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review 2014-04-09 19:24
ARC Review: When Love Comes to Town by Jacob Z. Flores
When Love Comes To Town (Provincetown #4) - Jacob Z. Flores

Extremely cute, low on angst, a bit of character growth, and super fluffy with a smidgen of insta-love, but made me go all 'aawwwww' at the end, and in the middle, too.


And Holy Hot Boysecks, Batman!! *fans self* The love scenes in this book were hot enough to melt my Nook, and emotional enough to make me feel like I was intruding on something amazing. 


Brody, whom you might remember from the previous book as the one who broke Teddy's heart in college and then tried to win him back, only to be thwarted by Nico, is still in Provincetown, still trying to land an acting job and still single.


Brody is also determined to find Mr. Right in a place like Provincetown where most men are only looking for Mr. Right Now. And Brody has standards, dontcha know. The man of his dreams has to be sane, hot, single and employed, and mustn't have any baggage. Like kids. Or snoring. Or cockiness. 


Despite Brody's efforts, he hasn't found this man yet, and his latest prospect was a dud too. 


But now Zach and Van are getting married, and Zach's cousin Eric is on the way. When Brody is dispatched to pick him up from the ferry, he has no idea that his whole life is about to change.


I really, really liked this story. It was much in the same tone as the previous one of this series, and while there's insta-love and a much too precocious nine year old (Eric's daughter Maddie), as well as a lot of fluff, there was also a sweet, fluffy love story to be had, as well some some hot boysecksing. Low on angst, even though it touches on themes of lost love and bad parenting, but the back stories helped to define the characters and allowed them to grow from start to finish. 


The dialogue is snarky and humorous, and I enjoyed seeing the supporting characters from the previous book again. 


Yes, this is fluff at its best. I loved it. 


** I received a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **



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review 2014-04-08 00:00
When Love Comes to Town (Provincetown)
When Love Comes To Town (Provincetown #4) - Jacob Z. Flores It's no secret that I love the writings of Jacob Flores. This final installment of the Provincetown series was no exception.

This was a fun, no angst book starring Brody, who was introduced in book 3 as Teddy's arrogant, player ex-boyfriend. One year later, Brody has realized that he wants to find Mr. Right and is done with Mr. Right Now. Problem is Brody has a strict list of requirements and if you don't meet each and every one you are out the door. Eric, who is in town for his cousin Van's wedding is immediately off the list since he has a kid. It doesn't stop Brody from crushing on him as he takes them on a tour of P-town.

I enjoyed watching Eric and Brody bond, and I loved Eric's daughter, the wise beyond her years Maddie and her bond with Brody as well. Eric and Maddie are dealing with serious issues, but Brody brings out the best in them both, as they bring out the optimist in him. All the old characters are here with the backdrop of Van and Zach's wedding. There is humor and there is hot sex and lovely epilogue to tie the series up (although the books are all easily read as stand alone stories). A wonderful light read that will leave you with a smile.
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review 2013-11-13 09:20
Chasing the Sun by Jacob Z. Flores
Chasing the Sun - Jacob Z. Flores

The Provincetown Series:




The blurb...


As a physician and prominent citizen of Victoria, Texas, Dr. Gil Kelly took a hard fall when his vengeful wife revealed his infidelity with other men. Closing ranks around her, the town’s elite ostracized him, and his relationship with his children was nearly destroyed. After spending his life focused on living for others, he has no idea how to live for himself. He wants to find love but now settles for anonymous sex that only further clouds his world with shame and guilt.


Gil believes finding true love is an unobtainable dream, what his father used to call “chasing the sun.” Then he runs into Tom Martinez, his son’s childhood best friend, who returned to town a grown man and offers everything Gil needs. But Gil hesitates to fall into Tom’s arms, because after his high-profile divorce, the potential scandal of loving a younger man could separate him from his children permanently.


So what did I think?


I struggled a little bit rating this book. I think it was because my expectations were so very, very high based on the first book, when Love Takes Over.  This book was very different, enjoyable but maybe not to the level of it's predecessor.


The best thing about this story was that it involved an older man. I love to read stories of people finding love later in life and people finding love after making changes in their lives. This is the case with Gil, who comes out after years of marriage. He has two children (including Zach from the first book)and needs to face the prospect of letting them know he has a boyfriend - Zach's childhood friend Tom.


Gil hadn't felt comfortable with his old group of friends since his separation from his wife, he is concerned about his kids and he is worried about the huge age gap between him and Tom. Tom has no hesitation and knows that Gil is the man for him, after having pined for him for years and waiting for the right moment to strike up a relationship.


It's a nice story, dealing with some very real issues. I wanted Gil and Tom to be happy and liked the moments they were honest with each other and of course, the public declarations. However, I didn't really like the small presence of Zach and Van in the story. They didn't feel like the same characters from the first book so I felt slightly disappointed.


Was it also a little strange that the series is called Provincetown but the book was set elsewhere?


It gets a couple of extra points for romance too - I could just picture Gil and Tom dancing to Anne Murray's "Could I Have This Dance?"




To find out more about Jacob Z. Flores and his books visit his website


Buy Chasing the Sun from Amazon


Buy Chasing the Sun from Dreamspinner Press

Source: wp.me/p3t48J-pX
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review 2013-10-25 00:00
Chasing the Sun (Provincetown)
Chasing the Sun - Jacob Z. Flores 3.5 stars

This was short but sweet, and very different from the first book fromt this series. Part of the Provincetown world, but this story does not take place in P-town. This is the story of Gil (he is the father of Zach from [b:When Love Takes Over|18248789|When Love Takes Over|Jacob Z. Flores|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1375031667s/18248789.jpg|25701800]) and Tom. Gil and Tom have known each other for years, in fact Tom is his son's best friend since childhood.

The focus of the story is Gil coming to terms with the way he treated his family since they discovered he was gay. After being outed and an ugly divorce, Gil has withdrawn from his children and his social circle, many of whom he believes have sided with his ex-wife. Tom comes back to town and the relationship between them quickly becomes serious (is it insta-love if the two have known each other for 20 years?). With Tom's encouragement Gil sets out to repair the damage that was done, mostly between him and his children, and get back out into the world. Of course the biggest issue is Zach and how he will react. If you have read the first book of the series, you are aware that there are things Gil isn't the only one who has news to deliver.

This book can be read as a standalone, but works better if you understand what Zach thinks of his father going into it. I wish it had been a little longer since some things had to have a quick wrap up, but overall it was an enjoyable read.
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