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review 2016-09-13 14:25
The book of Middle of the Road
The Books of Magic - Neil Gaiman,Paul Johnson,Scott Hampton,John Bolton,Roger Zelazny,Charles Vess

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

A quartet of fallen mystics dubbed the "TrenchCoat Brigade" is introduced in this first collection of the adventures of Timothy Hunter. John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult, and Mister E take Hunter on a tour of the magical realms. Along the way he's introduced to Vertigo's greatest practitioners of magic and must choose whether or not to join their ranks.


The artwork is decent and the story is pretty good. Though I’m not sure I understood parts of it. Anyway, ever since I read about Constantine in The Sandman, he’s been a favorite character of mine. I’d love to read more about him. The other three guys are freaky weird. I’m not sure Timothy got what they were trying to tell him. He may be blinded by the new shiny…magic. I know he’s only 12, but I hope he uses his head. If I can find the rest of the graphic novels at the library then I’ll continue on. If not, oh well.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/09/the-books-of-magic.html
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review 2016-01-22 12:59
The Sandman, Vol. 5
The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You - Neil Gaiman,Bryan Talbot,Shawn McManus,Colleen Doran

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

Take an apartment house, mix in a drag queen, a lesbian couple, some talking animals, a talking severed head, a confused heroine, and the deadly Cuckoo. Stir vigorously with a hurricane and Morpheus himself, and you get this fifth installment of the Sandman series. This story stars Barbie, who first makes an appearance in The Doll's House, who here finds herself a princess in a vivid dreamworld.


The illustrations are still pretty good, but I wasn’t as pleased with this story arc. Maybe because I don’t give a shit about Barbie. Anyway, besides the fact that dumbass Barbie is the center of this, it’s a bit too out there for me. Meaning, I had a hard time grasping some of the concepts. But at least Morpheus is still a hottie and fascinating. And Thessaly is an interesting (and a bit scary) character. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her. I really hated the ending though.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-sandman-volume-five-game-of-you.html
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review 2016-01-22 03:08
The Sandman, Vol. 4
The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists - Neil Gaiman,Kelley Jones,Matt Wagner,Mike Dringenberg

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

Volume Four of New York Times best selling author Neil Gaiman's acclaimed creation, with updated coloring and new trade dress. Ten thousand years ago, Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell. Now the other members of his immortal family, The Endless, have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice. To make it right, Morpheus must return to Hell to rescue his banished love - and Hell's ruler, the fallen angel Lucifer, has already sworn to destroy him.


In this volume:

A Season of Mists: Prologue ~ Nice! Got to meet the other Endless: Destiny, Delirium and Despair. Death and Desire had already been in other volumes. Well, except for Destruction who has left his siblings for parts unknown.


A Season of Mists: Chapter 1 ~ Dream prepares for his journey to Hell and possible battle with Lucifer.

A Season of Mists: Chapter 2 ~ Dream enters Hell and is surprised by what he finds.

A Season of Mists: Chapter 3 ~ Others find out what Lucifer gave to Dream and they make plans of their own.

A Season of Mists: Chapter 4 ~ I have no idea what this is about.

A Season of Mists: Chapter 5 ~ A banquet and sneaky goings on in Dream’s castle.

A Season of Mists: Chapter 6 ~ Dream makes his decision.

A Season of Mists: Epilogue ~ Tying up lose ends.


An interesting time for Dream. I enjoyed the story arc and I still love the artwork.


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-sandman-volume-four-season-of-mists.html
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review 2016-01-20 12:06
The Sandman, Vol. 3
The Sandman, Vol. 3: Dream Country - Neil Gaiman,Kelley Jones,Colleen Doran,Charles Vess

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

The third book of the Sandman collection, DREAM COUNTRY continues the fantastical mythology of Morpheus, the King of Dreams. In these centuries-spanning tales, the powerful entity known as the Sandman interacts with a diverse assortment of humans, fairies, heroes, and animals as he walks the mortal plane. Including an amazing encounter with William Shakespeare and an interesting take on the origin and first performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," this book depicts the dreaming world of cats, the tragic life of forgotten super-heroes and the folly of imprisoning and torturing a former lover of the King of Dreams.


I actually didn’t like this one as much as the other two volumes I’ve read, yet I still give it a 4 for creativity, weirdness and artwork. I like Calliope’s story the best and A Midsummer Night’s Dream the least because it doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m really not a fan of Shakespeare. I only flipped through the script for Calliope because while it was interesting, it wasn’t so interesting I wanted to take the time to read it all.


In this volume:

Calliope ~ Poor Calliope

A Dream of a Thousand Cats ~ Very bizzare

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ Shakespeare, Neil Gaiman-style

Façade ~ Weird and a bit disturbing

Script for Calliope ~ behind the stage of how this comic was written and drawn

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-sandman-volume-three-dream-country.html
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review 2016-01-19 14:27
The Sandman, Vol 2
The Sandman, Vol. 2: The Doll's House - Neil Gaiman,Malcolm Jones III,Chris Bachalo,Mike Dringenberg

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Neil Gaiman's transcendent series SANDMAN is often hailed as the definitive Vertigo title and one of the finest achievements in graphic storytelling. Gaiman created an unforgettable tale of the forces that exist beyond life and death by weaving ancient mythology, folklore and fairy tales with his own distinct narrative vision.

A being that has existed since the beginning of the universe, Morpheus rules over the realm of dreams. In THE DOLL’S HOUSE, after a decades-long imprisonment, the Sandman has returned to find that a few dreams and nightmares have escaped to reality. Looking to recapture his lost possessions, Morpheus ventures to the human plane only to learn that a woman named Rose Walker has inadvertently become a dream vortex and threatens to rip apart his world. Now as Morpheus takes on the last escaped nightmare at a serial killers convention, the Lord of Dreams must mercilessly murder Rose or risk the destruction of his entire kingdom.


Collecting issues #9-16, this new edition of THE DOLL’S HOUSE features the improved production values and coloring from the Absolute Edition.


I’m not really understanding this series much better, but I am enjoying it. Does that make sense? No? Too bad, that’s how I feel. LOL There’s a lot going on in these stories. It centers around Rose Walker and the fact she’s a Vortex. A Vortex happens about once an era and that person can destroy the world, so Dream (or Morpheus) can kill the person to protect the Dreaming and the world. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but it’s creative. During the stories about Rose though there are other stories. Such as what’s happening to her brother Jed and where the missing four entities (Glob, Brute, the Corinthian and Fiddler’s Green) from the Dreaming are. There’s the weird people who live in the house Rose’s rents a room in and the insane people who attend the Cereal Convention. Clever name for a convention considering they’re actually serial killers. That is just too bizarre and shudder-worthy. I don’t understand about Hob Gadling, but I take it he’ll be a recurring character. And the ending is confusing, where Dream talks to his sibling Desire. Maybe things will clear up as I go along. Also, I love the artwork. Especially Dream and I love how his word bubbles are so distinctive. I’m looking forward to starting the next volume.


In this volume:

Tales in the Sand ~ A story handed down from man to man.

The Doll’s House ~ Introduces Rose Walker

Moving In ~ Rose in search of her 12-yr-old brother, Jed

Playing House ~ Jed’s situation

Men of Good Fortune ~ Robert “Hob” Gadling doesn’t die

Collectors ~ Serial Killers convention

Into the Night ~ Rose becomes the Vortex

Lost Hearts ~ wraps up Rose’s story

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-sandman-volume-two-dolls-house.html
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