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url 2018-12-05 07:20
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course approaches Hatha Yoga traditionally as described in the ancient text the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. You will practice and experience the physical and spiritual teachings of this ancient system of Yoga with emphasis on awareness, breath, and ways. In which to bring this practice and philosophy into your daily life.

The 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training course includes the practice and study of a variety of traditional Hatha Yoga poses. As well as asana, the course includes kriyas (cleansing practices), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and philosophy. As well as Alignment and Adjustment to ensure a fully holistic approach. It is said that the best way to teach is from your own experience. In this course will give you a true understanding of how each of the traditional Hatha yoga practices impacts upon your mind, body and spirit. The Jivan Chakra 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh provides an environment dedicated to students’ growth and practice, and prepares. The participants with the tools and confidence necessary to teach and inspire their own students.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in india is open to all levels of practitioner whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. They will enable you to build a strong foundation for your teaching and personal practice. Upon completion of the programme participants receive 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification.

Source: jivanchakra.com/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-in-rishikesh-india
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url 2018-11-22 04:49
Himalayan Yoga Ashram (Association)

Are you looking for best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India? If you said YES! Then you’re at the right place. Himalayan Yoga Association (Himalayan yoga ashram) is one of India’s most reputed Yoga school in Rishikesh that aims to spread traditional Ashtanga Yoga / Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa flow (Multi-style) yoga teachings throughout the world “as it is” so that everyone can learn secrets of living healthy & blissful yogic life-style. Join us to have such life transforming experience in The world capital of Yoga in Rishikesh, We currently lead Multi-Style in 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh , Our all courses are affiliated by yoga alliance USA, Yoga alliance UK, Yoga alliance inter-national.

As a Reputed yoga school in Rishikesh , We provide a great team of accomplished yogis who speaks through their consciousness, who has experienced what they teach, providing students true yogic life-style so that they can experience & unite with their true blissful self. Providing traditional yoga teachings by our Expert Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh as it was years back, providing students pious environment to go beyond the physical and mental state of awareness to live the life in everlasting bliss.  Our aim is to provide practitioners authentic yoga education as it is through our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

If you are looking for Best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh or Yoga School in Rishikesh then feel free to contact us one of the best yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh,India  We are always available to assist you best.

Course Batch Size–  Course batch size is impressively designed for 15 to 20 students to provide them proper and systematic teachings of yoga. Our courses seats fill-up very quickly so it is always recommended to new participants to book their seat earliest.

What does make Himalayan yoga association an ideal Place to learn yoga ?
The most important purpose of our yoga courses is to completely prepare yoga students in traditional teachings of yoga so that when he/she completes their course their vision for teaching or practice must be clear.

Source: www.himalayanyogaashram.com
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text 2018-11-17 17:25
My Kid Just Out Me'd Me...

...and I couldn't be prouder.  Long story short she's watching the She-Ra remake to which I scoff.  She was complaining about one or two character flaws to which I responded, "This is why I hate remakes."  So she continued on and ended with, "But the current animation is much better than your old 80's version."


Needless to say, that stung and I told her she was blasphemous and that nothing could beat old school 80's animation.  I also reminded her that I raised her on 80's music, movies tv, etc., so the 80's is where she got her good taste.


Her response, "We have better technology now and therefore this new animation is better."


The standard smart-ass response to anything in this family is, "Your face is _____" fill in the blank.  So of course I say, "Your face is better."


And her priceless response  is, "I know it's better, because I'm the remake."


Can I even be mad that I raised her to be a bigger smart ass than me, and it seems as if I'm doing my job a little too well?!

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text 2018-11-02 10:33
Confused Learning Yoga Poses That Spark Your Health And Fitness, Learn The Right Way To Do From A Yoga Teacher!

yoga poses


In everyday life do feel what yoga is all about? Maybe yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down with your yoga teacher.

Attempting yoga poses takes patience, courage and a specific ease with being powerless. In the event that you need to attempt yoga in a private setting before registering in an open class it’s far better tofollow a yoga teacher!


As we trust on personal trainer for workouts likewise, trusting a yoga teacher is the best method to encounter every one of the impacts of yoga! You would then be able to take yoga classes in the fitness studio or in your home contingent upon what you mastermind with your yoga teacher!


Other than being the most advantageous, here are 5 Reasons you should follow a yoga teacher:


1. Yoga teacher will set aside the opportunity to demonstrate to you proper yoga poses to get into and out of each posture securely. At the studio the educator can give yoga props to help you getting into, going further and escaping the postures.


2. You can share your wellbeing history with your yoga teacher and you can centre on what sort of yoga poses can be best help with your present wellbeing condition! This is something that is significantly harder to discover in an open setting.


3. Yoga teacher will support and help you comprehend the mechanics of the stances. After only a couple of exercises you will see yourself getting more adaptable and you will create more noteworthy certainty!


4. A yoga teacher can tailor the whole class to precisely what is your fitness requirement. You're paying what you need to escape the class for that very day rather than general reasoning or general preparing.


Everybody will do the best way to stand taller, sit upright, and stretch legitimately before exercise. In addition, certain breathing methods will get you through the extreme occasions throughout everyday life.


However, the best thing a yoga teacher will give you the guidance in a simple way. Yoga can enable you to roll out improvements throughout your life. Indeed, that may be its most prominent quality. In this way, as long as you are breathing, it’s never too early or late to begin yoga.

Source: fitpass.co.in/blog/6-yoga-poses-to-curb-obesity
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review 2018-09-08 01:11
How Can This Be Happening In America?
A Teacher's Story: The Attempted Character Assassination of a Gifted Teacher - Eardine Reeves Lee

An incredible story of one teacher's experiences teaching elementary school. Raised in the south, while dealing with the racism of the area, the author works her way through college to become a teacher. Taking her first job in Ohio, she excels. Then her husband's job transfer takes her back to the south, where she finds that racism and sexism is still alive and thriving. My God, how can there be people who are still so ignorant and prejudiced in America today? It truly sickens me what the author went through. How, in today's world, can a school principal and his cronies go on an excursion to rank all of the teacher's looks on a scale of 1-10, and post the rankings on the classroom doors? Incredible.
The author, despite all she experiences, never gives up. She relies on her faith and strength of conviction to continue to teach.
There are so, so many great quotes in this book. I must have highlighted a hundred or more! But I won't ruin any readers experience by sharing them in this review. 
In the end, the author gives lists of advice for teachers, students, administrators, and parents. We would all be better people if we could each try to practice the ideas in our lives!

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