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review 2018-02-17 02:37
A good quick read, older woman with a younger man
A Valentine's Day to Remember (A Wolfish Holiday Book Book 2) - Crystal Dawn,Eagle Eye Covers,Eagle Editing

I liked this quick read, although I felt I needed to read the books before as I did not really understand the world despite the tidbit at the beginning. Tina is an older woman (which I really enjoyed) with some insecurities that most older women have. Jet was a sweetheart and very determined to be with Tina. With some danger about and family coming in, the story moves along quickly.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

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review 2018-01-16 20:45
Good Suspense
Remember The Night - Linda Castillo Remember The Night - Linda Castillo

Remember The Night by Linda Castillo is a romantic suspense.  Ms. Castillo has given us a book that is well-written and loaded with amazing characters.  Michelle and Philip's story is packed with action, drama, suspense, humor and spice.  I enjoyed reading Remember The Night and look forward to reading more from Linda Castillo in the future.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.


I read a print copy of this book. 

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review 2018-01-16 15:28
Remember Me? Not Really
Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella

Wow. So I was bored this weekend and started to clean my bookshelves. I have a bunch of Sophie Kinsella's novels. I had "Remember Me?" in hardcover and I seriously went, wait when did I buy this? It barely looked like it had been touched. So I pulled it down off the shelf and wondered why in the world had I not read this since it's a Kinsella book. And then I started...and now I know why I didn't finish this book the first time. I am wondering when I threw in the towel though? 

So this is a amnesia romance. Something that only exists in Romanceland. And honestly I do love a good amnesia romance. There were enough of those plots in the soaps when I was growing up. 


The main character in "Remember Me?" is 28 year old Lexi Smart (I did love the name). Lexi wakes up in a hospital in London and is shocked. She is in shape, has her teeth fixed, and finds out that she is married to a man she could only dream to hope to date/marry one day. Lexi only has memories from when she was 25 and is scared she is never going to remember what happened to her in the three years she just lost.


I think the main reason why this didn't work for me at all was that Lexi was not that great of a character prior to the amnesia. And she acted like a nincompoop afterwards by lying to people and not admitting to things. I had a hard time believing that everyone would not have some weirdness that a person who was terrible to them for three years is now their best friend again. It just rang super hollow. 


Lexi's husband sucked, her mother did as well as her sister, and there was a whole host of other people that didn't work either that were included in this. 


It's a long winding road to get there, but we finally do find out what caused Lexi to change herself and why she married the man she did. Fair warning romance readers, there is cheating in this one via flashback. I don't know. I think I would have cared more if I liked Lexi and her romantic interests at all, but I didn't. 

I wish that Kinsella had ended the book differently too. I didn't agree with Lexi's choice in the end since the Lexi we get after the amnesia incident is different than the before Lexi. I wish we had seen her go off and be her own person. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-12-28 06:23
A Mistress To Remember
A Mistress To Remember (Birds of Paradise Book 3) - Eliza Lloyd

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts...

A Mistress to Remember is the third book of Eliza Lloyd’s Birds of Paradise series. I stumbled across this series in 2015 when it wasn’t yet a series and read book 2, The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane, which pretty much blew me away with how good it was! It was also the first book I read by the author so I was very impressed and wanted more!

Since I read the series out of order, an anomaly for someone who will do anything to read series in order LOL, I’m not quite sure about the concept of the title Birds of Paradise. But I know that the theme of a mistress is quite prevalent. In a way or the other, the heroines of this series were mistresses to the heroes before they became romantically involved. Book  1, Another Lover, which I read after book 2, was too short and rushed for my liking. The h was a legendary courtesan with ‘terms and conditions’ on her services that also required an exorbitant amount of money. The H, a known rake, wanted to make her his for a long time with an intensity. So finally, when the opportunity arrived, he snatched it up right away....... Well, I just wished there were more background on the H and h like the later installments in the series, more fleshed out characters too. It felt like I was missing something, that the H and h had shared some private moment or something that was never quite revealed. I’d still recommend it as the famous H of book 2, the Marquess of Dane, makes a very short appearance there.

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review 2017-11-17 00:00
You Must Remember This: A Gay Retelling of Casablanca
You Must Remember This: A Gay Retelling ... You Must Remember This: A Gay Retelling of Casablanca - John Michael Curlovich DNF at 50%

This book has a false title. IMO. It shouldn't be "A Gay Retelling...", but "A Bisexual Retelling..."

If you read the blurb, you will know that there is a FM relationship here too. But who will normally read a blurb with THAT title? Either you want to read A Gay Retelling of Casablanca or you watch an original Casablanca movie, right?

A warning: every character, well at least every male main character in this book is bisexual. They fall in love with men and women, the same. The problem here is - to find the right audience for this book. (And I don't want to talk about another issues I have with it). From my experience I know that MM Romance readers don't like to share their male heroes with female characters, and FM Romance readers won't pick it up because of the title. I don't mind to read about bisexual characters, so I was actually almost a perfect candidate for this book. But a) I'd like to know it beforehand, so that I can read it in a proper mood and b) the continuous switching to and fro between love to a woman and to a man (often on the same page, within the same paragraph) was not only very unusual for a genre, but also exhausting and kinda a turn off even for me. It left me indifferent, unconnected and confused.

"His kiss, his arms around me were so good. How was it possible?
Lilli. I wanted her. Wanted her again."


It is though not a bad book, it is easy to read and to follow, and if you are a big fan of Casablanca and don't mind some experiments, you can give it a try. I hoped I can finish it, but another jumping between Lilli and whoever now melt away my initial determination.
And well..I don't like Casablanca movie. It is why I looked forward to read a gay version of it and maybe to change my mind. No, not happened.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
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