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review 2017-08-13 23:25
It's not quite the court of dissenting opinions here but...
Becoming Kerry - Lynn Kelling

I'm afraid I didn't quite make it to the 'oh-my-god-this-book-is-amazing' club either. First off I want to talk about why even though this book didn't really work for me I still think it's an awesome book and worthy of being read.


'Becoming Kerry' is surprisingly...well surprising to me anyways, my first read by this author. I do actually have several of her other books and look forward to checking out more of her stories, after all one book is really only the beginning of the journey when discovering a new author.



First and foremost there is a really good story here and that story carries a powerful and worthwhile message one that we all need to hear. To me 'Becoming Kerry' is about love and acceptance. It's about loving someone not in spite of who they are but because of who they are.


Kerry was an amazingly unique individual and so very deserving of someone like Ewyn to love her and Ewyn was equally unique and deserving of love. Yes, he wanted to protect Kerry and keep her safe from the ugly in the world but not at the price of her individuality. He wanted Kerry to be able to fully realize who she was and for her light to shine and make the world a more beautiful place...we all deserve to be loved in this way.


There really was a lot about this story that I liked but for some reason things just didn't quite connect for me and while I definitely admire and respect the story that the author was telling I admit part way through I set the book aside and read something else because I was a bit bored but mostly frustrated there were things that I seemed to be repetitive and so I decided that rather than DNF altogether I would take and break and try in again. It worked and I finished the book with more ease and I'm glad I did, I wanted to see Kerry get her HEA. She so deserved it, so even though 'Becoming Kerry' was more a case of reading the book than experiencing it. It was time well spent. 


I admit for personal reasons near and dear to my heart books such as 'Becoming Kerry' mean so very much and are such an important part of the reading spectrum. So maybe this wasn't a 5 star 'rave-about-it-forever- story for me, it was still a story that I am so very grateful to Ms Kelling for having taken the time to tell Kerry's story. 'Becoming Kerry' is surprisingly...well surprising to me anyways, my first read by this author. I do actually have several of her other books and look forward to checking out more of her stories, after all one book is really only the bd


Ms Kelling admits that she knew this book wouldn't please everyone but her goal was to please Kerry and I can't help but feel that she met her goal and the fact that there is one more book out there for anyone who is questioning their sexuality and/or trying to define their gender to read and to maybe be able to say 'oh-my-god-this-is-me', so that they won't feel so alone or like they're a 'freak' but know that they are simply a unique and beautiful individual that the world needs...well for what it's worth, Ms Kelling that pleases me, it pleases me very much.


'Becoming Kerry' 1 star? 2 stars? 3 stars? all the stars? Who cares...what matters is how each individual connects to the story and what we're able to take away from it. 



A copy of 'Becoming Kerry' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-03-07 03:25
Book about censorship
You Can't Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom - Nick Cohen

Just started reading. The introduction already warming me up to like this one.


Hope it wouldn't disappoint. 


It is about how censorship work. By stopping the press from reporting when there is a case law.


But then, how do you stop the tweets? The law is not equip to deal with freedom of speech in tweets. 

Start with 4 stars. 


When Salman Rushdie got death threats from Islamist. The world is shock. Penguin backed him up and so are some of the writers. But there are a lot of other liberal media failed him and failing to criticize the very religion that brought on this threat. Hitoshi Igarashi, the Satanic Verses Japanese translator was stabbed to death to his face and arms. Islam and its followers are responsible for this and the press didn't care that much. The Islamist who committed this murder was not found and the case was closed in 2006. 


This book is packed.


Raised to a 5 stars.  


So many stuff that I like to drop down and quote later. 


Like this one. 


Page 68 of the first edition paperback. 


"There are three possible challenges. The first, and to my mind the simplest, is to give up on religion. To reject communism, you do not need to know why Marx's beliefs in the inevitability of proletarian revolution were wrong, you just need to look at the vast crimes the communists committed, an resolve to have nothing to do with the ideology behind them. Similarly, to reject religion you do not need to understand the scientific and philosophical arguments about the extreme unlikelihood of god's existence, or go through the archaeological and literary studies which tell us that the early years of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were strikingly different from the accounts presented to believers. Knowledge of the vast crimes committed in the name of religion is once again sufficient." 



