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review 2019-12-03 06:08
Review: Penitence by Mark Campbell
Penitence - Mark Campbell

I am a sucker for an apocalypse novel, especially if there are killer viruses afoot. One of my favorite mobile games is about trying to develop a disease that wipes out the population of the planet, so this is something I have a dark fascination about. I am always willing to pick up a novel with that theme. Often times they disappoint, this did not.


We start the book with Teddy. He is our main character and I expected him to be more of an anti-hero. You don’t want to be rooting for him because he was in federal prison for doing bad things to people, but the world is ending and he’s one of few who survived so go Teddy! He was a bit of what I expected, but also came across as a really big boy scout. I mean, come on, we all know the things you did. We all know because you told us fairly quickly and bluntly. So can we please stop acting like he’s a good ole boy who just got caught in an unfortunate circumstance? I really didn’t like that about him. You don’t end up with a life sentence in federal prison because you had a bad day. But, regardless, the plot was enough to move me along despite my irritations with Teddy. In the end I just had to disregard what I thought his character should be and accept what he was and then we got along just fine.


Jane and Danny were fantastic. Jane is a woman after my own heart and I would like to think that in similar circumstances I could show the same resilience. I enjoyed them both immensely and I sincerely wanted to see the three of them ride off into the sunset together. They made me laugh, they made me cry, and I love it when that happens. The plot was not quite what I expected but I liked how it worked out, which is always a nice surprise.


I didn’t expect so much of the story to take place in the prison. But despite not expecting it, I loved it. A completely contained environment that gets infiltrated by a virus that kills nearly everyone it infects. How do you keep order and at the same time try to keep people healthy too? You’re still dealing with bad people who are violent and unpredictable in nature, add in the threat of death and things can spiral out of control very quickly. And spiral out of control they did. It was deliciously devilish. I liked how the book ended.


I understand that the book is expected to be a series, so it makes sense in that aspect. But if I never read the second book I would also be satisfied with how it ended. Teddy is still looking for redemption, trying to be the man that he might have become if not for the prison stint, and being put into a situation that is at once completely alien but oddly familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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review 2011-01-01 00:00
Penitence (Heavenly) (Volume 2)
Penitence - Jennifer Laurens We are giving away a copy of any of Jennifer Laurens books here http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2010/12/bir2010-giveaway-3-jennifer-laurens.html ends 12/15/10
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review 2010-08-18 00:00
Penitence - Jennifer Laurens I devoured this one and am aching for the next! This was more than a placeholder for the next in the series, so much happened and we are forced into a impossible decision!! I am still trying to reconcile my image of Weston in this book to who he was and what he did in the last book. So I am still wanting her to chose Matthais. But such a different side of Weston comes out in this book, and if it were just another person, I would want for her to have her human love and experiences with him, but I just can't let it go. The new character in this book is hateful, but he is meant to be, so it is well written. I just want to strangle him! But Matthais' ability to love and forgive really shines in this book, and leaves you in awe. I really feel for Zoe-- the feelings for Weston are at war with what she feels for and has been with in her experiences with Matthais. Her love for Abria is also realistic- she doesn't suddenly have fake love, but a real and accepting love for her. I can't really say much more except this is a great series! You should read Heavenly, and this one and then join me in the wait for Absolution!
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review 2010-08-16 00:00
Penitence: 2 (Heavenly)
Penitence - Jennifer Laurens This book blew me away... I loved it even more than the first! Penitence was a fast-paced journey that I could not keep my eyes from. I started this book late last night and I finished it a little while ago. What a story. I just loved it.We pick up right where we left off in book one. (I'm going to try to be spoiler-free here for the people who haven't read heavenly) Matthias is gone and Zoe hasn't seen him in weeks. Just as she thinks things are playing out how they should, she starts seeing evil spirits more and more now. Luke, even though Zoe thought he was sober, is slipping back into his old habits and Abria is still the same hyper-energy, stress causing sister. As the dark forces start to target Zoe and Matthias isn't her guardian angel anymore, Zoe starts to take comfort in a new friend. Will Matthias be able to help her defeat evil?I can't even put into words how much I liked this book. You know how you fly through an amazing book and then you're depressed it's over? That's how I feel. I'm so sad it's over... I want "Absolution" now! It doesn't come out until October though :(. Only a month and a half to go! Hah!So the characters in this book? WHOOP. Every character in this book plays an important role. There is no one I hated or was like 'what are they doing?'. Britt was fierce. Krissy was misled. Chase was Chase. Weston was OMG HOT and ADORABLE, I loved him. Matthias was amazing as always! Albert was intense and evil. Brady was just plain evil. Luke was caring but misguided. And Zoe, she was strong and caring and I believe she did everything right in this book. I was so content with everyone.So boys.... well I LOVE both of them. Going into the book I was MATTHIAS all the way. And honestly during "Heavenly" I thought Chase was the only competition, but boy was I wrong. WESTON. Oh my Weston. About half through the book I was completely Weston. I was just like 'Huh, Matthias who?'. But, as the book played on I loved Matthias again. So honestly I love them both, and would be happy for Zoe if she ended up with either. I don't know how Absolution is going to play out, but I'm leaning a little more to the Weston side.Well Penitence was amazing! If you've read Heavenly, you better go get Penitence because it was ten times as amazing. And, if you haven't even read Heavenly.. well go read my review then go out and buy it, order it, whatever! I'm sure you'll like it just as much as I did. 5 stars!!!! :)FYI - Yes, there are drinking and drugs references. And some steamy make-out scenes (nothing over the top).
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review 2010-07-08 00:00
Penitence: 2 (Heavenly)
Penitence - Jennifer Laurens I'll start by saying, I think the summary is slightly misleading. Not enough to take away from the story, but there is one specific thing in there that keeps eating at me. I'm not saying what it is though, because that my friend, would be a spoiler.From the beginning of this book, I found myself thinking "This girl is delusional." Matthias is unreachable, but she's relentless in loving him. She has a life to live, like it or not, and she can't be with him in mortality. While part of me feels sorry for her, the other part of me finds her naive.When Weston comes into the picture, I cringed. I knew where it would lead, and due to his actions in Heavenly, I did not want it to go there.And then I changed my mind. Why? I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's the change in Weston. Maybe it's his sweetness. Maybe it's his intense feelings for Zoe. Maybe it's because he's human and can love Zoe in ways that Matthias can't.So she has two out-of-this-world-amazing guys in love with her. One of them is human, the other is an angel. Someone out of her grasp, as long as she lives. The choice would seem obvious, but Zoe does the things I couldn't stand Bella in Twilight for. She bounces between the two of them, taking every piece of them she can. It isn't fair to them, and I found myself detesting Zoe from time to time. But that didn't take away from my love for the book. I fell in love with Weston, and as always, I adored Jennifer Lauren's way of writing.Darn that cliffhanger ending! October is only a few short months away. I'm so ready for Absolution!
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