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review 2017-10-26 20:55
dark and gritty
Hush - Nicole Hart

Hush is a heart-wrenching and emotional psychological thriller. Rachel's story is dark and gritty, and absolutely impossible to put down. The abuse that a child suffers often torments them into adulthood, and in this case, it comes hurtling back with a vengeance. Nicole Hart gives us a wonderfully written, edge of your seat thriller that begs the question of how people deal with trauma. How does one person move on while another's mind bends in ways that are unimaginable? There is quite the twist at the end and while I did see it coming, it doesn't take away from the book for me.

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review 2016-07-20 00:00
The Corridor
The Corridor - Nicole Hart The Corridor - Nicole Hart Pending Review
4 out of 5 stars
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review 2016-05-21 00:00
The Hurricane
The Hurricane - Nicole Hart The Hurricane - Nicole Hart "He. Was. Beautiful. ... He was also pissed."

Ever met someone briefly and have an instant connection. That connection is so profound you remember it for years. This is what our Hero, Ryker and our heroine, Natalie have together. As young adults, their connection seems to be a forever one. Then a pesky little thing of 12 years gets in the way to see if it was just lust or a real connection.

"I knew it had to be her."

Out of all the storylines in the romance genre, I am the biggest sucker for second chance. I guess I like to root for the underdog. So when characters have the chance to do it over and do it right, I like that feeling the story gives me. And Ms Hart does not disappoint. I loved both Ryker and Natalie. There is not a lot of heavy drama or angst. Just two adults dealing with adultish things like work, kids, home, bills... you name it. Natalie is cautious character which is completely understandable. And Ryker, he is just making up for lost time. Oh, did I forget to mention he's an uber hot former MMA fighter? Yeah there's that **swoon**. Part of Ryker's past comes back to create a rift but the characters work through it for a perfect HEA. Even Cain, Ryker's brother, who I was wanting to slap most of the book, actually came through and I'd even like to see him get his own story now.

If you've never read Nicole Hart, this is a great novel to start. Well written, smooth running plot line, and relate able characters. If you are familiar with her writing, I bet you'll find your new favorite here. 5 out of 5 stars.

photo Five20Stars_zpsg66onvvy.jpg
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review 2016-01-09 00:00
Her Darkest Road: A Roughneck Series Novella
Her Darkest Road: A Roughneck Series Novella - Nicole Hart This is the heartbreaking story of Joe, Belinda and Samantha. Their story is tragic spiral. The topic which Author Nicole Hart covers could be done in a full length novel. But this novella does the topic justice and leaves you aching, and wishing for something better for the main characters. As a novella, you get a full circle story. No cliffhanger or starter book for a series. So who should read it?

The story is told in a dual POV but primarily from Joe's. It's the story of the toll that untreated mental illness can have on a family. My everyday life for the past 12 years has been to assist mental health practitioners with treating their clients. With that knowledge, this novella is not lighthearted or take the disease lightly. Its raw. Its real. If this is a trigger for a reader, I would dissuade considering taking a chance. In addition, as another reader stated, 'not every story ends with a HEA.' This story holds it true. The epilogue does give you some hope that some healing has maybe taken place.

My rating isn't based on my 'norm'. I don't think I'd read it again. It was well written and a beautiful read. But, it was just too real for my normal need to read to escape. Yet, I really liked the care and handling. Some elements may not be agreeable in the story, but it is what it is. This really happens within the family unit. My only con is I felt the epilogue was a bit too brief as you are transported in time and I didn't feel a connection to the older Samantha. There you have it. Do I recommend it? If you are interested in taking a brief glimpse into the effects of mental illness on families, I would say this is an excellent choice. If you are familiar with Ms Hart's writing, she has not let her readers down by the ability of getting into Joe and Belinda's head. 4 out of 5 stars.
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photo 2015-07-21 03:38
Indie 9 Giveaway

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