I have been wondering why religious people ask me to study their stupid shit while the negative effect of their religion is so obvious that I don't need to know the details of the religious shit to know it is all shit. Just look at how Islam treated their women and children, Catholic Church harboring child rapists while denying justice for rape victims, and Christians going after women who take ownership of their own sexuality, and gays who dare love who they choose, you know all religions are pretty shit. 


Thanks to this book, I know Hindu is really shitty too.  The persecution of Maqbool Fida Husain is enough to know that religious Hindu did horrible things in the name of religion that only comparable to ISIS.


I think it is a good book for anyone who still religion is any good. Religion is shit, and it is against freedom, against human rights. 


Not yet finished. Only on page 76. This is highly recommended. 


Page 191 



Rich men become untouchable by the news media. Libel law that protect the rich against the being discovered. 


This is in the book. It is quite a lot of ground to cover and I did read it slowly. 


Very good read so far. Still a 5 stars. 


Just finished.


I like the last few chapters a lot. 


The net is not free if the authoritative regime could use the net against decedents. 


"The Net cannot set you free. Only politics could do that." is the last sentence. I have been thinking about how the net take up time and help me escape the harsh reality life is shit under dictatorship. And it is so true. A truth that is hard for those who are living in democratic countries to comprehend. 


This book is marked for re-read. 


If I could add more star for being honest, I would. 



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review 2015-09-10 16:59
REVIEW: Sinister Kisses by Adriana Noir
Sinister Kisses - Adriana Noir

I love books with hot alphas that are protective and willing go dish out some revenge on behalf of the heroine. But with that said, I don’t like it when they turn that temper on the heroine and scare the living daylights out of her in emotional and psychological abuse. And that was exactly what I kept feeling with this one.


This book isn’t my typical cup of tea. But, I was feeling a book funk coming on and needed something different. Plus, one of my friends has been begging me for almost a year to read this. So, since it was totally different, I thought I’d give it a try.


I didn’t hate the book…but I definitely didn’t love it. It was a so-so read that unfortunately I didn’t get sucked into and consequently, I was left wondering what I’m going to read next before I’d hit the 50% mark. My biggest issue really was the way Sebastian treated Taylor. I was promised by my friend that I would come to understand why he was the way he was but for me, there really was no excuse. With every action, I saw him as more of a bully who had anger issues and was abusive.


Over the course of the book, there were a couple times Sebastian had gotten physical with his sister, leaving red marks on her so I figured it was just a matter of time before he did something to Taylor. Sure enough, he puts her “under protection” and effectively tells her she’ll be a prisoner in the house, unable to leave unless he’s with her. As any level headed person would react, Taylor wasn’t happy about that. No matter how nice his house is (and it’s a freaking mansion with everything you could want in a house) it would still be a prison. This leads Sebastian to tell her if she wants a real jail, he can accommodate her and that leads to an argument, some hair pulling, dragging across the room and a gun to her head with an accompanying threat to her life being the only way she can leave him. SO I was left scratching my head as to why she loves this guy. And Taylor finally started to realize what she’d gotten herself into with him after that. Unfortunately, a little explaining by Sebastian, his partner Josh and Sebastian’s sister leads Taylor to believe that Sebastian’s actions are ok and excusable and justified and it’s all hunky-dory again…leaving me pissed off and beyond happy when the book came to an end.


Overall…this book was so not the book for me. I love romance novels. I don’t mind suspension of disbelief and how things are too perfect or happen in cheesy ways at times the way they wouldn’t happen in real life…it’s fun and it’s entertainment. But crap like this, abusive guys like this, happen every day. This book was not fun for me. I didn’t even cover some of the worst parts, just hitting on a big one, but this book left me pissed off and there was one event in particular that left me leaking a few tears because it was awful. I think it was mentioned in a review somewhere that this was a cliffhanger…and that’s not exactly the case. Yes, it’s left open for another book but for me, this had an ending that left me glad I didn’t have to go on to the next book. Taylor picked the abusive a—hole, they were together and “happy” and they got the bad guy. Game, set, match. I’m done.


