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text 2022-05-06 11:39
New England windows - you can save money later by replacing old windows

You have been a homeowner for many years and are so happy with your home that there is no reason to leave but want to install New England windows. That's amazing. But like many homeowners, you get a less comfortable at home and start ignoring signs that there may be a problem in the home that may require immediate attention. A perfect example of this is the window of our house. We need to know the signs that indicate New England replacement windows need to be installed in the home.


You might ignore the subtle signals sent by the window that indicates something is wrong. One of the things many homeowners are doing right now is energy auditing. This service alerts homeowners to draft homes. This can ruin cash flow as money can leak out of the home due to heat escaping through gaps in the windows in the house, where this inspection was rarely done. It was not detected. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily caused by thin window panes but by air that can pass under the window frame or through the window header.


There are many ways to deal with window problems, but in the long run, the most efficient way to deal with the problem is to replace it. When you run the complete Exchange Window project, you are assured that this project will do the following:


Energy cost reduction


As soon as you install a new window, you will see some changes. You will find that the house gets a little cooler during the summer and feels warmer during the winter than it did last year. The main reason for these changes is the windows themselves, as the contractor installed Energy Star-rated windows. It also has new replacement windows that help keep the heat in your home better in the winter and the summer, saving you a lot of utility bills over the next few years. With the New England windows installation, it gets warmer than your house.


No more harm from the sun's rays


You may have noticed that the wood finish of the furniture has discolored in some parts of the house, in addition to discolored carpets, discolored hardwood floors, and even the color of the walls. It can all be caused by the sun's harmful rays, and depending on the region in the country you live in, those rays can be powerful, and the average single window is you and Energy Star. It cannot protect windows.


So, if you discover that any of the above is happening at home, it's time to spend your money and install New England replacement windows in your home today. It saves energy in the long run. Issue an invoice and protect certain assets that have already added value to your home.



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text 2022-04-08 07:57
How homes benefit from replacement windows installation

Are you dreading that time of the month when your invoice arrives by mail? You get a headache just looking at your monthly electricity and utility bills? Comfortable and convenient interiors are essential to the family, but maintaining optimum room temperature and atmosphere can be costly. But with the help of advances in window technology, you and other homeowners in the country can benefit from New England replacement windows installation.




High-performance Replacement windows and doors with the latest glazing technology reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort. Old and ventilated windows quickly convey the cold winter outdoor temperature and keep the indoors cool. The low solar heat receiving glass on the replacement window blocks most of the summer heat and increases the comfort of the family room. Efficient Replacement windows and doors provide thermal comfort in winter and summer. If you live in the city, these windows also block out street noise and let you be at peace at all times of the day.


Additional Lights and Views


According to Roade Island replacement windows installation service, sunlight and view are the two most important properties of windows. However, old windows can also cause unwanted heat during the summer. Colored glazing or shades reduce unbearable heat, but these materials can interfere with the outdoor landscape. State-of-the-art glazing with a spectrum-selective coating can optimally reduce the rise in solar heat, providing clear, unobstructed views of the garden, patio, or entire neighborhood without losing visible light.


Low condensation


The best replacement windows installed by Roade Island replacement windows installation service feature Warm Edge technology and an insulating frame that warms the interior glass surface and reduces frost and condensation in winter and cold nights. In an energy-efficient low emissivity exchange window, condensation forms only on bands at the bottom of the glass and upward along the edges of the glass. These products increase the temperature and humidity levels in the room.


Reduce furniture fading


Too much sunlight or ultraviolet light (UV) can damage the organic material. Carpets, clothing, paint, and wood can discolor when exposed to sunlight. To protect the interior, we'll install replacement windows provided by New England replacement windows installation to reduce fading and deterioration of the furniture. The glass coating on these multi-layer windows absorbs UV light, reducing transmission by up to 75% and maintaining the quality of indoor equipment.


Energy and cost savings


Replacement windows and doors, manufactured with advanced engineering techniques and solutions, promote energy and cost savings. With the benefits of comfort, warmth, condensation, and light, these windows bring savings in overheating and cooling seasons to any home, allowing each family to live in a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. 


The main advantages of Replacement windows and doors are:


  • 1. Very cost-effective
  • 2. It is a petrochemical product known as polyvinyl chloride and is highly weather        resistant.
  • 3.These types of windows are lighter than other materials.
  • 4. Excellent durability as a replacement window.
  • 5. It is always energy efficient.

Replacement windows and doors come in various styles, including sunshades, casement, sliding or sliding, double-hanging, and picture windows. Competent and experienced professionals will evaluate the condition of the window and familiarize themselves with the exact requirements before making a decision.


Article Source https://www.iwantnewwindows.com/.

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url 2021-03-04 17:15
Shakespeare and Elizabethan England’s Royal Court Political Marketing
Tree of Life - Nataša Pantović Nuit
A-Ma Alchemy of Love - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Ama Dios: 9 AoL Consciousness Books Combined - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God - Nataša Pantović Nuit

I read all of Shakespeare & love his plays! Seen them all, many a time, in many languages! Yet researching the most intriguing history of Elizabethan 16th, 17th century England & Royal Court Political Marketing I had to ask d obvious: Who wrote Shakespeare? #Shakespeare and Elizabethan England’s Royal Court Political Marketing. What do we really know about Shakespeare?#art#Education, Power of #Mind, Learning from the Imperial Elizabethan England about mind-manipulation, and Shakespeare’s cultural heritage. 

Learning from the Imperial Elizabethan England about -manipulation, , and Shakespeare's cultural heritage

by Nataša Pantović

Was "the Stratford man" a front for a powerful literary group of writers that included the English contemporary writers, Bacon, and Marlowe, etc. used by the Queen Elizabeth and her predecessors for their political marketing, and why does this matter today?

