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review 2019-10-22 09:55
Bloody LOVED this one!
Off Base (Out of Uniform #1) - Annabeth Albert
I lovefinding new to me authors, and narrators and Ms Albert and Mr Stevens are bothnew to me! Zach ishiding himself, from his fellow SEALs, his family but most of all his hidingfrom himself. Moving off base seems to be the best solution but then his worstnightmare needs a place to stay and Zach can’t say no to Pike, and Pike’s cats.So, he grits his teeth and bares it. Pike, however, is gritting his teeth foran entirely different reason. He has a massive crush on Zach but can’t let Zachknow. The two men call an uneasy truce to do up the house, but neither can stayaway from the other for long. That stayingaway lasts only so long and it really was a joy to behold to watch Zach andPike get closer, and begin their friends with benefits thing, but it was alsopainful. Both men knew they shouldn’t do this, and it messed with everyone’s head,mine included! Zach is verymuch in the closet, and Pike is not. That alone causes Zach to have kittensabout every.single.little.thing! Everything, near the beginning, caused Zach topanic, but watching the man fall, watching him come out of himself and thatcloset, watching him fall in love with Pike?? Twas a beautiful thing!I loved thatit was ZACH who made the decision to do something about their situation, andPike did not push Zach, even though he really wanted to.Much of thatbeauty though, is in the delivery, and Tyler Stevens narrates. This is thefirst of his work I have come across and I need more, lots more! I loved thenarration, as much as the story itself! Stevens wasable to wrench so much emotion, particularly for Zach, into his narration, itwas almost listening to your best friend pour their heart out to you.The voicesfor Zach and Pike are very different, getting the point across about the manydifferences between the two men. ALL the voices are distinctive enough for meto not have any trouble with multi person conversations. Stevens reading voiceis deep and clear and very VERY easy to listen to.Someinteresting characters in the book, Ryan and Josiah (apologies if that’s nothow you spell, I’ve not seen it written down!) do they have a book?? Would LOVEto read or listen to their story! And Apollo. That man is sad, it’s too soon,but maybe, just maybe. . . .and OH!! His book is next! I just looked!I have booktwo to listen to next, but that is by a different narrator so it will be interestingto see how Apollo’s voice carries from one narrator to the next. 5 stars forthe book5 stars forthe narration5 starsoverall**sameworded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-10-22 09:32
an enjoyable 90 minute read!
Perfect Trouble - Barbara Elsborg
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author and I thank Ms Elsborg for that. This is the first I have read of her work, and I hope it will not be the last. Jonah has a knack for getting into trouble, and he is paying for it for the next 7 years. Getting Jinx off pack lands shouldn’t have been too difficult but Jonah had history with said pack, and they would kill him for sure. Jinx knows Jonah is Trouble with a capital T but she also knows, deep down, he may be the only one to keep her alive. For the most part, I did enjoy this tale of a faery and a wolf, but for a minor niggle or two, I really did. Jonah’s mind, even at rest, is going a million miles an hour and I really did struggle at points to keep up with his internal ramblings! I mean, me and my sister can flip a conversation on a penny, and continue as if we had been talking all the time about that subject, but Jonah’s mind? Lord I really did struggle to keep up with him! Also, I usually like plot twists, but towards the end, they were coming fast and furious. Good plot twists, that I really did NOT see coming at me, but there were just too many in a short space of time. Some darker themes touched on, mostly how the younger females are treated within the pack, not in great detail, but enough to warrant a warning. It’s not overly explicit, I thought, but it does give enough heat off to make it interesting. A bit violent in places, but needed I think, since Jonah stole gold off the pack and they want it back! Are there more books with these people? Some interesting characters in the place where Jonah is working! Overall, a very enjoyable 90 minute read. 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-10-21 21:00
Review ~ Entertaining!
Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece - Stephen Fry

Anyone who hasn’t heard of the Greek gods or the myths associated with them must have been hiding out in a barren wasteland. I’m no stranger to them having learned about them in school and then reading all kinds of books about them over the years. But this book by Stephen Fry is not only comprehensive from the very beginning of their reign onwards, but it’s funny as fuck, too. Because, you know, Stephen Fry.


