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review 2017-10-09 23:28
Fun little cozy.
Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery Book 1) - Kathi Daley


It’s Halloween time but it’s also the school reunion for TJ Jenson and things are hoping. Things get a little tense around when they find out that a news reporter from Second Look is coming to town to investigate a cold case. The murder happened when TJ was in High School and nobody had really thought of it since even though the case was never solved.


A lot of people are not happy with Samatha being there because they don’t want their secrets surfaced especially the killer because she soon dies in a car accident and nobody is sure if it was accidental or murder. Roy, the policemen in town is a bit overwhelmed with this since he is now the only cop. (can’t say why cause I don’t want to spoil things) So TJ comes on board to help him figure things out since she has been really good at it in the past.


I really like TJ and how she has stepped up and taken charge of your younger siblings. I love how her dad is so welcoming to them even though they are not his kids. It’s a really close knit family and TJ is learning how to balance being sort of mother but sister at the same time. She learns more it seems with each book and I am glad things are going well with her in the relationship department. 


It’s just fun being back with a bunch of characters I really enjoy.


It has a good murder and there were a lot of suspects and I never managed to figure out exactly who did it as the one I really thought did it wasn’t the killer.


These cozies are short but always have great story lines and a great mystery and I really like them. If you like cozies and are in the mood for a good short read then check out this series!

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review 2016-09-12 02:38
Pumpkins in Paradise
Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery) (Volume 1) - Kathi Daley

When I saw this book on Netgalley I didn't immediately request it but took some time to decide whether or not to read it. Ultimately I decided to read it because I thought it would be another cozy mystery series that I would enjoy. While I did enjoy this book overall I don't know whether I will be continuing on with this series.


TJ seemed to be a pretty weak main character. I didn't love her nor did I hate her. She opened up about her past (especially with her mother) but I don't think that was enough to get me to connect with her. There were times when I felt she was pretty slow with her investigation into Zachary's murder. I mean there were some things that you could see coming from a mile and she still remained clueless about them through most of the book.


I wasn't satisifed at all with who the murderer turned out to be. We never really get an explanation as to why they killed Zachary. I did enjoy how the characters came together at the end though.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.

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review 2016-09-06 03:00
Review: Pumpkins in Paradise
Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery Book 1) - Kathi Daley

See this review and more on my blog Mystereity Reviews


I've heard great things about Kathi Daley's books from other reviewers, and now I see what all the fuss is about.  Pumpkins in Paradise is an enjoyable and entertaining cozy mystery, guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit.  

After finding her elderly recluse friend, Zachary, dead in his home, Tj senses something isn't quite right with his death. After the police close the case as natural causes, Tj is compelled to investigate.  To find a killer, Tj must solve the puzzle of Zachary's past and uncover his tragic secret.

While the plot was pretty easy to figure out, I really enjoyed the "treasure hunt" puzzles, I love a mystery within a mystery, and I enjoyed trying to solve the clues along with Tj.  Zachary sounded like he was a fun and interesting guy to know, I'm a little sorry that his introduction in the story was his death. He was a touching character, and the funeral scene made me sniffle, all that heartbreak, loss and regret was very moving.  Tj is a good-natured and likable character, and her loyalty to her friends and family is admirable. While the other characters weren't very developed, this is the first in the series and I look foward to getting to know them better in later books.

Overall, Pumpkins in Paradise was a delightful read, perfect for Halloween book club reads or just to curl up with on a chilly fall day.


Thank you to Henery Press and Netgalley for providing a copy to read and review.

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review 2016-09-01 00:00
Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery Book 1)
Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery Book 1) - Kathi Daley I was actually sad to see this book end. I fell in love with the town pretty much in the first chapter. I love Halloween and can only dream of a whole town going all out for my favorite holiday. Not only that though, I am a small town girl myself. It is great to live in a place where pretty much every one knows everyone else. Or at least knows the rumors about everyone else.

In this book TJ is a very busy lady. She is a Phys Ed teacher, she owns a inn with her father and Grand Father, and has just received custody or her 2 young half sisters. On top of having her hands in after school clubs and sports, and volunteer work for the town.

TJ's best friend is Zachery Collins. A very old recluse. One afternoon she goes to visit him and finds he has passed away. The police tell her it was natural causes, but there are too many things that just don't add up. TJ takes it upon herself to find out the truth.

This is a wonderful story. you really get to know all of the people in this town. You go through a gamut of emotions with the happy times and the sad times. And you get to help solve the mystery of Zachery's death. With a few surprises along the way.
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review 2016-08-28 00:00
Pumpkins in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Book 1)
Pumpkins in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Book 1) - Kathi Daley Dollycas’s Thoughts

I must start out this review by saying Kathi Daley is an amazing writer. She has such an imagination. My only question is when does this woman sleep. She has several series all going at the same time so she also has to extremely organized and must write at warp speed. I am absolutely thrilled that Henery Press is re-releasing the previous books in this series so we can get all caught up for the new story coming our way in April 2017.

Now let me tell you about this first story Pumpkins in Paradise. It is time for the annual pumpkin festival in Serenity, Nevada. The air is crisp and there are so many things to do before the tourists arrive and the residents take part in the many contests and events. Tj Jensen is a busy high school teacher but she is volunteering to help for several different things. She also knows she needs to check in on her elderly friend Zachary Collins. He has become a recluse over the years and a mystery to many of his neighbors, many think he is a cranky old man and others are afraid to even go near his house. Not Tj, she has a special bond with the man, a bond that started on Halloween many years ago. When she arrives at his house she knows immediately something is wrong and when she finds him dead, sitting in his favorite chair, she is shocked beyond belief. When his death is classified as by natural causes, she just can’t except that. She notices several puzzling things. The love of puzzles were something she and Zachary shared, so she knows he would have left her some clues if he could. She is going to solve the puzzle of his death both for justice for her friend but also to show the new deputy in town that he was wrong about everything.

This story is so much more than a mystery. The relationship Tj and Zachary had just warmed my entire heart. She took him as he was and after learning such much more about him after his death, she along with a readers learned how special he truly was. I am sorry he had to be the victim in this story for us to see that. He was a character that leaped from the pages even after his passing.

All the characters were well crafted and believable. I enjoyed meeting them all, from Tj’s half sisters, her dad and her grandfather. Of course that are some furry characters too. I enjoyed that together as a family they run Maggie’s Hideaway, so we get to meet additional characters who stay at the family resort. At first I was concerned there would be too many characters for me to keep track of, but they were all unique and I had no trouble at all.

The mystery was very well plotted and truly was puzzling. I love the way the hidden clues were found and were not easy to solve. It kept the story pushing forward in a treasure search type of way except instead of a prize we are searching for a killer.

This book has given a series a terrific start. I am already plotting out how to squeeze 5 books into my reading schedule before April. I may have to schedule a read-a-thon!
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