No letters or signed manuscripts written by Shakespeare survive. The appearance of Shakespeare's six authenticated signatures, indicate that he was illiterate or barely literate.

Shakespeare's six surviving signatures have often been cited as evidence of his illiteracy

Shakespeare's six authenticated signatures

So when you read Lady Macbeth’s “Come, you spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,” during your 10th grade English class, or: “Make thick my blood, Stop up th’ access and passage to remorse.” do you ever wonder, is this how it was originally written?

Shakespeare's authorship was first questioned in the middle of the 19th century by Joseph C. Hart in “The Romance of Yachting” (1848). Hart argued that the plays were written by many different authors. Shakespeare has never overseen the publication of his plays in his retirement. So controversial, by 1884, the question had produced more than 250 books.

Source: artof4elements.com/entry/280/shakespeare-and-elizabethan-englands-royal-court-political-marke
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review 2020-11-14 09:15
Cleverly conceived and well-considered dystopian fiction


The government of England is one of appeasement. Furigans, misfits who thrive on violence and anarchy are deemed not responsible for their criminal behavior because of being disadvantage and marginalize. Indeed, to condemn them is to commit an act of Nastiness, be harried by Compassion Stewards, and come under the scrutiny from the Commission for Fairness. All parties adhere to this Political Consensus. Debate is empty and meaningless.


Roger Tyson, a business magnate, is a solitary voice calling for a return to truth, justice, freedom of speech, and an end to mandated Niceness. He’s being vilified for it until his dire predictions of economic collapse begin to manifest.


But are Roger’s tough-love politics and bare-knuckle tactics enough to save England from the shadowy Muhonin who are preparing to violently overthrow the decaying, corrupt government and reinvent this Green and Pleasant Land by imposing their own violent and radical ideology?


Steve Shahbazian’s novel, Green and Pleasant Land, is cleverly conceived and well-considered dystopian fiction similar to George Orwell’s classic in that the government seeks to gain consensus not through violence but by influencing the cultural milieus of the masses. If you disagree with the policies of the government of the day they don’t make you disappear, they use their unwitting operatives to shame you into silence.


However, the strength of this novel is also its weakness. Replete with political machinations and characters launching into philosophical diatribes it is dense, plodding and much of the dialogue is didactic. Real action, the exciting kind that builds tension is scarce, and similar scenarios of debate, discussion, and ultimately indecision, are presented again and again with little or no consequences.


Well-developed characterization is also lacking with the host of characters only defined by their political affiliations.


The author has also chosen to use Japanese greetings and political terminology throughout the story. Perhaps it is a metaphor to indicate how far the birthplace of the Parliamentary system has drifted from its roots. If so, it’s an unnecessary impediment.



#amreading #readingcommunity #booklovers

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review 2020-07-31 21:27
The Favourite by Ophelia Field
Sarah Churchill Duchess of Marlborough: The Queen's Favourite - Ophelia Field This is an interesting biography of a woman I can’t help viewing as the Hillary Clinton of turn-of-the-18th century England: Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, was a prominent, divisive, highly political woman closely connected to her country’s leader, but not naturally suited to her supporting role. Opinionated, partisan, determined, self-righteous and stubborn, even today Sarah Churchill remains a colorful figure often portrayed in a highly negative light. Churchill is best known for having a very close relationship with Queen Anne, up until their dramatic falling-out largely due to political issues: the queen leaned conservative while Churchill was a committed Whig, and after decades of friendship Churchill seems to have assumed too much in terms of her influence once Anne ascended the throne. During the course of their friendship, Anne sent Sarah a lot of letters that today come across as highly romantic in tone and vocabulary, leading many to assume that the two were lovers. Author Ophelia Field looks at both sides of that question, but without spending too much time on speculation, preferring to focus on known facts. It’s pretty hard to figure out centuries later whether people were sexually involved, but we do know that many of the female courtiers at that time wrote each other letters like this, perhaps in part due to overheated epistolary conventions and in part because friendships were prioritized more at the time than they are now. It’s also worth noting that certain words simply had different connotations at the time (people declared their “passion” for their parents and children as well as their friends). On the other hand, while Anne dutifully got pregnant with her husband an astonishing 17 times (none of which resulted in a child surviving to adulthood), she did not have quasi-romantic relationships with male courtiers in the way other queens of England did, and Sarah evidently saw something untoward in Anne’s letters, as after falling out of favor she used them to blackmail the queen. This book though is a rather exhaustive chronicle of Sarah Churchill’s life, of which the Queen Anne episodes were only a part. There’s a lot about her relationship with her husband and his military victories, a lot about political maneuvering, and a lot about various satires and attacks against the Churchills in the press at the time. I also appreciated the final chapter dealing with the various portrayals of Churchill since her death. I don’t disagree with the reviewers who say the book goes on a little long, in perhaps too much detail, with the letters, politics and press attacks. It’s interesting stuff, but it may not need to be quite so granular and as a result the book takes a little while to get through. In my view Field does an admirable job of remaining balanced: Churchill was clearly a difficult person in a lot of ways, prone to strong opinions and long-running arguments (though perhaps not quite as contentious as some of her detractors portrayed her). She doesn’t seem to have been an attentive mother and was controlling toward her grandchildren, using the fortune she amassed through clever investments to keep them in line. At the same time, her willingness to step out of the standard role of a woman of her time is admirable, and she was clearly tough, committed, charismatic and intelligent. She wrote a lot, and was very concerned with how posterity would view her, so we get many excerpts in her own words. Overall, this is an interesting and at times dramatic biography of a strong personality, though at times it does drown a little in detail, while there were a few areas (such as Churchill’s children) that I would have liked to see fleshed out more. This book is a good choice for those interested in the topic.
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