I had no idea how often Zeus stuck his dick in gods and mortals alike. Sweet Baby Jane, that guy was a Class A Horndog. But you know who else was? Poseidon and Hermes. But do you ever hear about their wild debauchery? Noooooooo. You know who the stand up guy was? Hades. Go figure, right? Anyway, there were a fuckton of offspring from these gods and it all gets a bit confusing. I don’t know how anyone could keep them all straight, but Stephen Fry lays it all out and covers it all with a warm fuzzy blanket of humor. I recommend this book to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Greek Mythology.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/mythos.html
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review 2019-10-21 17:39
Monday Mini – The Town That Feared Dusk by Calvin Demmer @CalvinDemmer
The Town That Feared Dusk (Short Sharp Shocks! #17) - Calvin Demmer
The Town That Feared Dusk (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 17)

Amazon / Goodreads




Sylvia was searching for a good story to kick off her journalism career and almost immediately I thought I knew how the story would go…but not quite. Calvin Demmer wasn’t going to make it quite that easy for me.


Suicide Bridge…36 cases. Why had she never heard of it before?


I can guess. There’s something going on and everyone in town wants to keep it a secret.


Suitably creepy for an easy reading short story.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Town That Feared Dusk by Calvin Demmer.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos3 Stars







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Source: www.fundinmental.com/town-that-feared-dusk-calvin-demmer
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text 2019-10-20 14:04
سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب

قصتي الساخنة كانت مع سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب تملك صدر رهيب و جسم نووي حيث تتظاهر بالتسول و تمارس الدعارة و تمر على المحلات و انا كنت اعمل في احد المحلات بائع لما دخلت تتسول و انا عيوني لم تفارق صدرها الجميل الواقف . و لما انتبهت الى اني انظر الى صدرها مسحت و قالت هل اعجبك فقلت نعم و انتصب زبي بقوة ثم عرضت عليها ان تمارس معي الجنس هناك في المحل و هي طبعا توافق لانها قحبة و انا اغلقت عليها المحل و اختفينا في الغرفة الخلفية بعدما تاكدت انه لم يلاحظ دخولها اي احد و مباشرة اخرجت لها زبي كي تمص و ترضع و كانت تدخل زبي في فمها و تمصه مص ساخن جدا

حين دخل زبي في فمها احسست بالحرارة تتوزع فيه و تسري في كل جسمي و انا مع سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب تمص الزب بقوة و تلعب بخصياتي و انا واقف ائن بقوة اه اه اه ارضعي اه احححح ادخلي زبي كاملا و رغم ان زبي طويل الا انها كانت تبلعه حتى ارى شفتها العليا تلامس عانتي . ثم طلبت منها ان تخرج لي بزازها و كان حجمهما مثير و بياضهما رهيب و وضعت زبي بين بزازها و بدات انكح الصدر و امسكهما و هي ما زالت تمسك نهديها و انا ادفع زبي بقوة بين البزاز فيختفي و اشعر بمتعة جنسية قوية و كبيرة مع سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب لها صدر كبير و جميل جدا و لحمها طري و لذيذ .

ثم سخنتني و هيجتني و انا قلت لها الان سانيك كسك الساخن و ارتمينا على الارض و فتحت لي رجليها و رفعتهما و تركتني ادخل زبي في تلك الحرارة اللزجة الجميلة و انا انيك سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب و نياكة و كنت انيك و العب بصدرها الرائع و اقبلها من شفتيها قبلات ساخنة نار و هي توحوح اه اه اه اه .. ثم بدات ببطئ احرك لها زبي في كسها و استمتع مع احلى سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب و هي تفتح رجليها و كلما تقع عيني على عينها تضحك معي و انا احاول ان المسها في كل جسمها و اتحسس عليها بلا توقف و امسك ثدييها و اضمهما و العقهما و طبعا زبي ما زال يتحرك في كسها .

سكس كلب

ثم سخنت اكثر حتى بلغت ذروة الشبق و زبي في الكس و حركاتي صارت كلها لا ارادية لانني مثل المجنون و مكهرب جدا و زبي كان يدخل و يخرج بسرعة قياسية ثم احسست باحلى رعشة جنسية في حياتي لما شعرت ان زبي سيكب و المني يتحرك نحو فتحة الزب . و بدات اكب و اكب و اقذف بكل حرارة داخل كس المتسولة و هي تقول ما هذه السرعة حبيبي لم نشبع من النيك و انا اقول لها الامر ليس بيدي و كنت اقذف و اصيح اه اه اح اح اه اه اه و زبي في كس سكس حيوانات شو اروع مواقع عربية لمشاهدة افلام نيك حصان وبنات مع كلاب كسها نار و بزازها صواريخ .

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