Initially, when I started the book, before it went bad, I was talking about the characters and dream cast pics to help picture them as I read and I found a hot guy for Sebastian but after the way I was left feeling, I’m not going to embellish this with that photo. The book doesn’t deserve it.

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review 2014-10-01 12:30
White Cat by Holly Black
White Cat - Holly Black,Jesse Eisenberg

An older review. Still working on the GR conversion project.


White Cat is a young adult fantasy, the first in a series, but it’s not the cookie-cutter standard YA novel. Black usually fills her stories with a somewhat edgier cast of characters that can put some people off. These folks have rough edges/backgrounds/thoughts and flaws that make them come alive whether you embrace them or are disgusted by them. I enjoy that most about Black’s writing White Cat isn’t an exception.

Cassel is the narrator. He is an outcast in his own family because he is not a talented magic worker like the rest of them. He believes he killed his best friend Lilah and that his family covered it up. But as you’re getting the story from Cassel’s point of view you may soon jump to the same conclusions I did; there’s no way this sweet guilt laden guy could’ve done it. The book opens with a nearly naked Cassel dreaming about a tongue stealing cat and sleepwalking atop the roof of his boarding school. The incident gets him thrown out of school and he’s stuck decluttering his childhood home with his Granddad. He continues to dream of the white cat who says cryptic things like:

“I need your help. A curse was placed on me. A curse that only you can break.”

The cat haunts him both in dreams and reality and as the mysteries surrounding Cassel’s life are revealed his life is turned upside down.

I’m not going to give anything of the plot away but will say your enjoyment of this story will probably be based on your willingness to accept imperfect characters. Cassel runs cons, it’s how he makes his money while at college, and he’s good at it. His family members are all a bunch of criminals working their magic (which is banned) to benefit themselves, his mom is a jailbird and they raise Cassel to be an expert thief and master of the con. It was what he knew, so I could accept it. He has a sense of humor and decency about him despite his situation and I enjoyed seeing the world from his point of view.

I guessed at two of the big reveals early on and though the book ends on a melancholy note it does answer a lot of questions and the secondary characters stayed true to their somewhat shady selves, like them or loathe them. I found it all interesting, never boring and will jump right into “Red Glove” next.

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review 2014-05-25 16:55
Death's Mistress (Dorina Basarab #2) by Karen Chance
Death's Mistress - Karen Chance
Just as her romance with Louis-Cesare seemed to be going somewhere, he disappears on a family emergency.
It just so happens that his whereabouts are also of interest to the head of their vampire family (and Dorina's father) Mircea Basarab.

Claire is back to being Dory's roommate, this time with her royal son in tow, which is fortunate since the fey mix Dorina had impulsively adopted for a pet turns out to be sentient, thus catapulting him into the territory of... "son"?

These adversities aside, Mircea has a mission for Dory: to apprehend a smuggler who turns out to be in possession of information on the whereabouts of a fey rune that Claire desperately needs to protect her son.

To complicate matters, Louis-Cesare is trying to save his... mistress?! Needless to say, this doesn't bode well for his relationship with Dorina.

It's a race against time with Dorina having to navigate the waters of vampire politics and get to the fey relic before Kit Marlowe (yes, that Kit Marlowe, who is now a vampire), Mircea (acting on behalf of the North-American vampire consul), Mark Anthony (yes, that Mark Anthony) who is the European Consul, enemy fey factions... and Louis-Cesare himself.

Karen Chance manages to avoid the dreadful 2nd book syndrome by raising the stakes (pun intended) and delivering non-stop action, bits of scorching-hot romance, a compelling mystery, well-researched historical backgrounds, and an extremely tight plot - all with a humorous tone.

If this sounds like the kind of book for you be sure not to miss Death's Mistress!!!
Karen Chance's official site
Buy Death's Mistress

@ The Book Depository (with free worldwide delivery!)



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