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review 2017-10-26 20:55
dark and gritty
Hush - Nicole Hart

Hush is a heart-wrenching and emotional psychological thriller. Rachel's story is dark and gritty, and absolutely impossible to put down. The abuse that a child suffers often torments them into adulthood, and in this case, it comes hurtling back with a vengeance. Nicole Hart gives us a wonderfully written, edge of your seat thriller that begs the question of how people deal with trauma. How does one person move on while another's mind bends in ways that are unimaginable? There is quite the twist at the end and while I did see it coming, it doesn't take away from the book for me.

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photo 2015-07-21 03:38
Indie 9 Giveaway

The #indie9giveaway is simple:






Starting August 2, 2015 you'll have the chance to WIN either an autographed paperback or eBook from the following Authors:
1. Jeannine Colette - Pure Abandon
2. Lindsay Detwiler - Voice of Innocence
3. Cynthia A Rodriguez - Crashing Souls
4. Elisa Marie Hopkins - A Diamond in the Rough
5. AJ Compton - The Counting-Downers
6. AM Johnson - Still Life
7. Thomas Sweeney - The Harem
8. Nicole Hart - Love on a Dirt Road
9. Martha Sweeney - Breathe In

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More information: www.marthasweeney.com/blog

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review 2015-05-26 03:00
Back Road Chances By Nicole Hart
Back Road Chances (The Roughneck Series Book 2) - Nicole Hart

Quote: "I can't fucken get enough of you. He whispered, Its never enough."



I mean Miss Nicole Hart cannot make these books anymore sweet and addictive. Back Road Chances is book 2 in The Roughneck Series. And in this wonderful addition we are introduced to Sam Montgomery's relationship with Moon Jacobs. If you remember and have read the Love on a Dirt Road which is book one in the roughneck series. Sam is introduced to us as Lainey's Childhood best friend. The first book really didn't give us a deep story about her but she was more of the person that we would love to have as a best friend. Wild, crazy in her own way but loyal to the end. And in this book we get to see all of Sam. Why she is the way she is, and why is it that she uses laughter for everything. Moon on the other hand had a smaller part in book one. If you weren't paying much attention you would miss his presence completely in Book one. Im so glad that this book is about him and Sam. But especially about Moon. I mean what is there not to love about him, blessed with so much patience. Which by the way he totally needs with Sam. We can tell why these two would go totally together from book one. She's a tough cookie, with a smart mouth that does not take crap from anyone. And Moon is a wild roughneck who is known in town to have the best parties and to be the one who's always getting into messes throughout his high school years. They are the perfect pair from the get go. She is ready for the fight and he is ready to put her on check. I mean can these two be anymore perfect!?!..Plus what are the best relationships if not the ones that have been childhood friends right?. This was a great love story with great emotions that keeps you on your toes. There was even a moment that it had me balling my eyes out for Sam, for them. Totally hope you pick up this read, 5 big wonderful stars. Happy Reading!!

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review 2015-05-23 00:14
Love on a Dirt Road By Nicole Hart
Love on a Dirt Road (The Roughneck Series Book 1) - Nicole Hart

Quote: My mind would probably convince me later that I wasn't ready for this. But right now, I don't care. I just wanted him close to me.



I am a true believer from previous experiences that when you read a book or a new book series you have to go in with not having such high expectations. Just so like that you wont be disappointed by any hype from other readers. I was in a few chapters and I was already hooked by this wonderful series. This book really was all that and more. It was cute romantic and everything in between. Lets start with the rundown on these wonderful charismatic characters. Laney grew up in a small town and ends up leaving after a tragedy hits home. But then having the workings of life bringing her back, that and a ex-boyfriend she has to leave behind. (There's more to that story, but I preffer not to give to much away.) Then you also have Jase, a tattoed roughneck with his own private baggage. But even though you have a pair of somewhat shaded souls, when they come together its soo magical. You love Jase right from the beginning, such a laid back, loving kind of guy, and only when he feels threaten he comes out swinging..Ugh! so sexy I tell you!. We also have a few other characters that shine through the whole book. Her best friend Sam is totally one of them. She is so funny and wild, that im hopeful book 2 in the series is based on her. Overall the author was able to give us a very believable and more of a relatable story than others. I mean this book has everything sweet, sexy, funny as hell and a great hangover once your done. Great thing is that Book 2 in this series is out and ready for us to continue with this wonderful series. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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