doesn’t want to attend high school never mind living a normal life, she can’t’ for the life of her figure out why her dad wants to quit hunting vampires. Jadyn’s mom and brother were killed by vampires and hunting them is the only life she knows.

During her first day of school Jayden meets Jermey an arrogant 6 foot tall cute boy who pushes Jadyn’s buttons right from the start. Going to class and staying away from her classmates seems to be easy tasks until she comes across a few cheerleaders bullying another girl. Of course she steps in and save’s Erica, who turns out to be a great friend to Jadyn and I ended up really liking her character and hope we see more of her. As the days passes she also meets up with another boy who she is instantly attracted to. Beau is handsome and kind and has a mysterious quality about him and Jayden can’t stop thinking about him.

Throughout this story we see friendships being develped, a love triangle is created as Jayden cannot stop thinking about Jeremy but still feels something for Beau. Of course that is not all that happens many secrets are revealed and kept from her dad, realizing she may never lead the normal life he so wishes for her. To make matters worse the new girl in school named Tabitha is a vampire and is out for Jayden’s blood. Jayden learns that her and her dad killed Tabitha’s family and Tabitha is going to seek revenge.

My Fairytale life is a fantastic read, I have rated it 4.5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read paranormal romance novels.

The ending has a cliff-hanger and omg I hope Heather is writing fast as I really need to know what is going to happen next. Go purchase this book, it is one of the better YA Paranormal novel I have read to date.
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